• butwhatdoiknow

    Alex, (or anyone else) are there any theories as to why IU is repeatedly passed over for other programs? Don’t bash CTC here..for real, what’s the obstacle and let’s figure out how to remove the obstacle.

  • Uncle Joey

    Can't really blame Gibbs for choosing the Terps. Maryland's starting backcourt graduated this season, so he'll have some immediate playing time up for grabs in the ACC.

    I thought of Gibbs more as a “backup” plan in case J Davis commits elsewhere. With that being said, I think Crean really has to turn up the heat on Davis and get a verbal out of him soon.

    Alex, who else are we looking at for PG's in 2011? Nic Moore, Yogi Ferrell? Anyone I'm missing?

  • FLHoosier

    Not to mention, this IU team got better without picking up a single recruit. We did play the entire B11 season without our best scoring option, Mo Creek. It’s far more important that Christian Wadford is in Cook Hall working out right now than the fact we missed out on a mid-tier recruit or two. We really only need one or two nice players for next year and there are plenty in Indiana, starting with J Davis.

  • marcusgresham

    Would've been nice to get him, but a.) is there room for him; b.) is he better than J-Davis if IU lands him?

  • garyindiana

    they all decide to walk on to UK.

  • eph521

    This program is due for some good news…

  • Kelin Blab

    I wonder what the next headline will be on ITH:

    1. Riley Crean signs with Purdue
    2. David Williams recommits to IU
    3. Matt Carlino recommitts to IU then decomits again
    4. Four …5 star players are rumored to sign with IU and are having a press conference at 3am…then it gets cancelled til 4:15am…… then gets cancelled again…..

  • 3banger

    Only to sign with KY at 4:17am.

  • JerryCT

    I guess I donot understand the negativity going on.

    1) Most kids we offer will not sign with us. We, like most schools, will offer 20 and get 3.

    2) Teague was never thought to be coming to IU so why are we thinking we “lost” him suddenly

    3) McCombs, Wilkins, Abraham , Larson, Yeugette were not going to play much or make a difference anytime soon. ( Gibbs by 2011 might be different )

    4) Given the scholly situation we may be pretty stingy with our promises of PT w kids

    5) Cook Center is now a reality and can be used to recruit

    A person who disagrees will need to give me a 3-guard/wing rotation where any of these kids were going to play.

    Good news to me would be that Pritchard is hitting short jumpers and has a shot fake, or JR is hitting jumpers and FT's or Creek is better than ever or that CW has added 6″ vertical to his leaping , Hulls and Jones are busting through screens …….

  • HoosierDavey

    I think you are right on Jerry. My guess is that these kinds of things have been happening for years, but we just didn't have 24/7 access to the recruiting process. So, everyone online lives and dies by each committment/possibility/rejection, when coaches are probably pretty used to it. Still a LOT of talent in the next few classes, so let's let the process play out and see where we end up.

  • I've heard the former BC recruit Kevin Noreen is now being recruited. Any news on that front?

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    If he was from somewhere in Indiana, I'd be a bit crushed, but he's from NJ and Maryland makes more sense. And just like McCombs (choosing UCF), it's not like Gibbs had it narrowed down to IU and one other school; Florida, Wake Forest, Seton Hall, and Virginia are all good schools, the former two with somewhat recent success, and the latter two with rising young coaches.

    Main point: he's not from IN and he didn't choose UK or Purdue, so I'm okay with losing this one.

  • millzy32


    Build what we have for now and recruit Indiana. Great to have Creek and Watford but recruting Indiana is what has in the past and will in the future help us win. It is INDIANA. That's the beauty. We don't have to go other places to get good recruits. They are in state already. Duke and NC and KY have to go out of state for talent and they love to go to Indiana to get kids. Who better to recruit Indiana than INDIANA.

    Keep 'em in state. I don't care about anyone from Maryland, Alabama, Nigeria, or wherever. If they want to come and they are talented fine let them sign up but for God sakes recruit the state until you are blue in the face and you'll get the best talent in the country year in and year out.

    After all this is “INDIANA”. The movie is “Hoosiers”, it isn't “Tar Heels”, or “Blue Devils” or “Terrapins”.

    Tired of all the May's, Gardner's, Teague's, Oden's, Plumlee's, and Zeller's leaving.

  • eph521

    Some may be negative in their perspective, but shouldn't be… I'm just saying that the program could use some good news given all the 'near misses' lately. I have faith that things will turn around soon.

  • Kelin Blab

    If I try to pinpoint why IU loses some of these recruits and this is just my speculation I have come up with three things….in order.

    1. Winning or lack there of— This is the biggest one and it will cure alot of recruiting problems

    2. NBA players produced recently— I just think this is the 'new thing' with many elite kids who have NBA aspirations and don't expect to be 3-4 year players

    3. Relationships— On some kids Crean got in late, on others kids had stronger ties to other coaches, some kids wanted to stay closer to home with their support system….

    One thing I can say the staff is putting in the effort and I truly truly believe it will pay off and especially if these guys win and next season produce some of those big wins…like Purdue, OSU, Kentucky, where people/players begin to take more notice via ESPN etc….

  • Hoosierfan in TN

    Kelin, It should read Matt Carlino commits to UCLA. I just read it in the star. This is Bizzare! Kids moves from Arizona to Bloomington. De committs to IU then committs to a school closer to his old home. I wasn't sold on Carlino in first place, IU will be fine without him. His loss. Indiana is a great school with rich tradition and now the best Facility in the country, Cook Hall. See ya Matt!!!!

  • garyindiana

    they all decide to walk on to UK.

  • marcusgresham

    I think you could go 3a. on relationships, and add in relationships with other players. How many times does a guy follow a friend/AAU teammate/HS teammate/guy he looked up to who was a few years ahead of him in HS/etc… Just look at Oladipo–I don't remember the kid's name that was connected to him, but IU had some in with him just from the 6 degrees of separation thing. It's like someone (may have been you) said earlier about not having much success with the Lawrence North kids or the Region kids. Get one, he has a good experience, he passes that info on, a pipeline is created like Denny Crum had to New Jersey or Dean Smith had to New York City. That could be one of the best things about Oladipo in the future is a strong connection to DeMatha, which always seems to have about 6 D-I players.

  • cooper

    So I guess we can put to bed those rumors of the big news coming IU's way.

  • marsh21

    Not surprising and quite frankly its consistant news on the IU recruiting front. Crean goes after a lot of kids but I wonder if he truely is vetting them for potential roles, family, playing time, opinions on IU's future etc…..

    We can't just chase everyone because their good as there must be a good fit on all fronts or we will just waste more time. It's too easy to just chase after the next great recruit and you can get caught up in chasing 20 without landing one.

    We're not UK yet! Man that hurts to say those words.

  • PAHoosier

    Just to comment on the ESPN thing, IU was on ESPN a ridiculous amount this year for not being even a mediocre team. Now that's possibly due to the talent of the teams we played, but as far a national exposure last year, IU certainly wasn't lacking considering the current situation.

  • guccimane

    IU should look into Kevin Dillard. He is a former Mr. Illinois basketball who turned down a lot of big time programs to play at SIU. He is transferring now with two years left and could really help us at the point.

  • vslice

    I agree and think IU is in a catch 22. You need good players to win but you need to win in order to attract good players. Many people say that they didnt want these guys anyway….guys like McCombs, Carlino, Gibbs, on and on but actually these guys are a backup plan to Zeller and Davis and other kids that IU really wants. Now with all these less known targets, like Gibbs, signing with other programs it puts a huge emphasis on Davis pulling the trigger. IU is running out of backup plans and knowing that they are already weak at the point guard and center position, Im not seeing much difference between last years team and this years team adding only one year of experience and strength along with VO and Sheehey.

    This is my point, no one is doubting the effort or hours that TC is puts in on the recruiting trail, but effort and hard work isn't getting it done. Kids saying that IU were in there final three or kids saying they were recruited the hardest by TC is getting the job done. Im not sure what its going to take, but we need kids that have no doubt that IU is the place the want and need to be. Thats why Im pulling big time for the E-Man, he has made it clear that IU is the team he wants to play for…..we need kids like that, Davis was close (as it appeared) and now his father tells him to wait and to be patient. Okay, thats fine and dandy, but if my kid knew in his heart where he wanted to play and was going to be a senior, I would tell him to verbal and if something changes you can also decommit. He is obviously waiting for a better opportunity to come along and if and when it does thats when he will make up his mind. IU has been recruiting this kid since he was a freshman, its not like he doesnt know about the program.