Film Session: Defending the three

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As I noted in TMA last night, the Hoosiers gave up several wide-open 3-point attempts in the first half against Penn State, ones that allowed the Nittany Lions to shoot 50 percent (5-of-10) in the first 20 minutes of the contest.

Here’s a detailed look at three straight Penn State possessions which resulted in nine quick points. What was once an 8-7 lead for the Hoosiers quickly turned into a 16-8 deficit and Tom Crean called a timeout to try and pick up the pieces.

No. 1:

Tim Frazier brings the ball up for Penn State as David Jackson calls for a pick:

Jackson sets the pick for Frazier:

Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls both pursue Frazier:

Frazier kicks to a wide-open Jackson, as Watford decides to fade back into the paint:

Nothing but the bottom of the net for Jackson:

No. 2:

Off a missed Victor Oladipo three, Talor Battle pushes the ball up the floor:

Jeff Brooks — who grabbed the rebound — is Battle’s trailer on the left wing. Elston appears to passively motion to Oladipo to pick up Brooks:

With neither picking up Brooks and both down on the block defending Andrew Jones, he’s left wide open beyond the arc:

Elston does try to run out and get a hand in his face, but the gap is too wide:

And it’s nothing but the bottom of the net for Brooks:

No. 3:

Battle drives into the defense, and rises in the air to hoist a shot:

But surprise! With Watford looking to pursue a rebound and his man, Jackson, wide open beyond the arc, Battle kicks it back to him mid-air:

Watford runs out to pursue, but again, the gap is too wide to get a hand in Jackson’s face:

Buckets for Jackson:

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  • CutterInChicago

    This is some “good” stuff in the sense that it shows some very basic breakdowns on defense by the Hoosiers that led to 3 good treys for PSU.

  • Anonymous

    Great work guys- that just shows how wide open some of these early shots were. Since these were some of the top scorers for PSU- the apathy towards guarding them is really concerning. Hope that we try to find Mr. Diebler on friday.

  • Anonymous

    This was not fun to read. Correctable? Sure. But why is this happening in the first place? As much as people have been clamoring for leadership on the offensive end, seems like we need some on the other side – someone to yell and get people in position and such.

    I would blame this on Crean for not preparing the team, but every guy you mentioned was a freshman or sophomore. I may be in the minority, but I still think we are not experienced enough to play consistently well in the Big Ten. We need upperclassmen that will help get everyone on the same page and in the right position. I’ll be much more annoyed at this kind of breakdown next year and beyond.

  • Anonymous

    This was not fun to read. Correctable? Sure. But why is this happening in the first place? As much as people have been clamoring for leadership on the offensive end, seems like we need some on the other side – someone to yell and get people in position and such.

    I would blame this on Crean for not preparing the team, but every guy you mentioned was a freshman or sophomore. I may be in the minority, but I still think we are not experienced enough to play consistently well in the Big Ten. We need upperclassmen that will help get everyone on the same page and in the right position. I’ll be much more annoyed at this kind of breakdown next year and beyond.

  • Kelin CreDavis

    I hope you guys continue to do key breakdowns like this, this is great. I do digress on some of my Crean criticism as I have heard him and some players say, there is no communication on defense and mental lapses like this are one of the biggest problems.

  • RobD

    I know in the past you have adopted certain of mgoblog’s features, the recruiting pages in particular. They do this as well, but if I may make a suggestion–placing the caption of the photo on the actual photo might be helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which caption applies to which photo.

    They also do video clips–that might be even more useful for basketball than mgoblog’s use of it for football.

  • SeattleHoosier

    Nice breakdown…but hard to re-live this frame by frame. But, I have confidence that we’ll fix this soon.

  • Anonymous

    Really good stuff, Ryan.

    Pretty bad stuff, Hoosiers.

    Some of us have called for an end to switching on screens while in man to man D, but the interaction (or lack thereof) between Watford and Hulls on the first play in this post shows that we are not effective at hedging and then getting back. I think switching is still a necessary evil for this team.

  • cooper

    I didn’t expect the team to win a ton of games, but I expected improvement. I haven’t seen much of it this year

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Hey, are you trying to rub salt in an open wound? Just kidding!

    Great analysis and it shows how easily some of these defensive problems could be solved by just coming out in the zone or matchup zone which shuts the door on these wide open shots just off one pass. If we zone it at least forces the opponent to move the ball more than one pass and do so quickly to get an open look from deep!

  • kentuckyhoosier

    yeah we know whats not being done on the court , good work …..send it to the coach

  • WestCoast Hoosier

    I also liked this feature. Very interesting and enlightening.

    However, as long as I’m talking about the column, I don’t like the video constantly running in the right hand margin. I’m not watching it and it is consuming computer resources and slowing everything down. I’d get rid of that. Make it clickable so that it runs when someone is looking, not constantly on.

    Back to basketball. One thing that strikes me amidst the gloom and doom of the Hoosier Faithful, remember this — IU’s two highest rated recruits currently playing (Watford and Creek, both from the 09 class) played last night injured. Creek has the bum knee and is a shadow of himself. May he recover quickly and completely. Watford evidently had back spasms and gutted things out. But the point is that neither of them were 100%.

    Add that Elston had a lousy offensive game. And the whole team clearly needs to play better team defense.

    But Oladipo, Hulls and Jones played well, at least on offense.

    But remember this – with Watford and Creek 100%, that game goes to IU easily and the defensive lapses and other mistakes are, if not forgotten, at least diminished. They’re on Crean’s “work on these things” checklist, but they didn’t cost the game.

    Also, as to Jordy, his strengths will be far more evident with an inside game that draws some attention. If IU had a strong post presence, he would be getting the looks that he needs and could really be a factor. Roth too, for that matter.

    The real trick this year is to design an offense that, without much in the post, gets open looks for him, Roth and the shooters. Part of that is getting Verdell and Watford to look to pass to shooters once in a while instead of always shooting themselves. What they have to realize is that if they can establish the outside shooters early in the game, it will open things up for penetration for them and vice versa. Good passing can help everyone individually and as a team..

    And how about some picks and screens away from the ball? Not necessarily a complete motion offense, but at least some elements of it?

  • Hoosiers1111

    Really? You think Crean hasn’t worked on these situations with the team? Its the players fault. If they can’t communicate on defense and either switch or stay with their man, then its on them, not the coach. You can only teach so much, at some point the players have to make the plays. And they aren’t.

  • Hoosiers1111

    No, that play was partially on Elston. Look at the first picture. The guy that Oladipo is near is Andrew Jones. Now look at the second picture. If VO leaves Jones for Brooks, then all Battle has to do is lob it in to Jones for an easy dunk or lay in because there is no one between him and the basket. VO made the right play because Elston wasn’t back quick enough. Now, where you are correct is that VO should have switched back once Elston finally did make it down. Poor play by both.

  • Kelin CreDavis

    Keep the feature, switch it up with some offensive stuff too…Someone needs to convince me running this same offense with Zeller and Ferrell would work better.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how many times I heard this statement growing up, but it bears repeating here.

    Not everyone is talented enough to be an offensive star, but for the most part defense and rebounding are more about effort and desire than anything else. You can do both pretty well if you really want to.

  • iu12

    Our guards arent quick enough to stop penitration. everyone gets back but looses their man. maybe we should just play zone all the time. But if we do that we dont have the size for rebounding because of block out assignments. we have to out fight our opponents. Hoosier heart is what its gonna take. Its all we have.

  • HoosierDavey

    I have not been able to watch the past 3 games thanks to CBS Sports Net or whatever it is and holiday gatherings. But I have 2 things to pose:
    *How much of our 3 point defense goes back to losing GMM (as in, we have to sag too much and get caught too far away from the 3 pt. line)? If we have a true 5, does it get better?
    *I know the D is supposedly bad, but we haven’t been giving up a crapload of points…seems as though our OFFENSE might be the bigger concern.
    Thoughts? Like I say, I’m just asking out of my ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    Just want to echo the sentiments of other posters that I love this feature. Really makes you feel like we’re getting inside the game beyond general observations. Appreciate the effort.

  • vslice

    Thats rough, its so obvious. Poor transition defense, poor pick and roll defense. Nevermind, this stuff is so basic and elementary it makes me sick. Its actually embarrassing!!!!! I understand that these kids are still young, but this is Div 1 basketball, well….I think anyway????

  • We’ll be doing this all Big Ten season, Kelin.

  • I’m hoping to work video into these as well as the Big Ten season goes on — just didn’t do it for the inaugural one here. Will help see the play in full.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. These pictures show how sloppy our man-to-man is…you can barely even tell what they’re going for in some of them!

  • MillaRed

    The depressing thing about this is I think I learned this on a playground in Evansville in what, the 6th grade? You have to find the shooter, even if the shooter isn’t your man.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan, can you find a few instances where the ball moves for about three passes and drives and then gets to our point guard and stops for 5 seconds? I know there were a couple times that happened! I just want to see if there was a pass Jones could have made or an angle to drive was there.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic I know but was amazed at what I just read. Wisconsin beats Minnesota and commits only 2 turnovers for the whole game, that’s right 2, 2 for the WHOLE game. The article said that is was the lowest total in Div 1 so far this year. I’m sure that went a long way in offsetting them getting out rebounded 42 to 24.

    Coach you might want to tell our team that this is required viewing and to come with paper and pen.

  • Andrew

    You can’t lose something you never had.

  • Hello all. First time poster after viewing for several months.

  • Cheny

    Can you say… sit on the bench? I mean what is it going to do to use the ‘discipline’ of the bench, cost us a game? lol

    On both offense and defense, this team SEVERELY lacks discipline. Again, that is the Coach’s decision to make and his responsibility. ie: You wanna play? You gotta pay.

  • Anonymous

    Hello and welcome. Don’t sit on the sidelines, feel free to join in anytime, everyone has an opinion and are entitled to as much. At least on this site that is how it is anyway.

  • JerryCT

    REally really really love this breakdown.

    No 1: Hulls had room to go over the top why did he not do this ? This is the beginning of bad defense which Rivers does not allow. CW is poor or late to “show and recover” and in fact “switches” , the bane of our defense this year,………. resulting in pointless double team and the open shot

    No 2: This all on DE. Even though Brooks is VO’s assignment DE is too late back on Jones so VO picks him up. Given DE is last back why did he not pick up Brooks, the open man, who is also last back ? this is basic

    No 3: This is just about smart spacing on help side defense. Notice VO getting beat by his man if there were a rebound even though he had the initial position but DE and Hulls blocking out

    did I say I really do not like the switching ?

  • JerryCT

    Allman Brothers Band ………….. good post

  • HoosierNshaker

    Watching this game was painful…I understand Watford’s injuries may have contributed to his poor play but he looked like a lost puppy out there on defense. Capobianco??? can we please cut him or get him to transfer to JuCo? At one point in the game he missed his defensive assignment sooo bad that he left his man “wide-open” for an easy 3, he is slow, a horrible defender, and can not score. I’m done ranting for the day.

  • Anonymous

    The really sad thing about shot No. 1 is that it is a completely ineffective pick! But yet, it worked on the Hoosiers. Jackson sets it up above the three point line. Frazier goes by the pick man a good three feet away. Hulls has plenty of room to go over the top of this one but gets smashed instead. I can only assume that it was not communicated to him by CW. This is a nuisance screen at best but it worked on the Hoosiers becuase of really poor communication!

    The Hoosiers simply don’t start games with any kind of defensive focus. I have been begging for VO to start so he can provide that defensive spark at the outset, but he didn’t help at all in the PSU game. Surprisingly, his offensive contributions were invaluable, but he was definitely part of the problem defensively in the first ten minutes. I don’t know how coach fixes this. It seems to be a confidence problem. They seem uncomfortable at the outset of a game, which I attribute to a lack of preparedness, or least the feeling that they aren’t prepared.

  • Anonymous

    This is a really, really great new feature and it really helped elucidate exactly what went wrong in this game. This is already my second favorite feature you guys do behind “The Minute After.” Keep up the good work you guys, we commenters are usually a little too busy talking about the team to give you guys the credit you deserve.

    I can’t say enough about how much I like this new feature.

  • Anonymous

    How can you possibly say this? Oladipo has locked up on an offensive player at the edge of the lane. He had to do this or it is an easy lay-up. Both Elston and the PN St player are running in late. There is NO “position” or “man” assignment in transition defense-you guard the the man who is not guarded if you are the last defender to get into the defensive end of the court. This was ALL on Elston! Elston was late and blew the defensive coverage. Why is Elston so late? He can not react as quickly as the guy who got the rebound? That is a pitiful effort. In most of these sequences, Watford is occupying space and not guarding a man-but IU is in a man-to-man defense! You have to be close to your man and be alert to the need for help-side defense for a teammate who is beaten. Oladipo is the only guy actually defending in the photos!

  • Anonymous

    No, 100% on Elston. He was late, he has to pick up the unguarded man.

  • Anonymous

    Switching is good not a “necessary evil”. IU should employ the concepts of a “match-up” 3 out, 2 low zone defense in their man-to-man. Switch 100% of the time. We can put on the court 3 very long 6’5 perimeter defenders: Rivers, Oladipo, Sheehey, Jones, Creek. Jordy can play the perimeter as well, but he is not as long for defense, however, his offense is needed. Just stay right in front of the perimeter shooters-no foul, just contested-and box out to rebound. If you don’t sag back but stay out on the perimeter almost touching the offensive player and then box out, you are in a better position for the long rebounds which are frequent on 3-point shots.

  • Anonymous

    Defense is about 90% total effort, total toughness, total teamwork, no ego and 10% talent-just watch Butler! Other than Oladipo, Rivers and Sheehey, IU has no solid defenders. Jones, Watford, Elston, and Creek our the worst offenders, and they are our “best” players.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect comment.

  • HoosierDavey

    Thanks…I was hoping for some help on what’s up since I’ve missed the games…suddenly I’m more enlightened…or not….

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Ah!!! And I point out that game in Vegas where DE got yanked because he started to do just that! Remember our conversation? He was last down the court (that time because of a put back attempt) and Watford had his man. He saw that and started to pick up Watford’s man and so did Watford. His guy was left open that time for an open layup.

    So, did CTC point that out in the film session and so this time DE was told to get back to his man . . . or, more likely, was it never mentioned, never coached, and never corrected and so DE tried to make the adjustment on his own and it cost us a three?

    My point is, is this coaching, or do we have “slow” players, in more ways than one, who can’t be coached because this was two games and two exact opposite mistakes with the same result.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that we are giving up alot of points. We’re giving up very easy points in key situations in the game. The offense is ok we did make some really good comebacks in the second halves of these games. Just seems like when we get there we then give up 2 wide open dunks (colorodo) or numerous open 3s (pstate). Also the defensive intensity only seems to exist in the second half thats whats frustrating.

  • Kelin Oladipo

    Joe…I am not convinced given the way our post players, don’t roll or nor do they get kick outs from the guards. Secondly…..I love Cody and his game, but I don’t want my big man picking and fading out for a 3 pointer…I know he can make that shot but his effectiveness is down low. I rarely see a screen and ‘roll’.

    The one difference is Yogi will be very aggressive coming off a pick but he has to have options to pass too.

  • JerryCT

    I think pick & roll would work with them. In fact against any switching team CZ would end up defended by Yogi’s man. This is one reason the switch on the perimeter needs to be avoided.

    Good teams would defend this with a “show & recover” trying to force Yogi to a position he cannot make the pass.

    Therefore the beauty of Yogi is perhaps an ability to get into the lane w/o a pick causing CZ’s defender to “help” enabling a dump for 2 and maybe a foul. Thus perfect for where Kelin wants CZ to be

  • JerryCT

    On No 1. ( if anybody is still reading this thread ):

    What you see here in Hulls could have easily been VJ, Mo as well.

    The biggest problem here is that AS SOON as Hulls/Watford sense a screen each MUST make an AGGRESSIVE MOVE before the screen is set. How many times have we seen our guys wait to be screened ? The defender must attack ie ” go on the offensive ”

    What are those aggressive moves ?

    1) close out on the ball forcing the handler to move early, wrong direction, or unfavorable location

    2) close out at 45 deg angle on the screen side to force the ball away from the screen, the lane and forcing the player to go much higher if he wants the center of the court

    3) screener’s defender gets close enough and makes an aggressive “show ” until the handler gives up the dribble or danger is neutralized

    Our 2 best guys are :

    1) JR who does the aggressive jumpout 45deg angle closeout and then hand checks the screener to buy space .

    2) TP ( last year ) anticipated the screen and was terrific at “show & recover”

    This goes back to coaching IMHO and whether players are taught the be aggressive against the screen or passive.

    To me if the strategy is switching then there is no incentive to make any aggressive defensive move you let the player come to you . i was surprised we made this change this year ………………. how well is it working ?