HD Video: Park Tudor’s Trevon Bluiett vs. Forest Park

  • 03/20/2011 9:04 am in

Inside the Hall made the trip on Saturday to the Lloyd E. Scott Gymnasium in Seymour for the Class 2A Semi-state championship game between Park Tudor and Forest Park.

6-5 Park Tudor freshman Trevon Bluiett, who has an early offer from Indiana, continued his stellar play in the state tournament with 16 points as the Panthers prevailed, 57-45.

Watch high-definition quality clips of the talented freshman (No. 22 in White) in the embedded media player below (Note: You can expand the video to full screen by using the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the video player):

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  • Aj46

    How good of an athlete is Bluiett? Not a whole lot here outside of him shooting jumpers.

  • N71

    I’ve seen him play a few times and he’s big (tall and thick) and can shoot. He’s not a banger or a supreme athelete from what I could tell…but he IS only a freshman at this point. I’ve said this before on ITH but I could see him develop into a Glenn Rice type of player. Capable of many different things but called upon to be a shooter mostly. With Blackman, Lyle, and Lyles, Trevon fit the group nicely. It seems like our most difficult type of player to find is the “banger” type. We have future NBA players coming out our ears but not very many role-player lunch pale dirty work Rodman types. Devin Davis could end up a banger. Other players like Trevon are Hollowell and Hartman but they are both more athletic than Trevon it would seem. Hollowell may not spend too much time at IU as I could see him really turn it on and become a first round draft pick. There will be more and more opportunities because we won’t be able to keep all these guys at the college level, they’re that good I beleive. Perhaps instead of playing such a cupcake pre Big Ten season we could start playing the Nets, Raptors, or Cavs.

  • Uncle Joey

    I like the part of the video where he shot the 3……

  • MillaRed

    What is the word on the street in terms of how he and Yogi are getting along? It may come down to that. They are playing two years together and they will either want to keep that rolling….or not.

  • He’s a good enough athlete to develop into a big-time prospect, IMO. He still has a lot of room for improvement, which is the case with every kid his age.

    The thing I really like about him is that he really understands the game. He always seems to be in the right spot, he moves well without the ball and when he catches the ball, he’s ready to shoot or make a move.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… he has the height and girth to develop into a nice player, and he is only a freshman at this point. He didn’t look very active off the ball in this clip, but shot the ball pretty well and showed off a very quick stroke. At his size he’s very comfortable shooting from behind the arc and there were also some shots where he spotted up inside. I can’t discern how well he handles the ball, drives, or plays with his back to the basket because I didn’t see much of that. He’s big and could get bigger, hopefully his coaches push him that way.

    He looks pretty good and will be quite a prospect if he ends up being a big kid that’s very sharp behind the arc and in the midrange.There are areas of his game that need development.

  • N71

    You mention something I just forgot about…his coach. Ed Schilling has got to be one of the best coaches in the state having been a player at Miami of Ohio, coach in the NBA (Nets assistant) and the NCAA (Memphis). How Park Tudor got him I have no idea but it really helps with the development of Yogi, Trevon, and the others there.