2014 wing Trevon Bluiett attracting major attention

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It was a bittersweet moment for Reynardo Bluiett when his 15-year old son, Trevon, a freshman at Park Tudor, picked up his first scholarship offer a couple of weeks ago from Indiana.

“You don’t really expect it this early, but I just know from personal experience the work that Trevon has put in,” Reynardo Bluiett told Inside the Hall. “He loves to play and I just know the work that it takes and the work he’s put in. Just to get that reward it’s gratifying. He’s just going to continue to work whether we had the offer or not. He enjoys working on his game.”

The 6-5, 185-pound Bluiett, an AAU teammate and friend of IU commits James Blackmon Jr. and Trey Lyles, is considered one of the top 25 prospects nationally in the 2014 class. Scout.com recruiting analyst Evan Daniels listed him as one of the top eight 2014 performers at last weekend’s John Lucas Midwest Invitational in Louisville.

The early recruiting attention, which also includes heavy interest from Illinois and Purdue, has a lot to do with Bluiett’s efficiency, a trait that is not often the focus of younger prospects.

“He has a knack to score the ball without taking a bunch of shots,” Reynardo Bluiett said. “He’s a pretty efficient guy and just a super team guy. I think coaches really look at the numbers and how efficient he is at this age.”

The younger Bluiett didn’t rule out the possibility of an early commitment in this video interview with The Courier-Journal’s Jody Demling and is expected to attend Hoosier Hysteria next Friday. He’s also working on setting up an unofficial visit to Bloomington.

Blackmon Jr. and Lyles are already in Bluiett’s ear with the hope he’ll become the third member of IU’s 2014 class, according to Reynardo Bluiett.

“Yeah, I think they’ve mentioned that a couple times. Those are super, super kids, too, so that’s not a bad situation at all,” he said. “Those guys are really in love with IU, even before the commitments and offers, they were IU guys. Trevon’s situation is a little different. He plays and he never thought about college, so it’s just a little different situation for him. But he says he would love to be with his buddies, so it’s something he’s thought about and we talk about it.”

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  • Anonymous

    If we land this kid too I don’t see how we don’t have the top class in 2014. Would love to see him decide to be a Hoosier!

  • marsh21

    Crean is moving hard on the Indiana kids! I love it and keep them all in B-town. Come on Trevon make it three for the class of 14 and be part of the new Indiana! You guys would lock the #1 class up.


  • Anonymous

    My favorite quote in this article is what the Dad says about Blackmon Jr and Lyles:“Those guys are really in love with IU, even before the commitments and offers, they were IU guys.”Wow. That’s awesome!Kind of reminds me of IU’s glory days with RMK when Indiana kids dreamed of playing at Indiana.Amen!

  • Anonymous

    Crean’s going to have his 2014 class full in about 2 months. lol

  • Anonymous

    wow sweet…everyone naturally is skeptical of early commits…but a blackmon, lyles, and bluiett trio? it would be hard to decommit from that because of the bond thats already been formed. it only strengthens the commit. this isn’t like a solo carlino…(granted i think carlino realized he would be facing pt issues).
    and it doesn’t sound like bluiett is considering any other schools…sounds like blackmon and lyles sealed the deal, not to mention crean and the home state school…. seems like his college decision comes down to when to commit rather than where

  • Anonymous

    speaking of trios…blackmon lyles blueitt. AE, zeller, yogi.
    i was wondering about the jurkin, HP, obij ajet trio. has ajet not been offered? would be interested to see him @ iu as he could provide depth behind jurkin, HP, and zeller

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine filling your roster without acquiring any frequent flyer miles? How deep is the talent in this state?

  • Anonymous

    It would be awesome to land Bluiett for this class too. Imagine the on the floor chemistry this group would bring. Playing AAU Ball for 4 years and then just continuing on together at IU could be something really special. Especially with Zeller as a Senior. Patterson, Perea, and Yogi as Juniors.
    (I know I made some assumptions there!)


  • A fine trio this would be. Not sure there has been a talented trio like this at IU since 75 and 76. Quinn Buckner, May, Benson, Willkerson, Green, with supersubs Abernath and laskowski was one of the best collge teams and all were drafted in the first round. Add these three to the talent that will already be there and we have some great kids with IU roots and the talent to deliver. Blackmon and lyles are precocious leaders. They certainly will affect Bluiett’s decision and seem to be having an impact on the classes of 11 and 12 as well.

  • JerryCT

    Lets give Dad and offer too. Sounds like a smart man

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I really like Trevon and I think Yogi’s commitment could have some influence on him as well. I hope Indiana lands him as well because they would have (I believe) a couple more spots open as well so with the addition of even just a couple more glue guys this would have to be the number one ranked recruiting class in the Nation!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Blackmon & Lyles may be in Trevon’s ear the same way a certain other recruit has been in CZ’s ear. AE has been one of our best recruiters and now he may have to be credited with being one of our best example setters in more ways than one. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I see nothing at all to dislike or be worried about when it comes to AE and the cherry on the top of it is he is an Indiana kid it doesn’t get much better than that !

    Coach, thanks for going after, and signing, the kind of kids that make IU proud to have them in the candy stripes. Sounds like Trevon is another one of those types.

  • millzy32

    It seems now the only bad thing about 2014 is that I’ll be turning 40 but IU will be rolling like the old days.

    Seriously though if you bring in 3 top 25 recruits that have played together for 4 or 5 years already they could just step in and be a force immediately. This has the potential of being like the Fab Five for Michigan type deal. This is really exciting.

    Now for this year’s team get out there and show some big time improvement and get those recruits that are on the fence signed up immediately. Really looking forward to this year’s games. I think there’s a lot to look forward to and this team is being completely overlooked in the Big Ten and could surprise some teams.

    On a side note come on Hoosier Footballers get out there and show OSU what it’s like to have a real QB at the helm and put some points on the board tomorrow. Sadly I just want a competitive game but if we had even a shred of defense or luck we could actually have a shot. Too bad we have the Matador D employed at this moment. Oh well outscore ’em. The Buckeye commentators were talking about the game and said that Lynch’s team scores more than Crean’s team in Assembly Hall.

  • slojoe

    Please, no comparison to Fab Five. Given what happened with them it could be a jinx.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite quote is:

    “Those are super, super kids, too…”

  • marcusgresham

    Calbert Cheaney, Greg Graham, and Alan Henderson was a pretty good threesome.

  • SteelHoosier

    Henderson was not in that recruiting class. I’m pretty sure that class was Cheaney, Greg Graham, Pat Graham, Matt Nover (all four from Indiana) and Chris Reynolds (IL). That was my one of my all-time favorite classes.

  • Anonymous

    Good point about the built up chemistry. That definitely has a major upside. Makes me think about the Oden/Connely situation though they played even more as hs teammates. The same idea can be applied to the kids IU is recruiting now and the experience they have playing together on the AAU circuit (ae, cz, yogi…..). It would be nice if a pattern like that continues to grow in the state of Indiana where these kids play ball together as much as possible, build that camaraderie, and continue it through college, at IU of course. It would definitely be advantageous. I don’t think all states could pull it off frequently with top tier talent, but I could see Indiana doing it.

  • TheKidInTheBigSombrero

    Lawrence Funderbuke & Chris Lawson were also in that class, and both transferred and were very good college players. Incredible class.

  • Plane1972

    You’re forgetting Lawrence Funderburke and Chris Lawson in that class, as well. LOADED!

  • Anonymous

    Good point… that’s simply a wonderful article isn’t it? Refreshing.

    Rather than have kids commit to the IU program and then have news headlines of the wrong kind, now the more we learn about these kids – all of them – VO, WS, AE and this most recent wave of recruits… the more we love them and look forward to their time in Bloomington. Crean is doing something right… many things right.

  • Plane1972

    The key will be having all these guys working hard for the next four seasons to get better and not getting too wrapped up in the hype.
    –Signed, Debbie Downer

  • Anonymous

    I watched the Alford BT icon program last night. He mentioned that when he was in High school that he wanted to be a good hs basketball player, but in the back of his mind was to be good enough to play ball at Indiana. That gave me goose bumps, because that’s what this needs to get back to. I was in high school with Tom Coverdale, and I remember asking him if coach Knight had been recruiting him. He said a little (that was his sophmore year), and then he told me that he hoped IU would get more involved because he would love to play there. That has always stuck with me. And I think Cov is a big time fan favorite.

  • millzy32

    I’ll take the title games that they played in but would rather win them. Also as long as we don’t have boosters paying our fab five and pretty much destroying the program going forward I”m down.

    In the late eighties through the mid nineties Michigan had all the talent that now goes to Michigan State. They may have even had more talent.

    Rice, Grant, Robinson, Rose, Howard, Webber. They were our biggest competition in the Big Ten.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    If the 2013 class isn’t loaded then CTC could hold back a scholarship or two if the team is deep enough because the 2014 class will be taking the spots of WS and VO, right? That’s only two scholarships open that year so it looks like CTC is planning on holding one or two scholly’s after Mo, DE, CW, JH, and BC graduate then?

    I hate these scholarship numbers but he must have to be holding some over or planning on using an oversign because it seems to me there won’t be many open scholarships after just two players graduating?

  • N71

    It will become more and more difficult to determine how many slots we have as the talent level goes up and the likelihood of players going pro early increases. The 2014 class could have 5 or so slots open. The thing that I like about Bluiett is one of the things I like about Yogi…their coach. He has coached at the college level, NBA, and high school and is some type of basketball monk. Ed Schilling is from Indiana, played at Miami I think, has got to be one of the best high school coaches in the country, and quite religious I believe. As a result, Yogi and Bluiett will progress as players at a faster rate than those out there with the same level of talent and just an average coach.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, he was a year behind them, I just thought you he was referring to three players on the roster at the same time.
    Knight had to be sold on Calbert, which a lot of people don’t remember. I can’t remember who the assistant was recruiting him at the time, but he basically staked his reputation on Cheaney because he had broken his leg and Knight hadn’t really seen him play.

  • get real

    Don’t forget about the 2 kids (originally from Bahamas) from Houston including Wannah Bail in the class of 2012. He’s a smooth left hander who has unlimited potential. Ranked higher now than Harris and Hollowell. There’s an Eric Gordon connection.

  • Brownlad

    Why was it a “bittersweet moment”? Am I missing something?

  • That’s how he described it and I think he was speaking of the parent of a 15 year old who is growing up really fast.

  • Anonymous

    People compare him to KG, or Odom with much better shooting. I like it.

  • Anonymous

    People compare him to KG, or Odom with much better shooting. I like it.

  • Gustin

    Thank you for bringing Wannah Bail’s name back into the discussion. Everything I have read about him speaks of his upside and potential as being really high. Own the state and keep a keen eye on the really good players throughout the US; sprinkle them in…

  • Always great to hear about young players excited about Indiana again. I hope it becomes the destination for good young men for years to come under Tom Crean. Exciting for Indiana Basketbal whether these kids end up there or not. People are taking Indiana again….I love it!