It’s time to hit the road recruiting

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Tuesday, July 6 marks the beginning of the first 10-day evaluation period of the summer (the other is July 22-31), which means college coaches will be all over the country watching prospects and making their presence known in every way besides verbal communication.

This site has not yet reached the point where we’re able to travel from coast-to-coast to follow recruiting, but we will be out on Tuesday and Wednesday in Indianapolis to watch, interview and evaluate several prospects with Indiana interest. (We’ll also be at the Kentucky Hoopfest this coming weekend.)

As it currently stands, Indiana has one commitment for its 2011 class — Hamilton Heights guard Austin Etherington — and has not yet secured a commitment for 2012 or 2013. We’ve updated our 2011 recruiting board to reflect the newest rankings from Rivals and Scout and recently completed our first 2012 recruiting board.

Both can be accessed at the links below and also from the sidebar:

+ 2011 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

+ 2012 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

After July concludes, we’ll update both recruiting boards with any new prospects that emerge during the month. These lists of information should in no way be considered a complete snapshot of IU’s recruiting plans, but they’re definitely helpful in keeping track of a landscape that changes frequently.

The best way to keep up with us this week is to follow us on Twitter and keep checking back throughout the week for interviews, video and other pertinent updates.

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  • Dmglotz

    Thanks in advance for covering these two upcoming events. It's always good to hear the recruits' specific thoughts on IU. Hope to see you guys when you come to Louisville.

  • marcusgresham

    When you guys can afford to pay to travel the country to see recruits I'll give you my resume & application.

  • JerryCT

    I hear travel will initially be by Greyhound ………………………….and not the bus

  • IULaw10

    Not much news lately. We're all sitting, waiting, hoping that our patience the past two years will be rewarded in the 2009 class's senior year, so I think to myself, “What does that roster look like? Who plays? Who rebounds? Most importantly, is this a Final Four/NC caliber team?”

    After ONE run-through guessing a roster and the players' respective numbers, I will say that yes, this looks very much like a Final Four team. You'll note that I've allotted too many minutes among the players, but otherwise my guesses seem plausible (maybe too many rebounds).

    Feel free to disagree with my predictions (e.g., “You're an idiot if you think Elston doesn't start! Cody Zeller will be at North Carolina! Will Sheehey will grow 3 inches and play power forward!).

    2011-12 INDIANA HOOSIERS [29-4 after Big Ten Tourney, #2 seed in the NCAA tournament)


    Jordan Hulls – 6’0” Senior PG 28 MPG, 6 PPG, 5 APG, 2 RPG
    Maurice Creek – 6’4” Senior WING 32 MPG, 17 PPG, 2 APG, 4 RPG
    Christian Watford – 6’8” Senior WING 34 MPG, 14 PPG, 2 APG, 8 RPG
    Hanner Perea – 6’7” Freshman FORWARD 22 MPG, 5 PPG, 1 APG, 7 RPG
    Cody Zeller – 6’10” Sophomore FORWARD 24 MPG, 8 PPG, 2 APG, 8 RPG


    Derek Elston – 6’8” Senior FORWARD 18 MPG, 6 PPG, 1 APG, 5 RPG
    Victor Oladipo – 6’3” Junior WING 15 MPG, 4 PPG, 2 APG, 4 RPG
    Will Sheehey – 6’6” Junior WING 12 MPG, 4 PPG, 1 APG, 4 RPG
    D’Vauntes Smith – Rivera 6’3 Freshman PG 18 MPG, 6 PPG, 3 APG, 2 RPG
    Bobby Capobianco – 6’8” Senior FORWARD 4 MPG, 2 PPG, 1 APG, 3 RPG
    Austin Etherington – 6’6” Sophomore WING 8 MPG, 3 PPG, 1 APG, 1 RPG
    Peter Jurkin – 7’0” Freshman CENTER 2 MPG, 1 PPG, 0 APG, 1 RPG

    TEAM 217 MPG, 76 PPG, 21 APG, 49 RPG

    If my math is wrong (in one case I already understand that it is), don't worry about it. My name is not PUEngineering10.

  • Kelin Blab

    Just returned from the 'other' tourney in Indy the HoosierShootout…AKA Send your assistant coach shootout. Nevertheless lots of good stuff and some ok stuff.

    Buckley, Fife, MSU, and Painter all were on the sidelines watching Spiece team which featured
    Nic Moore, AJ Hammons, DeJuan Marrero. The one player of this group that stood out was Nic Moore.

    + He is a big small guard and with above average athletic ability. I know the knock on him is his size but apparently no one has figured that out.

    + During a 3 minute stretch he showed very good range, strong ability to get into the lane and finish. A couple of times I expected his shot to get smashed but he never altered his shot and scored when he wanted to.

    +He is a very good rebounding guard and a strong on point defender. It is hard to get away from him. He does a good job of getting into the PG's chest and taking away his comfort level…at one point the PG thought he lost Nic but within seconds he recovered very well.

    + Buckley was dialed in as he went on this 3minute stretch that was very very impressive.

    + Is just a really good player and a good piece to have on your team. His jump shot will have to get better but he plays so so tough and goes after rebounds in traffic. I know on his high school team he plays PF but there is not doubt he can make a transition in college.

    + He is very long and a good athlete….the best description of him is TOUGH.

    AJ Hammons
    + Didn't play a ton, when he did he just ate up space on both ends. He is not the quickest jumper but very fundamentally sound and more lean than I expected. He runs the floor well on both ends

    OK….Now to let you down somewhat….

    Aaron Thomas
    + Physically he is a big, long, athletic kid. The transition to the college game will not be an issue physically. He can get to the basket and shoot over people easily.

    + I was not impressed with his effort. He did not go after the ball on the glass, when he was clearly one of the best athletes out there. I know it is AAU, but alot of eyes were on that court watching his team and he just didn't turn it up like I expected. In his defense, his AAU team needs at least 3-4 more basketballs to make everyone happy but Aaron just didn't 'get after it'.

    + I can see what everyone else see's in him, his upside is insane.A motivated Aaron Thomas is a top 50 player easily in the country. He has ALL the skills. I don't see him playing point guard so throw that out the window, but as a big shooting guard or small forward he has the ability to get teammates involved.

    Finally….I know Nic Moore doesn't have an offer. I was glad to see T.Buck watching, but he is a guy who just 'want' on your team. I know IU has other options and are interested but Nic Moore is jordan hulls with quickness and minus an inch or two, but makes it up with his athletic ability. He was clearly the one of the most impressive players today.

  • eph521

    Thanks Kelin… wished I could have missed work today to watch this in person too. Hoping AT was under the weather today or something else can explain what you saw. Nic Moore seems to keep impressing everyone doesn't he?

  • eph521

    marcus, that's only if you don't get knocked down by the rest of us on our way to hand delivering our apps too…

  • Kelin Blab

    One of the most interesting things about Nic Moore was how his teammates and coaches respond to him…if you are a leader ….you are a leader… and he shows it even in AAU. I know they play again at 6pm….very well may head back over there…. Not sure if a scholly offer is coming from IU but he is making the case to some large programs that he can flat out play. I did not know he was 'that' good of a shooter. The defender was so much in fear of his penetration that a 1/2 step off of him was too much and too late

  • Kelin Blab

    Interesting tweet that UNC has NOT even offered Zeller yet…they are still deciding.

  • eph521

    you're exactly right about the 'leader' comment and as you know… you can't teach that to a kid. Nic seems like a natural. if we don't get him I hope Fife gets him at IPFW

  • ButWhatDoIKnow?

    My post here has nothing to do with the topic above, but i know everyone here will find this interesting (if not completely expected;)

  • BFowler

    I like the change of pace, and this has intrigued me, so I'll comment on it:

    I find it interesting that you have Creek as a Senior still on the roster, and you assume that Roth is not going to apply nor receive a medical redshirt (or not renew his scholarship). Also, with 13 scholarships available, you only listed 12 players. I believe that even at that time, Coach Crean will still see to it that 13 players have scholarship offers (then again, they may not all be issued, but in my fantasy, they are all issued). I think one more PG would be called for, especially since DSR does not really translate as a point.

    Provided that the roster is what you believe it to be, I see more production from the bench, especially from the wings. I think Oladipo and Etherington and Sheehey will score more, but I also think that Hulls will score less, but have more dimes. I think Elston will contribute more than 6ppg by his senior year, but I could be wrong. I also believe that Capo will have a bigger role than 4mpg, he is too hard of a worker and too tough to keep on the bench for 36mpg. But 3 rebs. in 4 mins. would be awfully impressive. The key to this team is not 76ppg, but opponents ppg.

    I honestly would be surprised to see Peter Jurkin on this team unless he and Perea are a package deal. I think AJ Hammons would be more likely, but I think the production would be about the same until Hammons gets in shape. Therefore, my roster would look like this (with maybes in parenthesis):

    PG – Hulls, (Davis, Moore, or Ferrell) – 2 players
    SG/Small Wings – Creek, Oladipo, Sheehey, Etherington, (DSR, Patterson, or Thomas) – 5 Players
    SF/Large Wings – Watford, Elston (Perea or Hollowell) – 3 players
    PF/Posts – Capo (Hammons and/or Zeller) – 3 Players

    Not much difference, but I think there will be another PG who can penetrate.

  • GFDave

    I'm already on the east coast. Sorry guys, no airfare here.

  • IULaw10

    Thanks, BFowler, for humoring me and playing my game of arbitrary numbers. I will now respond to your points in the style of the esteemed Mr. Blab.

    + I simply don't see Creek going to the league early, if that's what you meant. I think he'll be drafted in the NBA, but it will be because he's a fantastic college basketball player rather than a fantastic athlete. He simply does not have the raw athleticism of, say, Eric Gordon or even Jordan Crawford. I like to think of him as a better, more talented E'Twaun Moore.
    + I admit that I forgot Roth's possible redshirt, but it may well be a moot point. I also admit that the Ohio State game where Roth went for 29 or whatever was one of the few home games I missed that year, so I've never had the love for Roth that some have. That said, I can't help but think that the presence of Austin Etherington on this team makes Matt Roth a little obsolete. Is Austin 90% as good of a long range threat as Matt? I think so. Roth has unbelievable range, but you don't get 4 points for 30-footers. I think Austin will be a bigger, much more complete player.
    + With Terone Johnson graduating North Central, DSR will become more of a point guard. I actually was thinking of the package deal of DSR, HP, and PJ.
    + You're absolutely right about the 13 man roster. Crean doesn't seem to want to bank scholarships. I would hope they add Yogi, my favorite true point, in 2012 to give us 3 guys that can play the one.
    + It hurt me not to start Elston or to not say he'd be averaging a 15/10 every game, as he was my favorite player last year. I probably shorted his minutes, as he can play 3 positions.
    + I do think you're wrong about Capobianco. Yeah, he's a bulldog in there, and he can even step out and hit the 3 (he advanced a long way in the 3-point shooting contest at last year's Hoosier Hysteria). I think he also has the lowest ceiling of our 2009 players, an apt metaphor because the dude is not a great jumper. He will play really crucial minutes in some games where we need a banger but won't see the floor much in others; basically, I think his career will be very similar to his freshman year.

    Most importantly, given your roster or mine, how good is this team? Discuss (or maybe Disqus).

  • JerryCT

    Geezzuzz Bfowler . Is IUlaw10 supposed to be Pierre Fermat when it comes to math ? …………………………..wait a minute ……….maybe You are Pierre Fermat ? Wow

  • JerryCT

    I think at this stage physical skills is what we need to look for. Crean et al will teach the rest. Keep in mind Creek was always reviewed as “let the game come to him” which is a little bit of what I hear you saying.

    My big questions are always ; 1) did he try on defense or look bored and 2) how hard did he fight near the rim.

  • Uncle Joey

    Alex, you posted an intriguing comment on twitter on Mr. Cody Zeller that had me a little confused, and I was hoping you could clarify it. As it is, I'm just not sure how to interpret it…

    InsideTheHall: “If Zeller (as he said) is looking for 1. Top notch facilities; 2. Great business school and 3. Playing time, gotta figure IU is right there.”

    Did Cody actually say these things in an interview, or are you just saying that IF Cody wants these things, then IU is a good fit for him? Because if CZ actually said those 3 points above, then I'm starting to feel really good about his recruitment.

  • Kelin Blab

    Jerry when he was on ball, he tried, off ball, not really interested. Just didn't have any fight, did a lot of ball beggin if you ask me…Like the kid alot but not a good morning…

  • marcusgresham

    I'm a tad under 5'8″ and weigh about 225—I have a low center of gravity

  • marcusgresham

    I see it as wishful thinking that Creek will see his senior year, but I hope you're right. You have no mention of Jeff Howard, either, who may be a bit of a contributor by that time.

  • marcusgresham

    I haven't seen Moore play, but from your description I'm envisioning a bit of Khalid El-Amin (before he got fat.)

  • BFowler

    You know, I went through all the trouble to say that Roth was not included on your roster, then left him off mine. I was goign to say that in my opinion, Roth will end up Ali Faroukamanesh-ing someone at Bradley or Northern Iowa by then. I really think Coach Crean is recruiting over his head. Then I went on to say that Creek would be League bound by then and put him on my roster. I am really not good at disagreeing here. Either way, your point about Etherington is probably spot on.

    We are going to have to agree to disagree about Capo, I just think that given your line-up or mine, he is the only true back-up inside to Zeller (if we land him). Jurkin or Hammons I do not believe will be able to contribute heavily at that point. Elston is not a 5 defender, he just is not bulky enough, so that leaves Zeller, Capo, and Jurkin to defend the post. You have Zeller with 24 mpg and his back-ups with a combined 6 mpg. Unless we go small all the time, there is a disconnect of 10 minutes, which I believe will go to Capo, which will increase his production at 14 mpg. Just my opinion.

    To answer your question about how good they will be, I think there is a lot of potential, but it will all depend on schedule, development and who is on the other teams they play. Weber is pulling down some really good recruits, Painter has done really well (so far), Izzo is Izzo, and Matta will always recruit well. The Big 10(11, 12, whatever) will be formidable for years to come. I would love to tell you I believe that they will win 25 by then, but I hate to speculate at this point.

  • BFowler

    Is it bad that I have no idea who that is?

  • JerryCT

    Pierre de Fermat was the father of modern calculus ……… see what you can learn on this site…………….. it goes far beyond IU basketball

  • lancergolfer

    I live in Warsaw and have watched Nic Moore about a dozen times. He is the real deal and would fit right in at IU. He IS the type of player we want on our Hoosier teams. He will do whatever is asked of him. At Warsaw, if someone else was hot, he would look to dish the ball and feed the hot hand, if everyone else was struggling, he would take the game over. The thing I love abut Nic is he isn't just an outside scorer. He can put the ball on the floor and drive. Defensively, Nic is solid. I went to the Bishop Luers (Deshaun Thomas)- Warsaw game the last three years. The last two years, Nic guarded Thomas for the majority of the game and did a very good job on him. This last year, Thomas only scored 12 points and was visibly frustrated my Nic's aggressive defense. As I have said before, Nic is the type of player we need at IU. He is a great leader and a very good ball player. If he was 4-5 inches taller he would easily be the best player in the state.

  • Kelin Blab

    I find it interesting that Nic Moore gets dinged for being a small guard but Yogi doesn't. Not sure why this is. I like both players and I cannot think of a better fit for IU in the near future than Nic Moore when it comes to leadership, toughness, shooting, and an actual point guard.

  • Yogi is two inches bigger than Moore. And he's also a lot more explosive with the ball.

  • Intellectually dishonest? How so? I’ve watched both players and like Yogi much more as a prospect at the next level. He’s two inches bigger, which is significant when you’re talking about players under 6-feet. And it appears college coaches see it in a similar way as Ferrell has several Big Ten offers and Moore only has Northwestern to this point.

    I have nothing to gain by touting Yogi or any other point guard over Moore, I’m just giving my opinion.

  • BloomIUFAN

    Moore is light years stronger than Yogi! Moore is also a better shooter! So you can take 2 inches and explosiveness as a wash there.

  • Totally disagree.

  • Mwayne

    What part do you disagree with? Your description of Ferrell being a lot more explosive is hyperbole. Kelin's point about height still stands, no pun intended.

    I expect both players to have successful college careers in different ways. But to insinuate that Ferrell is a much superior player is being intellectually dishonest.

  • Intellectually dishonest? How so? I've watched both players and like Yogi much more as a prospect at the next level. He's two inches bigger, which is significant when you're talking about players under 6-feet. And it appears college coaches see it in a similar way as Ferrell has several Big Ten offers and Moore only has Northwestern to this point.

    I have nothing to gain by touting Yogi or any other point guard over Moore, I'm just giving my opinion, but don't come on here and say I'm intellectually dishonest because that's inaccurate.

  • Mwayne

    I have no problem with your opinion. Like you, I have no dog in this fight. I'm not an IU fan but have watched both many times. I just thought you were over the top in describing Ferrell. If you object to anything I wrote it wasn't a personal attack, I'm just giving my opinion.

    It's easy to stand behind cohort lists and rankings as a basis for your debate but the fact of the matter is many high division I colleges are littered with high ranking players that don't pan out. The law of large numbers suggest that several of the in-state kids that everyone is drooling over won't end up being great players, much less good players.

    Conversely, many lower division I colleges have players that weren't highly rated that turned out to be better than higher ranked players, particularly ones that are vertically-challenged. If coaches were so good at identifying talent they would all have good teams.

    Time will tell who ends up being a good player, great player, or a non-factor on the college level. Until then, we'll share our opinions and sometimes debate if we disagree.