So, about that Big Ten divisions for basketball report

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Apparently, ESPN’s Andy Katz jumped the gun on the report I referenced in the post below (Steve Alford to Mizzou, anyone?) that stated the following information on Big Ten divisions:

In men’s basketball, according to sources, the Big Ten is expected to play a 16-game conference schedule by taking a model similar to those used by the Big 12 and the Southeastern Conference. In those leagues, teams play each division opponent twice and then single games — three at home and three on the road — against teams in the opposing division.

The Big Ten announced football divisions on Wednesday evening and commissioner Jim Delaney had the following to say about men’s basketball:

“In basketball, they will start their own course,” Delany said. “The sport is structured completely differently.”

Our friend Dustin Dopirak of The Herald-Times also had this tidbit from the Big Ten’s teleconference:

Delany said the divisions do not apply to basketball, and that he does “not see any compelling reason,” to have divisions in basketball at all because the dynamic of the sport is so much different from football. He said if the league’s athletic directors decided they wanted divisions, he would be amenable to it, but that those would also be competitively balanced. The current divisions, which most notably, would provide a cakewalk for Michigan State with Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan, Nebraska and Minnesota as their division mates, would be “irrelevant,” as Delany put it.

So there we have it. No super, incredibly unbalanced basketball divisions as earlier reported. Dylan has a nice writeup over at UMHoops on why the Big Ten did the right thing by avoiding divisional misalignment for hoops. And with that, we can all go back to counting down the days to a Cody Zeller decision.

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  • BaseballBuc

    Do you think Fred Glass is regretting the decision to spend so much money on football. OSU in our division = big trouble for IU. (I’m not being completely serious, but wow, good luck to our football team!)

  • Anonymous

    These divisions aren’t competitively balanced they are just retarded.

    At least basketball isn’t directly tied to this botched mess. But Delany did mention that basketball could have its own, different divisions…that isn’t awkward or confusing to have different divisions members in the 2 revenue sports. Sheesh, what kind of monkeys are running the big 10 office?

  • Splenda

    There is no need for divisions in basketball. Do the scheduling like this:

    Every team has a “Big 3” on their schedule that they play every year, home and away

    Illinois — NW, IU, WISC
    Indiana — PUR, ILL, NW
    Iowa — NEB, MINN, MSU
    Michigan — MSU, OSU, NEB
    Michigan State — MICH, PUR, IOWA
    Minnesota — WISC, IOWA, NEB
    Nebraska — IOWA, MINN, MICH
    Northwestern — ILL, IU, PSU
    Ohio State — PSU, MICH, WISC
    Penn State — OSU, PUR, NW
    Purdue — IU, MSU, PSU
    Wisconsin — MIN, ILL, OSU

    The Big 3 exist to try to keep natural rivalries alive and some competitive balance.

    That’s six games
    You play four semi-random teams home-and-away, for eight more conference games.
    You play two teams at home only and two teams on the road only for a total of 18 games.

  • cooper

    The only bowl game IU will be playing in is the toilet bowl. Can’t spend a ton of money of football (which IU hasn’t) and have a 3rd rate coach

  • millzy32

    There really isn’t any need to split up the conference for basketball. We already have a tournament and it involves every team. That won’t change. So no need to create a division. That being said I’m sure the Big Ten higher ups will find some way to mess with something that isn’t broken. As for Football well IU is trying to head in the right direction with facilities and remember they were 11 plays away from winning the national title last year (if you drink that kool-aid).

    Now go out tonight and beat the #$#$ out of the Mighty Towson State whatevers.

    I wanted to watch the IU game on Big Ten Network tonight and I am completely disgusted that OSU had to schedule their game for the same time so I can’t watch IU. That’s what I get for living in OH.

  • 323grant

    Why would Glass let them put IU football in the same division as Ohio State? The best Big Ten school playing the IU, the school with the losingest football record all-time in the Big Ten.

  • Anonymous

    So your point is that Bill Lynch is better than the IU football program deserves (you said he is “third rate”, but the program is rated 9-10-11th in the Big 10)?? IU athletics actually made a profit last year, 2009-10, one of only 14 in Division I to do so (Purdue did as well). Good job AD Glass.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you forgot OSU was in “our division” every year in the past as well, since there was only one division. At least now we only have to beat 5 other teams to win a championship (Divisional), not 10 other teams (as now), or 11 when Nebraska fully joins.

  • Garrett

    The Big Ten Network always has all of the Big Ten games on, but only one will be on the flagship channel. Check your provider to find out which channels are the “alternate” Big Ten Network channels, and the IU game should be on one of those. That’s how it was for every conflicting game last year anyway.

  • Anonymous

    On a completely unrelated note, can we get a “Yo-gi Fer-rell” chant going at the game tonight? He’ll be there.

  • Peter

    For football, IU will need to play OSU at home so we can get aerial photos of the stadium full of Red and White (Cream & Crimson)!

  • BaseballBuc

    Very true. I agree 100%.

  • Garyindiana_311

    i think once he sees “yogi’s”, its a wrap. he’ll sign before sundown. what other school can boast a restaurant already named after you before you have even made a commit?

  • Scott

    Absolutely! That is good to here he is coming to town on a non-hoops related event. He must obviously like more than just our basketball program and spending time here in B town. A Yogi commit before the Zeller visit would be a huge lift in our chances.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea!

  • 1) I don’t think Glass gets much input on it where he can throw his weight around
    2) Having OSU in our division is better, monetarily, for IU. As glass said in his Press Release last night, If we’re going to have to have 2 of the Big 4 in our division, we’d rather have OSU as 1 of them because they pack memorial stadium, which = $$$$ for us.

  • marcusgresham

    I think IU had a better chance of winning the entire Big 10 than they will of winning the new division, because there were some years it was able to avoid playing some of the big boys–now you to beat OSU and Penn State both every year if you’re going to win the division.

  • marcusgresham

    If you have Directv the game will be on 611; 610 is the regular Big 10 Network channel.

  • Check this link, it’s the Big Ten Network Gamefinder. Enter your zip and cable provider and you see exactly which Big Ten channel your game is on.

  • Outoftheloop

    Not every year. If IU goes 3-2 in our division, losing to both OSU and PSU, but wins all 3 games outside our division to finish at 6-2 and OSU and PSU lose a total of 3 times to finish 5-3, then IU wins the division. Thank you very much Iowa, WI, MSU, MI and/or Nebraska! So there will be lots of interest in the other Big 10 games because those results can put Indiana into the championship game. But first we have to beat IL, Purdue and WI, plus NU, MSU and X for the 6 wins.

  • millzy32

    Thanks I found it, Channel 334 Time Warner. I learning something new on ITH every day.

  • millzy32

    am learning

  • millzy32

    IU has done that for years. Sad. I have hated OSU and their fans ever since they tore our goal posts down in our own stadium. They are also the most obnoxious fans on the planet and I should know I live here.

    I have rooted against them successfully for two straight national title games where they were blown off the field. Sadly now I am tired of SEC chatter and wouldn’t mind if those Buckeye bums won the title just for Big Ten Pride.

  • hoosier fan 17

    Just met Tom Crean in the parking lot after the towson game…super nice and made time to carry on a conversation with students. said we have the best fans in the country without a doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Big Ten Network aint bad at all