Around the Hall: Patterson, Matta and Knight, more

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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew. So go ahead, get your read on. Photo by Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports.

— 2012 Broad Ripple junior guard and IU commit Ron Patterson was named Indianapolis City Player of the Year. Patterson is averaging 18 points, six rebounds, three steals, three assists and 2.5 blocked shots for the 20-2 Rockets, according to Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star.

— The Hoosier Scoop has notes from Steve McClain’s appearance on the Big Ten coaches teleconference on Monday morning.

— Nathan Hart of The Indiana Student asks the question: Is there any chance for another Hoosier win?

— Don Fischer joined Dan Dakich for his weekly appearance on the Dan Dakich Show. You can listen here.

— Thad Matta reached out to Bob Knight, also known as “The Master”, for help on a drill to help improve the Buckeyes’ half court defense. Eamonn breaks down the whole situation and how it could relate to Indiana over at

— Eric Gordon could return to the Clippers on Wednesday and wouldn’t mind a venue separate from the Lakers, according to Lisa Dillman of The Los Angeles Times.

— has its weekly Big Ten roundup and the Hoosiers continue their slide to the bottom of the conference from an efficiency standpoint.

— A stellar breakdown of the four factors and defense in the Big Ten by The Only Colors, a Michigan State blog.

— Cody Zeller joined Twitter. You can follow him here.

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  • Anonymous

    Who is the guy trying to block Buss out in the picture, how tall is he, and where is he going? Looks huge!

  • millzy32

    Looks awfully skinny. Get him in the weight room and feed him protein shakes and put glue on his hands and sign him up. We need bigs.

  • Lonnie has the wispiest mustache ever. That thing makes Matt Howard’s 2010 NCAA tourney ‘stache look like Tom Selleck’s soup strainer in Magnum, P.I.!

  • Anonymous

    Can our 2012 class graduate h.s. early and start playing for the Hoosiers next year?

  • cooper

    this Knight story may be the dumbest of all. Who cares? Its like dumping your girlfriend and getting mad she goes on a date with someone else. It makes you look petty and jealous.

    most people don’t have much allegiance to an employer who, rightfully or wrongfully fired them.

  • Anonymous

    Erykah Badu? I thought it was Jermaine Dupree.

  • Anonymous

    Think Buss is going to be an incredible player, can’t wait for him to show up!

  • Kelin Blab

    Can’t wait to see patterson tomorrow vs dsr. GREAT article in the indy star today about Indiana ‘s 2012 class as a whole. Glad to see IU has a bunch of them and counting. Predicition Hollowell jumps on board next.

  • Plane1972

    Good to hate OSU once again. Looking forward to that rivalry brewing again. If anything, Matta should shut up and win a championship with all this elite talent he gathers in Columbus before he gets too high on himself.

  • Anonymous

    If you asked me a few months ago, I felt like Harris was more likely. Now I feel like Hollowell may jump first. And if I had to put money on who’s next, I would be split between betting on Lyle joining the 2014 class or the field (someone in 2011?).

    Any way you go, this is a much more fun position to be in than this time last year.

    I may end up going to the Broad Ripple sectional games myself to check some guys out.

  • Kelin Blab

    I agree on the Lyle thing. Tend to wonder if it is a situation of Lyle or Bluiett…or both. Not knowing scholly numbers not really sure….I really like Bluiett and love for him to pull the trigger first.

  • Anonymous

    Lonnie has no stars or schools for good reason. I saw him play a couple of times last year and he isn’t very talented. Raw would be an understatement, not sure what analogy or description to use instead.

  • defendtherock

    You think Indiana hasn’t reached out to Knight? They have invited him back to do any little thing he would like. He declines respectfully, or disrespectfully every time. So this is how you can break this thing down.
    -Your girlfriend has drug problems, so you have to dump her.
    -She never used to do that thing you wanted her to do in the bedroom.
    -She is mad that you dumped her, so she goes to a dude you associate with, but don’t really like.
    -She does that thing, and has him tell you about it.

  • InTheMtns

    The issue isn’t about Knight giving Matta or OSU advice. That’s not surprising or unexpected.

    The issue that has some IU fans curious is Matta’s choice in sharing that information in interviews right after the IU/OSU game. He said he had talked with Knight just a couple days before the game and got advice about defensive drills. Then on Monday, he caused more curiosity because he tried to back peddle and said he has “spoken with Knight quite a bit just over time” and seemed to want to get away from it happening shortly before the game.

    So, the issue isn’t a Knight issue, it is a Matta issue. Some folks are wondering why he felt the need to mention it at all in post game interviews and then why is he now trying to step away from the statement? Lots of choices: just innocent babble, self-serving, dig at IU or Crean, shout-out to recruits that he’s more cool. Who knows, but it has made folks curious about his motive for mentioning it after the game and then why he’s changing his story.

  • millzy32

    What a great analysis. I am still chuckling. Anything to lighten the mood this season is a plus.

    Call me sick but I am looking forward to football season this year. Look out Ball State at Lucas..

    Also can’t wait to get Patterson. Sounds like the type of player we could use right now. We could use as many good handling combo guards with strength length and athleticism as possible.

  • kentuckyHOOSIER

    Ive said all along that Ive thought that Buss will be the most valuable player of that class . Happy to see him get the award , since he has kinda been over shadowed in polls and rankings . Thats quite an award considerring the talent in the city . Not to mention he was the first 2012 Indiana player to sign . Congrats Ron !

  • oldred1976

    O K I’m getting excited about the new guys coming soon also.
    When Yogi and Buss are on the floor together in a parody of Don King we can call them the
    Thrilla (Yogi) and the Killa (Buss) or Chilla refering to his defensive skills. Oldred1976 password not responding

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t seen either play or know their games. Just seem to read things here and there indicating Lyle’s high interest in IU.

    I don’t think either of us worry about scholarships*, that stuff sorts itself out. However, with Blackmon in that class in the backcourt, you’d imagine space at the 2 and 3 spots are limited.

    *For what it’s worth, scholarships open due to graduation would be from Sheehey and Oladipo.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree, Buss is the glue guy you really need to win. I also think hes very underrated nationally. Man that team is gonna be so fun to watch

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re going to be disappointed if you expect him to come in and play like Eric as a Freshman. And I also think you’re selling Gordon short here. Do you really think Buss will lead the Big Ten in scoring in his first year?

    Don’t get me wrong, Buss will be awesome in an IU uniform — can’t wait for his day to shine. But he’s not a lottery pick.

  • millzy32

    Sign them both up but getting Bluiett would be fantastic since he’ll already have great chemistry with Yogi

  • millzy32

    Careful what you wish for. OSU has the team this year to take it all home but sadly no one here in Ohio will even care. Hard to argue with Thad’s recruiting (#2 class this year and #4 next). They will win the big ten this year outright and get a #1 seed. Hard to say he hasn’t or isn’t doing his job. They made it to the title game a few years ago with Freshman something that Calipari didn’t do last year. Any criticism of Thad seems to be more sour grapes than anything else at this point. I wish we had gotten him when he was available as most of us do.

  • millzy32

    Obviously Cody is the favorite for Mr. Basketball this year. Does anyone know who’s the favorite for next year? Does Buss have a shot? Yogi? Perea even? Any other guys that we don’t have verbals have a good shot????? I want to see all Indiana Mr. Basketball winners going to IU from here until eternity.

  • Plane1972

    I agree, millzy. I just have a hard time bowing at the altar of Matta until he actually crosses the finish line and wins one. Perhaps he is another Calipari who has the horses but doesn’t quite get it done. Better keep RMK on speed dial.