Film Session: Point-guard domination

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Both Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor (career-high 39 points) and Illinois’ Demetri McCamey (22 points, four assists) scorched the Hoosiers in back-to-back games on Thursday and Saturday, as Indiana was often helpless to stop each on plays where not a whole lot was even going on.

A look a a few such plays in the latest edition of Film Session.


Out of a sideline inbounds pass stemming from an out-of-bounds deflection, it looks as if Jared Berggren may set a pick for Taylor as the shot clock winds down:

But he instead gets into the paint:

Taylor then makes a move on Oladipo:

And is met by Elston who tries to take a charge, but fails:

Two points for Taylor, who made the subsequent free throw for three. Taylor outmaneuvered two of Indiana’s defenders by himself here.



After a Jeremiah Rivers miss at the free-throw line, Taylor brings the ball up:

A pick of Rivers by Keaton Nankivil has Tom Pritchard switching onto Taylor:

After a few perimeter passes, Taylor gets the ball back. Pritchard actually does a decent job on Taylor as he drives into the paint:

Taylor decides to kick it back out to Brett Valentyn on the wing:

Taylor eventually gets the ball back as the shot clocks ticks to zero:

Taylor throws up a desperation 3-pointer with Pritchard right in his face and hits:

This was during Taylor’s ridiculous hot streak in the second half, one where the Badgers cleared out and let him go to work. Indiana simply had no answers.



After hitting a couple threes to start the game, McCamey then used his speed to rip off a three-point play.

Verdell Jones tries passing in traffic to Will Sheehey, a ball Mike Davis deflects:

McCamey is immediately off to the races along with freshman Jereme Richmond. McCamey has a step on Rivers because of where he was at the start of the turnover:

Davis throws a perfect pass to McCamey:

Who is fouled by Rivers (McCamey made the free throw):

Really nothing Indiana could do here. Its defense wasn’t set off a turnover, and once McCamey made the smart decision to sprint out ahead, it was curtains.



After Christian Watford missed a three he hesitated on, but ultimately decided to take, Tisdale grabs the rebound and passes to McCamey:

McCamey doesn’t really push it up the court, as all five Indiana defenders are back in front of him:

But as he makes a move on Rivers, Elston decides to slide into the lane and help:

Which leaves Tisdale — who is a good 3-pointer shooter for his size — wide open for a trey:


McCamey had 11 of the Illini’s 26 points at this juncture, so perhaps Elston’s decision to key on him stemmed from that. Whatever the reason, McCamey recognized the looming double team, found Tisdale and the rout continued. Nothing complicated here. Just a quick, heady play from a senior.


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  • Anonymous

    Again, this film session highlights the issues that have plagued the Hoosiers all season. We seem to continue making the same “not good” decisions and then lack the ability and/or willingness to do much in the way of correcting the problem once the opponent starts to take advantage of our error. Let’s hope we figure out that preventing problems from happening in a game is a much preferred strategy as opposed to reacting to those problems once they arise.

    If we get beat by PSU on Thursday, I can live with that but if we lose, then my frustration will only increase.

  • JerryCT

    All year it seemed clear that on defense we “over switched” and “over helped” and tried awful weakside double teams on players who did not need double teaming.

    IMHO I think we need to go back to being accountable for your own assignment until we can defend the ball screen without ducking under .

    After that then we can move on to “teamwork” .

    Defending PSU ?

    I would assign TP to Brooks and not AJones and WS/JR on Battle.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic, but will ITH be doing a Yahoo! tournament bracket challenge thing again this year? Maybe my good pick-to-click mojo will continue.

  • That’s the plan.

  • Anonymous

    I am always a little confused and a lot frustrated by watching other teams execute screens perfectly against the Hoosiers – they seem to convert the plays to points the majority of the time YET IU on offense seems to struggle all the time to do it themselves. It’s like watching exact opposites on the floor. Sometimes I find myself pretending to be a fan of the other team so I feel better about how my team runs plays.

  • N71

    Does DSR’s throwing a punch and getting suspended for the regional take him out of the running as a member of our 2012 class?

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t try to throw a punch at any of our 2012 recruits, so I say no problem. Recruit the kid. He can play. But can he make his grades? I have no idea. North Central sends a lot of its graduates (not just athletes) to IU and they seem to usually do well (A J Ratliff as exception #1 to the rule).

  • Anonymous

    The grades have to be a question mark. If I remember correctly, there was a lot of speculation about DSR transferring to a prep school before the season. I don’t see much reason to do that besides grade issues. We don’t know though and it does no good to speculate about that.

    In my opinion, he is a player but I would rather have Jeremy Hollowell or Gary Harris in the 2012 class. I was at Sectional 10 and I have seen the three of them play several times. I just question DSR’s shot and his ability to physically dominate the competition like he does now. No doubt, a good player but I would rather have Hollowell or Harris.

  • Anonymous

    I would “pick” them #1 Harris, #2 Hollowell, #3 DSR, but any of the three would make 2012 even better, and all three would be incredible. Of course that would mean 7 in 2012 and some roster adjustments for the upper classes would need to take place. How much fun to have that problem! But I would not lose out on #3 by not pursuing him.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I agree. Like I said, he is a really good player but I don’t see us bringing in 7 guys in 2012. 6 is a stretch and I would take Harris and Hollowell before DSR.

    You’re right, a great problem to have. Writing about recruiting is much more uplifting than focusing on the team’s current issues! I have to love the future because the present is so disappointing.