• Anonymous

    Even though this was ever anticipated and Rabjohn blew it for the kid this video still gave me the chills. Welcome Yogi……….. We couldnt be more proud to be your choice to play your College ball. As if it hadnt been stated lately……………….. we are so freaking back!!!! As a frosh he will be dealing and dishing to Watford, Eslton, Zeller, Creek, VO, Sheehey………….. man just the thought of all this fire power!!!! This thanksgiving i would like to say I am thankful for Tom Crean and his amazing staff.

    Also thankful for Kelvin Sampson, without that loser and his escapades we may not have CTC and be in this situation staring down greatness again.

  • Doclibby

    Great job Yogi! I’m so proud of you for growing into a fine young athlete. I have no doubt you’ll continue to “Ooo n Ahh” the crowds with your amazing talent that God has given you. Love you #proudmommabear

  • HoosierNshaker

    Indystar can’t poop on your parade…Indiana is excited to have you as a Hoosier Yogi!!!

  • Diesel

    Faces in the Crowd:

    At the very beginning of the video is a blonde female in a suit who is April McDivitt, former Miss Basketball from Connersville who is an assistant for PT.

    Also, ironic it seems, looks like Blabjohns in the background against the wall in the Blazer and white shirt. Alex, you do that on purpose?

    Also, sweet comment from Yogi’s mom! Didn’t know she was an ITHer. Welcome Dr. Ferrell.

  • What does he say at the end? It sounds like “It’s coming back, let’s get ready to play.”

    If not, what is it. If so… Yogi gets it more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

  • Anonymous

    Good point, thanks Kelvin

  • Anonymous

    Getting a top PG is huge for this class. I’m so glad it’s Yogi. Welcome to IU!

  • Anonymous

    Just watched the video and was wondering what he said at the end also.

    If someone was there and for sure heard what he said please share. I think it is called ” hanging on his every word “

  • Anonymous

    Just as the Hoosier Nation is one big family and Tom Crean recruits not just the bball player but rather the whole family I would like to thank you AND your family.

  • Anonymous

    im teary eyed

  • IUJeff

    Return to Glory. This is amazing. It is on!

  • BFowler

    How good is it to be a Hoosier fan right now? 5-0 with the future so bright, I feel like I am in an ’80’s flashback weekend.

    Welcome, Yogi, we will be rooting for you and looking forward to you playing at Assembly Hall in the near future. Good luck and take home State this year!

  • Yogi Kelin Harris

    IU will win a title with Yogi…guarantee it. Isiah Thomas all over him…

  • Anonymous

    I met my wife at Yogi’s (the bar and grill) almost 10 years ago..and what a gift from above she has been:) So, this is the second time Yogi has been a catalyst for my sheer delight!! God is a Hoosier Basketball fan..i know this now.

  • That’s what I thought initially, but when I saw it again, I wasn’t sure…

    Maybe it’s wishful listening on my part haha

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if anyone has posted this on another thread, but this sent chills down my spine.

    A video of what is to come with all commits 2011-2014.


  • CutterInChicago

    Finally saw this. Awesome. Thanksgiving indeed! Welcome Yogi

  • Anonymous

    Or you can be un-thankful for Greenspan, because he could have had Crean WHEN he chose Sampson, and we’d be watching a championship-caliber team already!

  • Anonymous

    Another kid that we’re going to absolutely love. Welcome to IU. May u have 4 YEARS of great times at one of the best universities.

  • Anonymous

    McDivitt played for Pat Summit at Tennessee. She was a force to be reckoned with in high school, I remember that.

  • Anonymous

    Loving the new name!