Inside the Hall Podcast: November 25

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Straight from the athletics office at Park Tudor, Zach Osterman hosts a special Yogi Ferrell edition of the Inside the Hall podcast.

Joining him: Alex Bozich, The Herald-Times duo of Dustin Dopirak and Hugh Kellenberger and Nathan Hart of The Indiana Daily Student.

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  • Anonymous

    Indiana is deep in recruiting for the upcoming years but what does IU have to do to get on the national recruiting scene? I assume that Indiana won’t always have so many good players. Can IU compete with the Duke’s and North Carolina’s to get that recruit out of state?

  • I know you guys are new to the Podcast game, but watch the audio levels, at points (one point in particular around the 3:45 mark) whomever is speaking drops below an audible volume. Maybe a simple multi-directional mic will solve the problem. I can’t speak on your equipment, but I am assuming you guys are just using the built in mic on a laptop. Other than that the content is great. Azeese, do we need to go on a National recruiting spree? If we get the top 3-4 players in Indiana year in and year out, we’ll have players that have been playing with (and against) each other for 5, 6 maybe even 7 years by the time they are seniors at IU. If you ask me, I’ll take the cohesion of familiarity with a plethora of 5 and 4 star recruits before the *cough*cheating*cough* ways of the likes of UK who get 3 of the top guys on the National recruiting track. As for the Dukes and NCs’ of the world, North Carolina is not really known for it’s ability to develop top level talent in state. They need to pull their 5 stars from us, not the other way around.

  • Tberry

    We will be in the running for national recruits when we consistently win on the national stage, then everyone will want to go to IU.

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    I expect Crean to do what has been working and close the borders, build in state relationships, and recruit primarily on Indiana soil. Sure you take a look out of state and see who is out there but in this case, recruit the hell out of your state. The talent that is still left is still 3-5 star talent….from Bluiett, Irvin, Smotherman, etc.

  • I’ve just compared our 2012 recruiting class with others around the country. The enormity of how far ahead we are becomes crystal clear with team by team comparisons.

    St Johns with Lavin according to one source near the top but only have 1 4 ****star recruit so far. Ohio State O 2012 but three 4**** & one 3 ***for 2111
    Michigan 1 -3*** 2012 —- 2111 one 3*** and one 4****
    Michigan State three 4 ****s 2012 for 2111 one 5star one 4**** & two 3***
    Iowa 2012 ) – 2011 two 3***
    Illinois 0 for 2012 but four 4**** 2011
    Minnesota 0 for 2012 and two 3*** for 2011
    Penn State 0 for 2012 and for 2011 two 3*** one 3** and one unrated
    Purdue 2 4**** and one 3*** for 2012 and two 3***
    Wisc 2012 one 3*** and 2011 three 3 *** and one unrated
    Louisville 2012 O— 2011 one 5*** three 4**** and one 3****
    Kentucky 0 for 2012 but 4 five stars for 2111 ( if only one gets arrested, one flunks the college entrance exam and one is foolish enough to drive around the new Lexus they bought for him, they may end up not much better than us).

    Ok this is getting tedious

    Have a great Thanksgiving ALL

  • CutterInChicago

    Enjoyed this podcast (the intro had a nice touch… maybe ITH needs a theme song?).
    Agree with Zach that IU could – emphasis on “could” – beat Kentucky this year. I do not expect it at all but its certainly in the realm of possible (though not likely).

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    Yeah Last years KY team had alot more pieces, this team lot of talent, not the type of team that I think could beat IU by 20 especially with us at full throttle…

    Dear GOD….
    Thanks for all the recruits, I really don’t need a george foreman grill for christmas and would kindly give it up for Guy to be eligible by next week and be super ready for the KY game.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07


  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I agree. The state is only weak every once in a while. Jordan Hulls senior year was probably one of the weaker graduating classes in Indiana in the past ten years. Other than that we’ve seen stud talent from Indiana for almost a decade and IU has lost out on players like Zeller, Zeller, Harengody, Conley, Oden, James, etc.

    All you have to do is sprinkle in a few top notch out of state recruits when needed and the talent in the state of Indiana is unquestionably strong enough to drive a top flight college basketball team.

  • Anonymous

    That’s well said. It’s not like last year where it was pretty much impossible that we’d win, but next year I think is the year that we could really almost expect a win, it being at home and us having a nice mix of talent and veteran players. Then the years after that watch out UK and everyone else. Absolutely cannot wait until IU is back to what it was. We used to be what Duke, Kansas are now, and it looks like we’re well on our way to being that again!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Is the game not being shown on the B10 network tomorrow night???

  • Tberry

    IU needs to return to the days when we had a national reputation for winning. Then and only then will IU be able to regularly pull in out of state greats.

  • In a word: No.


    In many cases, scholarships situation plays out itself. I think Coach Crean, the players, and the recruits know it as well.