Film Session: The final seconds

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Iowa escaped Assembly Hall with a 64-63 victory late Saturday afternoon inside Assembly Hall.

A look at Indiana’s last three sequences in the waning seconds of the loss in the latest edition of Film Session.


Verdell Jones rebounds a Matt Gatens miss:

He pushes it up the court and passes to Jordan Hulls running up the left wing:

Tom Pritchard sets a pick for Hulls, who tries to make a move on Jerryd Cole on a switch:

With nothing doing, Hulls passes it back out to Jones, and Tom Crean signals for a timeout to set up a play:



Jeremiah Rivers inbounds the ball to Jones:

Jones waives Rivers off:

Jones dribbles up over half court, and then passes to Rivers:

Rivers passes to Hulls:

Hulls passes back to Rivers as an unhappy Crean signals for a timeout. Looks like he was upset with a Jones mis-execution — one that seems to have involved Will Sheehey. It’s possible Jones was supposed to set a screen for Sheehey, or vice versa:



Out of the second timeout, Rivers inbounds to Jones, who’s cut towards him from the corner:

Jones makes a move towards his mid-range comfort zone:

Here’s Crean after the game, describing this setup “If (Hulls) was open, then he was going to get it, but we knew they were going to cover him. Ball side there were three pretty good options and Will didn’t really get into the post up, but we really don’t post up well that much. We were doing it at the end there. Jordan popping out off a screen from Will, Will going into the post and Verdell coming off the ball screen with Victor sliding in behind it so that we had backside coverage on a shot whether it was a post up with Will, whether it was a shot from Jordan, or a shot from Verdell:”

Jones decides against using the pick from Rivers, and gets off a good look:

Victor Oladipo displays his athleticism by getting a hand on the ball for a tip-in:

Oladipo’s tip-in hits the right side of the rim and hangs, and Sheehey just mistimes his jump for a second tip-in … and that was the ballgame:


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  • InTheMtns

    That was painful to watch the first time. And here it is, still painful to watch. The difference being, the first time I had hope for that final shot.

  • Kelin Blab

    I thought Hulls could have taken Cole off the dribble on the first play

  • Anonymous

    Why does Jones complain to Sheehey (it looks like he’s talking/gesturing to Will, could be someone else across from him) after Crean yelled at Jones? Watching it live, it seemed like Jones had blown that play from the start, and the rest of the film+Crean’s reaction seems to back that up. Why would Jones try to blame someone else at that moment? Weak.

  • Anonymous

    In the end, that was a pretty open look we got to win the game. It’s a shame it didn’t go in.

  • Anonymous

    Poor spacing. If Jones runs to the weak side corner (taking his man with him) then Hulls has plenty of space to take him.

    Would have liked to see Hulls keep the ball and wave off Jones…an improvised 1-4 Low set with Hulls taking Cole off the dribble if it worked.

  • stick it

    This is a little off of the subject here, but has anybody heard anything about how Mo Creek is doing? I have seen him sitting on the bench, but nohing more than that. Do we know when he will be able to start to ride the bike or do any other type of movement.

  • Anonymous

    Even though I don’t think I have posted anything on ITH indicating this, I have been frustrated with the decision-making of some of our players this year–very frustrated. This film session has allowed me to see that the last 23 seconds of the Iowa game did not come down the way I remember and although I still did not like some the decisions made on the floor at the end of the game, the final shot was more open than I thought.

    I hope ITH keeps this feature to help those of us who do not have or forget to set DVRs. In the emotion of either a great play or a poor play, it is hard to absorb all the subtleties that go into making the play what it is.

    Good job, ITH.

  • JerryCT

    In the first out of bounds :

    If the objective was to get to the lane then to me the best pass would go to a lightly defended wide open VO closer to the basket. His man was still back in the lane. His quickness from there creates some issues.

    Jones ran the play with customary gestures etc when Crean expected “sprinting into the play”.

    On the second try. I guess I would have lined Pritchard up in a stack w Hulls ( vs Sheehey) and design the whole play for Hulls. Sheehey did not help Hulls shake lose but ran to post up

    Even so if the ball comes off the rim differently Sheehey puts it back for the win

  • Marsh21

    Hulls and Will set no screens for each other and just watch VJ dribble the ball over. There was not a second or third option as Crean stated. VJ was the only option and he did get a great look at the bucket.

    I don’t mind that shot from VJ but he was 1 for 8 at that time so somone could question the logic a little but he’s a big shot kid with confidence.

  • MillaRed

    The dudes hand is right in Verdells face???

  • MillaRed

    Someone debated with me on this and mentioned a few things these snapshots do not support.

    Firstly, when gaining possession and pushing we had numbers? It looks to me like the entire Iowa team was back on defense.

    Verdell’s shot was described as “wide open.” The guy is right in front of him with a hand in his face,

    Let’s call this series what is is people. This is the opposite of execution. Under no circumstances do you take a contested shot when the game clock is running out with 20 seconds to work with and a one point deficit. We just have to do better than that and I’m sure we will.

  • RobD

    First, love the addition of the videos, ITH. It’s effective at mgoblog for football and equally so here at ITH. Kudos.

    Second, I come away from this sequence with the conviction that if Verdell is having an off night, Sheehey is our best option for creating a shot as time expires. Hulls had his chance in previous games, and just isn’t tall/quick enough. Do you guys trust Will? I do.

  • Anonymous

    The offense always looks a lot different when VJ has the ball at the point. There seems to be less movement from the rest of the team. I’m not sure if the team is comfortable with him starting the offense.

  • Anonymous

    definitely wasn’t wide open but he had some separation and it wasn’t a terrible shot – it was a lot better look than hulls last shot against state – now his defender was right in front of him with two hands in his face – that shot had little chance of going in.

    will not argue with you though that the execution was weak. there was not one pick set the entire play???

  • MillaRed

    I just think this is an area we struggle with. You are down to 20 seconds
    and you look to the coaches to run something that frees somebody up. We do
    not seem to be able to do that. When we needed the 2nd timeout with 5
    seconds to play it was more apparent than ever. If you think about it, how
    often do you see a second timeout taken after a previous timeout 9 seconds
    earlier? When all of the kids are nailed to the floor. We will have better

    It was a good game. Like many said, the fact we blew another late 2nd half
    lead is the real issue. Iowa was more composed than we were. Throw in
    Cartwright who is what and 10th year senior now. He was the difference. Not
    sure Jordy could have done much about him. He was making tough shots. Might
    have went to a zone like others mentioned.

  • MillaRed

    Check that, Cartwright is a junior. That was a great pickup for him. He
    couldn’t hack it at Fresno State.

  • HoosierFromCT

    WAYY of topic but I just watched The Pritch dunk again and read the best comment on youtube: The one dislike is Ralph Sampson? III ’cause he know he got Pritch Slapped.

  • Anonymous

    I watched it again, and I stand by my statement. I watch a lot of college basketball, and more often than not teams get off poor last second shots. Remember the shot Jordy took at Michigan State? Plus the fact that he took the shot with about 2.5 seconds left allowed us the chance to possibly get a tip.

  • MillaRed

    In those other college games do they run two offensive sets without a single
    screen? We’re on the same page JB. I just thought we could do better than
    this. Verdell was off his game this particular day and I thought we could
    have gone another direction. That’s all i am saying.

  • kristheboss

    too bad, the only problem I really have with Verdell having the ball then is that his court vision is pretty below standard, and even if someone else could of gotten open the odds of VJ finding him are pretty low. Still I think he’s the guy we want taking that shot, can’t fault him for the miss too much. Lets get PU tonight.