The Minute After: Penn State

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Thoughts on a season-ending 61-55 loss Penn State:

That’s all she wrote, kids.

This season is in the books.

And it ends on a nine-game losing streak.

Despite strong starts in both halves from Penn State, Indiana was in this one the whole way. But every time it threatened to pull even or go ahead in the second half, the Hoosiers would a) foul or b) fail to hit the shots they needed to hit to make it interesting. Additionally, Penn State would often a) grab an offensive board which b) led to second-chance points.

That latter point was perhaps the biggest difference in this one. Penn State snagged a ridiculous 15 offensive rebounds on 26 misses. It aided in 17 second-chance points for the Nittany Lions. The Hoosiers only managed two such second-chance points.

So every time it looked as maybe it was going to happen for IU, it just never did.

The Hoosiers were able to grab an advantage with some active hands, racking up 10 steals which led to 11 points on the break.

But there were some familiar demons which came out to haunt the Hoosiers tonight. It again lost the free-throw battle (20 for Penn State, though they made just 11; Indiana was 7-of-11 on the evening), as Penn State went 20-plus minutes in this one without registering a foul. (Which is crazy.)

Indiana also had a rough go of it from 3-point range, despite getting plenty of good looks. They were just 4-of-18 for 22.2 percent. Over their last four games, the Hoosiers hit just 22.3 percent overall from long range (15-of-67).

This is not good.

Especially in a game where a few more makes from distance could have been the difference between extending your season or going back to Bloomington with your head hanging low.

Other things of note:

+ Jeremiah Rivers took three 3-pointers tonight and made one. He also played like a young man who knew this might be the last game of his collegiate career. Talor Battle was just 3-of-12 tonight. Rivers’ hard work on the defensive end was a big reason why.

+ Despite Indiana only turning the ball over 10 times for the game, Penn State managed 18 points off turnovers.

+ Jordan Hulls dished out five assists this evening, his most since Indiana’s last win, a March 2 victory against Minnesota in which he has six.

+ Lastly, we’ll be firing up a lot of end-of-the-season coverage in the coming days, so stay tuned. The season is over. But Inside the Hall lives on.

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  • Anonymous

    I’d say he could be a better option than VJIII if the opponent is playing a zone. It’s hard to drive into the middle of a zone to get that pull-up jumper that is Verdell’s strong point, and if Austin has the shot that the scouting services say he has, at 6’6″ he could be very effective. If he can play defense he could be a big help too.

  • Anonymous

    6’9″, tough, mean, determined…sounds like Ivan Renko is coming to Bloomington, after all

  • Anonymous

    We’d all like a BJ!

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. CTC going irate doesn’t earn him respect. CTC is a class act. He isn’t going to be who you all want him to be aka RKM.

  • Anonymous

    He does lead all Big Ten sophomores in scoring. Just saying. Dan Dakich praised him and I think Dan knows what he is talking about.

  • INUnivHoosier

    You are probably right, but it’s always nice to dream a little.

  • MillaRed

    Nice call, “I’m not sure if you know who I am, but I’m a pretty big deal.”

    A top ten pick-up line of all-time.

  • MillaRed

    Still yet I would rather see TP at the point before Moore.

  • MillaRed

    I like it. That tear drop Nash has is downright deadly. Jordy will never have his quickness but you’re right. He would be a great act to follow.

  • MillaRed

    It’s gonna be interesting that’s for sure. As long as we have years like this one, the off-season continues to be very important eh?

  • eph521

    I actually agree with most of your points and respect your opinion. I’m just concerned that sometimes Crean exhibits behavior that can’t simply be classified as involved, active or intense. All of your points are valid, but I don’t think address the behavior I’m talking about.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    There’s not a big name coach in the country who is afraid to give the officials a piece of his mind. I’ll name a few just this weekend who I watched rip officials:

    Painter, Ryan, Izzo, Pitino, Coach K, Cali”payoff”, Roy Williams, Gary Williams, Self, Barnes, etc. etc. etc.

    I don’t give a rats butt about Knight. I would pick the right time and thrash the pathetic officials if I were coaching!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I went to one of those schools with a conduct code or lifestyle contract and you do have to realize that if you get caught, you’re done. One of my good friends got caught (played a different sport) and it was an immediate thing. She played softball for the school and she didn’t complain one bit because she knew she signed the contract.

    It’s unfortunate but you’re right. Probably should have picked another school.

  • HoosierFromCt

    If we had Kemba Walker, we would be ranked.

  • stonaroni

    Here are facts about AE and maybe this will help answer some of your own questions.

    1. AE is 6’6″ and approx 195lbs as I am posting
    2. AE hates to lose
    3. AE allows negative press and naysayers motivate to him in a positive way; see how he responded in Vegas when he droped out of the top 100; see how he finsihed his high school season;
    4. AE can shoot; ranked as # 2 shooter by Sproting News in 2011 Class
    5. AE can have an edge to him which is what the Hoosiers are lacking. He isn’t afraid to jaw someone or stand up for teammates.
    6. He was offered scholly’s by IU, Butler, Notre Dame, Xavier, Oklahoma St, New Mexico……as a soph. Florida, Tennessee, Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan, Texas, Ohio State, Cincinnati, and Georgia all showed a serious interest. Many wanted him to visit to make offers. He chose IU at the end of his Soph summer.
    7. AE was recruited as a SG to IU and was told that he reminded CTC of Novak at marq and could fill that very role.
    8. As a player he does all things well. He can get to the rim and finish with authority, pass, post up, shoot mid-range or 3’s, make FT, defend the post, rebound, etc.

    So, from this list of facts, this is what i will say. He is far better than Roth ever will be. Roth’s playing days at IU are over. AE is 3 inches taller, far more skilled and athletic, and can play defense.

    If Mo cannot return next season, AE will have to log some minutes as a SG on the floor.

    I believe AE can make Hulls a better option next season if he can hit a few shots.

    I believe AE can bring to this offense as a FR what VJIII has as a So and JR. I GUARANTEE AE never shots 27% or 34% from the 3pt line and floor on a season when logging consistent minutes.

    I believe AE at the very least can bring a similar presence like WS did this season if given the opportunity.

    I believe no matter what offense CTC runs, AE will not be a black hole like Cwat and actually dish to the post to CZ.

    And i know that AE is the type of player who wants to take big shots whn the game is on the line. He loves to win and hates to lose. He will get in the face of his teammates or opponents and will spend countless hours in Cook Hall getting better all spring, summer and fall so he will earn playing time next season!

  • stonaroni

    How do you know Calbert 40? AE has played VERY well against VO and WS in AAU and pick up games on campus at IU.

    The players at IU are excited about getting AE. he adds a full package style player, that IU simply does not have.

    Don’t just count him out. I will take AE playing post D any day over DE. DE has shown ZERO interest in post defense for 2 years now!

  • stonaroni

    We dont need a true PG in a true dribble drive offense, just 3 good ball handlers.

  • stonaroni

    Let me tell you about AE since I have seen at least 10 of his HS games and 10 of his AAU games. i can speak a little more accurately about his game than Calbert40.

    Let let me say he was sought after far more than WS or VO ever was by D-I schools.

    WS and VO are sleepers that we all love now. AE has a much more complete skill set than the two of them. considering we have stunk for 3 years, AE should get every opportunity they did as FR to play.