• lug

    defensively a nightmare. Video does not show defense. I like him he looks like the guard Tom Crean craves.

  • vslice

    John Beilein has been recruiting this kid really hard. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up signing with Michigan either. I don't know where they are with scholarship's, but I'm sure Beilein would make room for his boy. Honestly I don't know if this is the kid that IU wants. I've seen several videos of this kid and he looks good but Im just not sold on him yet. Maybe we need some MA hype to build him up???

  • Kelin Blab

    I talked to a coaching friend of mine who lost to Park Tudor in the state tourney. I asked him what happened he said….”we did not have an answer to Yogi”
    + His penetration killed us on kick outs…
    + We briefly went man but could not stay in front of him
    + Went back to zone, the kid can shoot it.

    He said the scary part is, he is only a sophmore….

  • spiderman0551

    Wow, this kid is pretty tough. Reminds me of another kid that played at IU at one time, also wore 11. He's got a couple years to get better but he looks good with the ball for sure.

  • A lot to like here. Good handles, can shoot it. Quickest kid on the floor and can get anywhere he wants. Even shoots well off a screen.

  • HoosierSmitty

    This is the first time I've checked out video of Yogi. For some reason my first thought was Tim Hardaway…seems to have a quick move with his dribble… and a decent shot to go with it.

    Would hate to lose an Indiana kid to a Big Ten school…I guess I can tolerate losing a few guys to another conference (we can't get em all) but I don't want to see guys we want going to another Big Ten school….

  • Kelin Blab

    I had the same 'zeke' thoughts…..similar flavor to his game…

  • old Iu fan

    Bet none of the other colleges have a sports bar in town named Yogi!

  • Josh

    I like him, but i just think his size is what will kill him. But if we use screens, he will be tough.

  • zaroot

    Not sure really want to think this kid looks quick but will be look that quick in AAU ball against someone taller and just as quick players? Then we can really see. Graduating from a Indiana High school in 4A ball makes me wonder about this quickness because a 2A school doesn't play against the like of Marquis Teague who is probably just as quick but taller at 6' 2″. If that pull up game he has that gets separation from a taller defender gets more accurate he can make it as a D1 player.

  • Kelin Blab

    Zaroot….you made some good points. I know Park Tudor, plays a pretty tough schedule and not your traditional 2a schedule….playing against the likes of cathedral, broad ripple, and perry meridian. One of the differences in Yogi and a Teague right now is, who makes their team better. While one kid is playing for a state title another kid is waiting til next season. Yogi has been the reason Park Tudor has made this run.

  • zaroot

    Good Point but you can't compare broad ripple cathedral and perry meridian to the likes of Pike's schedule with Bloomington South, North Central, Avon, Lawrence Central, Muncie Central, Carmel, and Lawrence North. Like I said lets wait to see his numbers against other 2011 top talent in the AAU circuit. Which is another reason why AAU has overmatched high school basketball unfortunately.

  • Taskmaster75

    Wow, Purdue vs. Duke. A game where I hope both lose somehow. At least Duke has a coach that I respect.

  • JerryCT

    He reminds me of Scoonie Penn. If nearly as good we could really use him

  • marcusgresham

    Four overtimes and no one could get to 50???????? I'll blame that on Forest Park, because no one in the southwestern part of the state (except for Bosse,) has known what offensive is for about 40 years; I'm sure they were as deliberate as maple syrup.
    He looked like he'd have had about 15 assists if his teammates would have made shots, but I'm a little scared of the height, too. I'm betting he's a beast as an on-ball defender, but you'd have to protect against getting him posted up.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    I shot this video for UMHoops.

    Just an FYI, Park Tudor played a 2-3 zone exclusively in this game, so I didn't put any defense in for that reason. If they played man, and he made any plays that I thought were relevant, then I might have; but as I understand it, they pretty much play that zone all the time (although I could be wrong on that).