Inside the Hall Twitter Mailbag: February 4

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(Photo via Peter Stevenson on TwitPic)

The Inside the Hall Twitter mailbag is a weekly collection of questions tweeted to us via our Twitter account, @insidethehall. Tweet us your questions each week and we’ll answer as many as we can. Now, onward …

@johnnymackel writes: Heard conflicting answers on NIT selection requirements. Specifically having an above .500 record. What’s the official reqs?

Alex Bozich: This was a requirement prior to the NCAA’s purchase of the tournament back in August of 2005, but teams are no longer required to have a .500 record to be selected. With that said, no team with a sub .500 record has been selected to the field since this change took place. So while it’s no longer a written rule, it’s now apparently an unwritten rule. If you’re interested, you can read more on the NIT selection criteria in this AP story from early 2006 here.

@nicholasemmons writes: n.i.t. At all a possibility with 3 more wins and a strong showing in big 10 tournament?

Alex Bozich: Three more wins would put the Hoosiers at 15-16 heading into the Big Ten Tournament. Which means they’d need to win two games, in the Big Ten Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, to finish with a .500 record. Not an impossible feat, but not something I would count on, either. Four more regular season wins would lock up a .500 record. The remaining schedule is rough, but Indiana has proven it can play with and beat anybody at Assembly Hall. Of the eight games left, the four home games (Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin) plus the trip to Ann Arbor offer the best opportunities for wins. So yes, the NIT is a possibility, but Saturday’s game is a must-win if it’s going to happen.

@zachgropper writes: with so many players in the big 10 graduating, how high can the Hoosier fly next season in the conference?

Alex Bozich: First, let’s examine the key contributors graduating from each Big Ten squad, sans IU:

Illinois: Bill Cole, Demetri McCamey, Mike Davis, Mike Tisdale
Iowa: Jarryd Cole
Michigan: No players graduating
Michigan State: Durrell Summers, Kalin Lucas
Minnesota: Al Nolen, Blake Hoffarber
Nebraska: Lance Jeter
Northwestern: Michael Thompson
Ohio State: Dallas Lauderdale, David Lighty, Jon Diebler
Penn State: David Jackson, Jeff Brooks, Talor Battle
Purdue: E’Twaun Moore, JaJuan Johnson
Wisconsin: Jon Leuer, Keaton Nakivil, Tim Jarmusz

You also figure Ohio State will lose Jared Sullinger to the NBA. And maybe guys like Darius Morris, Deshaun Thomas, Jereme Richmond, Rodney Williams and William Buford (all are included in Chad Ford’s NBA Draft Top 100 on will consider testing the waters.

The jump up the Big Ten standings could be significant next season for Indiana. The league’s two best teams Ohio State (assuming Sullinger’s departure) and Purdue, will be significantly depleted. Illinois, Penn State and Wisconsin lose quite a bit, too. It’s difficult to make a definitive statement this far in advance without seeing next season’s rosters, but a top five finish in the conference seems like a reasonable expectation.

@BrentBishop writes: who do u see that can prob replace Rivers next year as our lockdown defender?

Alex Bozich: Replacing a player like Jeremiah Rivers — who has the experience of playing in a Final Four from his days at Georgetown and is a very capable defender on the ball — will be tough for Indiana. His value to this team was never more evident than in the upset win over Illinois, where he smothered Demetri McCamey and essentially took him out of the game. Victor Oladipo probably has the best tools (length and athleticism) to become a great defender as his career moves along, but positioning and learning the tendencies of your opponent is a big part of the equation, too.

@keyganspencer writes: do you think the recent play by #iubb is more about this group coming together and fighting to prove something or maturity

Alex Bozich: I believe it’s more about carrying over pre-game preparation and also how this team performs in practice into the games. That’s something both Tom Crean and the players have talked about all season and it’s something Crean was quick to point out after this most recent win over Minnesota. I don’t togetherness was an issue with this team as all of the guys seem to genuinely like and care for one another. Also, don’t discount all of the hard fought losses this team took (in Vegas, at Minnesota, at Wisconsin) as learning experiences that ultimately may be a huge factor in turning the corner.

@ClintonRMills writes: Any news on Wannah Bail? I haven’t heard him mentioned in quite some time.

Alex Bozich: The last news on Bail and Indiana that I’m aware of was that the Hoosier staff went and watched an open gym last fall. I’m not ready to close the book completely on Bail, but with Hanner Perea committed and the pursuit of Jeremy Hollowell in full swing, I’d be shocked if he were anything more than a plan B at this point despite his immense talent.

@stevenmcilwain writes: what is the status of Rivers for Saturday?

Alex Bozich: This will be a topic that I’m sure will be brought up later today at media availability, but  Crean didn’t speak as if the injury was serious following the win on Wednesday night. Since that time, we’ve heard nothing that would lead us to believe that Rivers will miss any time and I would expect him to play on Saturday.

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  • Anonymous

    Great photo! Beat Iowa!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and is there any new word on how long Watford will be out?

  • My username used to be IUfanUniversityofPhoenixOnlineAdvancedDegree, but people didn’t take me seriously, so I chose “Purdue,” which is just a step below the University of DeVry.

  • JerryCT

    Iowa will be a really tough test . They have womped us 3 straight times at least.

    We MUST make some changes in how we play them:

    1) Hulls might be better protected defending the PG Cartwright instead of Sheehey
    2) Put Sheehey on May
    3) Maybe , at some fouling risk try Pritchard on Besabe
    4) Elston can defend Cole and JR takes Gatens unless JR is hurt
    5) VO comes in the game whenever Marble enters
    6) “Send in the goon” (ie Capo ) whenever Brommer enters

    maybe the box and 1 focused on Gatens or Besabe as well

    Since they set vicious screens for the wings I hope we are ready for an alley fight .

    My Click player will be Roth . His shooting in some game has to get hot ……… I mean 60% hot. that should take only about 8 shots to lead the team

  • Anonymous

    Kinda what I was thinking, which does more damage, no real bball for that long or only 3 months for strength training. I’m not a doctor either but I would say as long as the ones that are real doctors clear him the being out of real action for that long does more harm.

  • I don’t think he’s trying to advertise.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Don’t really see any area that they should not be able to excel at with that lineup. The keys, IMHO, are is Mo going to be back 100 % or just a hair under and maybe more of a situation is how will VJ3 take it if he has to come off of the bench.

  • MillaRed

    It’s been mentioned a few times today but I don’t think there is any
    question Mo will be 100% physically healthy by opening day next season.

    The real question is, Will Mo “be back?” The kid has just as much potential
    as Watford. And they could be a deadly duo.

  • Anonymous

    Crean says @ UM at the earliest more than likely a game or two after that though. Sounds awful quick to me all we need is for him to not be able to hit the weights hard this offseason and / or miss part of next season.

  • JerryCT

    I do. Last year we could not keep their PG’s from penetration. This year Sheehey stopped Cartwright but they killed Hulls and Watford w physical play.

    Skinny as Besabe is he set some vicious screens ( some moving ) on Hulls to kick off the offense via May and then Watford could not handle him on the roll/slide.

    Against us they seem to send both Besabe and Cole to the wing where they set heavy contact screens off the ball at about the same time. The wings have some lee-way but they often cut into the lane one behind the other looking to get a pass as their way of driving the ball. Sometimes the first one into the lane lingers in there to screen for the next cutting wing. No pass ? Then they curl out to 3pt land and the PG looks to dump down to Besabe if our big guys even think about help D on the cutting wings.

    Pretty nice stuff. They only needed to do this for 1/2 the game because we let them run us to death for the other half.

    Back then we also tried these damned cross court double teams that failed repeatedly.

    Before the game Crean worried about TP protecting Sheehy on D. WRONG ! Sheehy needs no help and TP had his hands full with the Cole/Gatens screens on the wing , nowhere near where Sheehey was playing the PG .

    Iowa is a hard working, moving , physical , no egos team , not great shooters but good enough . Any win will be hard fought.

    We need to jump out to a lead and create the self doubt I saw in them in other games , except against us.

  • hoosier-in_cbus

    “I love these last couple of upsets. But the low of losing a game your suppose to win is way more of an extreme feeling than winning a game you are not suppose to.”

    -I forgot to put the word “win” in the above comment from my original post.

    -What does everyone think?

    -Is a loss to a team your suppose to beat have more of an affect on normal mood than a win over a team than your not suppose to beat?

  • Diesel

    My take would be I don’t know what the heck to think. Stress fractures of the patella are a rare, rare bird which makes me think there are some semantics issues with what we’ve been told. And surgery could mean anything. Removed a fragment, screws, patella refixation, etc which would all change the outcome.

    Blake Griffin had a “stress fracture” of his patella last season, sat on it 6 weeks, continued with pain during rehab, and they finally went in a removed a segment and repaired his patella tendon. Seems to be dong very well this season….

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe someone put that they liked Old Sports Dude’ s comment. Anyways, hope the Hoosiers can pull out a win tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Excited about Thursday night. Headed up to my alma mater, Owen Valley High School in Spencer, IN to watch Cody Zeller and Washington play. Former classmate Chad Smith is in his first year as head coach of Owen Valley. Watched Cody once this year at Evansville Bosse. Also planning on making the drive up to Bloomington South on the 19th to play Hanner Perea and LaPorte prep. Will they pre-sell tickets for this game or do you think you can just get tickets at the booth? GO IU!