Around the Hall: Gordon scores 21 to lead Team USA

  • 09/02/2010 3:13 pm in

Eric Gordon (L) of U.S. battles for a loose ball with Tunisia's Nizar Knioua during their FIBA Basketball World Championship game in Istanbul September 2, 2010.    REUTERS/Jeff Haynes (TURKEY - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew. So go ahead, get your read on.

+ Chris Sheridan of writes that Eric Gordon might have earned himself a spot in Team USA’s starting lineup after scoring 21 points in a 92-57 win over Tunisia.

+ Gordon is a guest blogger for the Los Angeles Times from Istanbul and weighed-in with his thoughts following today’s win.

+ Clips Nation recapped Team USA’s win over Tunisia and noted that at the conclusion of pool play, Gordon is the team’s second-leading scorer at 10.9 ppg. Impressive when you consider that many believed Gordon was near the cut line for the final roster.

+ In totally unrelated news to Eric Gordon’s budding stardom, former IU guard and radio color commentator Todd Leary was arrested for allegedly stealing appliances from foreclosed homes in Hamilton County.

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  • I guess Leary is kind of becoming our Maurice Clarett … no news is good news.

  • millzy32

    Wow, and I thought Leary was only a white collar criminal. Wow. What a fall for this guy.

    Congrats to Gordon, he’s a phenomenal ballplayer. If he doesn’t hurt his hand I still think IU goes pretty far that year even with all the drama. Shame.

  • JerryCT

    Maybe Alex could do a poll on “what is the best nickname for Todd Leary”. You know like Vinnie “the chin” Galante .

    I fully expect PHD to come up with several candidates

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    I am still wondering who is going to replace Leary. I wanted Dakich, he is going to the mothership, now I don’t know who would be edgy, rude, funny, depressing, and a homer all at once. If they can’t find a replacement like Leary or Dakich I rather fish go at it alone.

    Now the best candidate would be….ready for this …..Fish and The General!

  • “…I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to [freaking] amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?”

    Gotta love Goodfellas! That movie came out in 1990, so I know you’re not too old for that reference JCT. 😉

    It’s hard to give somebody a proper nickname unless they’re a mobster or a professional boxer. I’m trying so hard not to work in the word “leery” …

  • Ha, whoops, meant to hit “reply” and hit “like” …

    It’s not going to happen, but I love me some Gus Johnson. I mean, the dude even has his own soundboard:

  • Leary must have never watched Office Space! White-collar crime = white-collar, minimum-security resort … with conjugal visits.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    And this is why I LOVE ITH. The Gus Johnson soundboard just made my favorites tool bar…”Another Big Time J” ….thanks for that one…

  • From Evan Daniels Twitter:

    Indiana just picked up a commitment from 2014 James Blackmon, according to a source. 21 minutes ago via web

  • Follow-up tweet from Daniels.

    Three different sources confirmed the Blackmon commitment. Have heard very good things about him. Haven’t seen him play though. 6 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll at least do him the honor of making his prison stripes cream and crimson.

  • BaseballBuc

    I just saw this too! No longer does Matt Painter own the state for young kids. Hopefully Yogi will soon follow.

  • Anonymous

    It can’t be official until Alex posts it over in the column to the right!

  • IU_Fan_99

    is this current? ranked 5th overall by ESPN? what do we know about this kid?

  • Azur Allen

    thanks 4 breakin the news. eh hard to get excited though about a 2014 verbal. too far away, young kid who might change his mind. how many kids stick to their verbals when they make them THAT early. plus..who knows how he pans out

  • Is he awake this late? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m not believe anything until the start of the 2014 season. A committment this far out can’t be set it stone. But if it’s true, very exciting stuff.

  • Not a chance, BGleas. Not a chance.

  • deedubbadoo

    I just had to comment and say that the Gus Johnson soundboard has not only made my Friday, but perhaps my entire 2010!