2011 forward Walter Pitchford commits to Florida

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Quiet day on the recruiting trail, eh?

Dave Telep of ESPN.com is reporting that 2011 Summit Christian (MI) forward Walter Pitchford has committed to play at Florida next season.

Indiana had been tracking Pitchford aggressively, but it’s unclear if the Hoosiers had actually extended a scholarship offer. Assistant coach Steve McClain had been to watch Pitchford as recently as January at an event in Vincennes.

Pitchford originally signed a National Letter of Intent with DePaul in the 2010 class, but asked out of that commitment after Jerry Wainwright was fired last spring. He then re-classified to 2011 and was one of the better big men still available in that class.

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  • This stinks……..Would have been a great pick up for IU

  • In the “Indiana a leader” post, FL is not even mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    Yeguete, now Pitchford? Get outta here Florida

  • MillaRed

    We can do better with this scholly. We can be very picky. Not sure how much he would have helped as a FR and how much PT he would get after.

    Damn it Crean just can’t recruit! Oh wait, I thought it was February 2010. My bad.

  • Luke72

    We really need some help in the post before 2012! Time to pull a rabbit out of your…., hat that is!

  • Don’t forget about Cody Larson, who IU also looked at last spring.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see either making an impact for IU. If they are not going to be on the floor helping us hang a banner, then be glad that good programs want our secondary targets.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, no doubt. I also totally agree that he wasn’t going to help much next year. When you think about it, would he really have been an improvement inside on Zeller, Watford (who will still play some 4 next year, since Creek/Jones/Hulls will all probably be on the floor a lot) Pritchard, Elston, or even Bobby C? Probably not. Then, the next year, will he be better than Hanner, or even Jurkin? Probably not. This isn’t a big deal. If I’m Crean, I’m holding out for Gary Harris and/or Hollowell. (And, for all we know, he is, and that’s why Walter is going to Florida.)

  • Anonymous

    I am going to have to disagree with you. I think Pitchford could have helped us in the post next year. He would provide quality depth. Instead of giving minutes to Jeff Howard and Bobby C, they would be going to Pitchford. I think Walter would eventually develop into a very good post threat for IU and he could provide something we don’t have much of, points from a big man.

    Not saying he would have been an all-time great or even an All-Big Ten player but I do think he could have had an impact for the Hoosiers. There is no denying, we need another big man. Cody can’t do it by himself.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, well. If you can’t help IU, at least you can help UK from winning conference championships.

  • Anonymous

    IU needs a more immediate, short-term solution down low. I’d like to know if there is any quality post player still available from the junior college ranks.

  • superhoops

    So he wasn’t going to be a help to us down low next season? Please. If the kid commited to a MAC school, this would carry some weight. But the kid decided to go to a high major to play for a coach with 2 banners hanging in the gym and some on here say we didn’t need or want him and he wouldn’t have helped us etc. Absolutely hysterical the comments that come out after some recruit spurns our beloved Hoosiers. The kid did what was right for him and if he’s good enough to play at Florida, I’m confident in saying he was somebody we wouldn’t have minded him playing for us.

  • walt

    Sullinger came from High School somewhere. He has worked out pretty good. Am getting sick and tired of being sick and tired cause we cannot get post players. We are IU, we are very special, do not care if they are from JC or high school as long as they are good. I do not believe I had heard of Walter Pitchford before. Was he even third generation as good as Sullinger? Want our guy to have a hook shot, and soft hands, and not have dribbleitis near the basket.

  • Kelin Blab

    This really sucks. Walter would have definitely helped us…I am not all about next season but over 4 years. We need an athletic, active, inside post player. He had alot of skills that worked well on this team. Not sure what other options are out there…..are we back to Kelvin Amayo?

  • walt

    Just one more thing. I want someone who can block a shot. Would have loved to see Guy play.

  • stonaroni

    Have you seen the interior D DE and Capo play? CW too? We need any help a PF can give.

    We needed an athletic, long arm kid like this. At least he can alter a shot.

  • stonaroni

    That ain’t TP, DE, or Capo!!!! This is why we needed this kid!!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s all well and good, but do you think he’d have taken minutes away from Watford, Zeller, Pritchard, or Elston? Maybe I guess, but three upperclassmen and Zeller would definitely have the edge. So I’m not going to be broken up about losing a 5th option inside, when we’d only need him for a year, basically. Especially since he seemed like kind of a perimeter player, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, somewhat. I’m not going to say he wasn’t / isn’t a good player, but with the current scholarship situation, you’re talking about filling the 13th scholarship for 2011 OR having room in 2012 for one more. I’d rather have Harris than this kid if it’s up to me.

  • michaelhermon94

    There is no way we could get Pitchford, and still have room for Hollowell and/or Harris. That is why the Guy decision was so crushing. He would have provided that post presence for this year and next, and then he would of come off the books for 2012 when Hanner and Jurkin step in. Not only are there no big men left out there, we aren’t going after any, because there simply just isn’t room. Again, for what seems like the millionth time, as of now, EVERY scholarship is taken for 2012. This means we can not add anyone in 2011 or 12 without cutting someone loose. If we get Hollowell, someone gets cut, if we got Hollowell and Harris, 2 people get cut. It is so frustrating when people post things like “let’s get a big man in 2011 and then lock up Hollowell and Harris in 2012, THEN we will be set” GO look at the “scholarship numbers” link on the ITH Resources section, which 3 guys are you cutting in 2012 to make room for all of these people?

  • Don’t agree with “we aren’t going after any.”

    If there’s one thing I can tell you about Tom Crean it’s this: He never stops recruiting.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. Crean probably recruits harder during the season than a lot of coaches do in the offseason. As we start to have more success on the court we will have more success on the recruiting trail with talented bigs and just more success in general, with guys at all positions. Not that we are limited to just instate recruits now and not that instate recruiting is a bad thing by any means, but more success on the court, will make it easier to get highly talented players from wherever.

  • michaelhermon94


    If we picked up a big for 2011, that would make Yogi the oversign in 12. Then, unless Watford goes to the NBA after next year, we have to cut someone. Are you confident Crean is comfortable cutting people into their Junior or Senior seasons? I guess there is still a possibility someone transfers, but who, and why would they?

  • The order in which a player commits doesn’t dictate whether they’re the oversign or not. In other words, no specific player should be referred to as “the oversign.” As long as the scholarships are not beyond the allocated limit when the academic year begins, this is a non-issue, IMO.

    And as I’ve always said, it’s not worth a lot of effort to dig too much into the scholarship situation. These things always seem to work out in the end. I’m not going to speculate on transfers or players going pro, but if there is a 2011 prospect that the coaching staff feels will help the team, they will recruit that player.

  • Anonymous

    I know the picture makes him look 7’8″ but he is basically a 3. A less skilled version of Watford. Likes playing face to the basket, jump shooter 15 foot and out. Not sure he would have seen much more than fill in time next year, and not much more after that.

  • InTheMtns

    I don’t have a peegs account either but possibly the article is about Demario Hines. He is listed on Rivals.com’s JucoJunction 2011 Top 150 list at #77. The “latest news” section on that site for Demario has the same headline and intro to the story that peegs has on their front page. Don’t know if this is the fella peegs is talking about, but it appears that it might be. Demario is a 6’8″” (200 lbs) power forward from Trinity Valley C.C.and the peegs intro says he is “An athletic big known for his defense and shot blocking abilities.” According to the Rivals.com site, Indiana isn’t one of the colleges he’s looking at, though. Of course, he could be after an IU coach pays a visit. This is probably how rumors get started, huh?

  • Originally signed with IPFW.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the issue with your logic…the current scholarship situation is just that: it’s current. What I’m saying is, don’t be surprised to see a player transfer at the end of the season. Then we’d have Pitchford and room for Harris/Hollowell.