Video: Yogi Ferrell talks IU commitment

  • 11/24/2010 9:28 pm in

Fresh off a season-opening 78-29 win over University, the newest Indiana commit, Park Tudor point guard Yogi Ferrell (13 points), met with the media to talk about his decision. Watch and listen to Ferrell’s comments in the embedded media player below:

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  • Anonymous

    “the fan base – they’re crazy but their good fans”

    lol – well said.

  • Anonymous

    Best part of this interview was the last thing he said. My two questions to Yogi would have been that he would need to get stronger and develop his jumper to become a really really good PG. Glad to know he knows what he needs to do. Yogi, get it done, and welcome again to the IU family!


    Welcome to IU! We’ve been waiting for a true, talented PG like you. I am sure many many many people are so happy with your commitment and IU’s future! Yes, call Gary H tonight, tomorrow…..until he commits to IU!

  • I know Yogi is only a high school kid, but I’m really impressed by his demeanor in the interview situation. Calm and cool, and showing patience and thought when answering each question. From a media perspective, the kid shows a lot of intelligence and leadership potential already (reminds me of Peyton Manning in a media interview). Let’s hope it translates to bigtime basketball IQ on the court in 2 years, and impact in his freshman season. I think it will.

  • Anonymous

    Tom Crean and his staff have exceeded even our wildest expectations in the three years they have been working as recruiters. No one could have reasonably expected to gain commitments from Etherington, Zeller, Perea, Jurkin, Patterson, Ferrell, Hartman, Davis, Lyles and Blackmon (all rated and respected in-state recruits). Some of them, sure. But getting all of them has sent a clear message to the rest of the country. Your time getting licks in on IU is over. The Hoosiers are back! Man this feels good!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone read those names together–slowly. Really think about this and let it sink in; barring early entries to the NBA, they will all be on the SAME team! Wanna raise money for the athletic department? Sell tickets to practice, ’cause that alone will be a hell of a show!

  • Q95

    talk about border security. obama may be looking at crean for a homeland security position. but seriously, you know matta, izzo, weber, williams, calipari and coach k are hating this. no more open borders my friends…

  • LDIU

    I’ve been an IU fan since 1955……………..never have I seen us sweep the state like this. Wow!!

  • Luke72

    Yogi’s maturity level and his awareness of where he needs to improve show that he has all the ingredients to even exceed expectations! May be the best point to come to IU since another player wearing # 11 put on an IU uniform. I know I’m out on a limb saying that and it may be wishful thinking but what if………..