Report: Iowa fires Todd Lickliter

  • 03/15/2010 2:40 pm in

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This was rumored during the Big Ten Tourney, and now it seems official: According to Jeff Goodman of FOX Sports, Iowa is parting ways with Todd Lickliter after three seasons.

There are two sides to this one:

Half-full: Anyone else think he got a bit of a raw deal? Sure, Iowa hasn’t done much under his watch. But like the Hoosiers, the Hawkeyes are a very young squad with some promise. They also have a decent recruiting class coming in. The man needs more time.

Half-empty: In three years, Lickliter hasn’t done much to show he can build a winning program there. He didn’t inherit a program in disarray. He just hasn’t gotten it done. Time to move on.

Which side do you fall on?

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  • Stlbam

    Raw Deal! Iowa had more heart than anyone this year given their talent level, which based on the results of the two games was a little better all around than IU’s. Plus aren’t they supposed to have something like a top 25 recruiting class next year. Lickliter just needed more time to get his players to play his system just like Crean needs. Unfortunately for Todd it looks like his administration has a lot less patience than IU’s…..we won’t get into fan patience. Not sure who Iowa has on their radar but unless his name is John Calipari don’t expect to turn things around in the next five or more years since this will realistically set the Iowa rebuilding process back even longer. Who would want to go coach Iowa now? Best of luck to Todd, I’m sure he’ll get a decent gig somewhere. Maybe as an assistant somewhere in the Big 10??

  • jacobdetroy

    I fall on the half-full side. Look at what Steve Alford has done since he left Iowa. With Alford and Lickliter both – two successful coaches in their previous assignments and then little success during their tenure at Iowa. (Little success during Alford's tenure should be read as did not meet expectations) Seems to be saying something about the program and not the coach.

  • walton

    raw deal – unless they have some other amazing coach lined up. I thought Lickliter was a great choice for Iowa when they made it. They weren't in disarray but they weren't in great shape either when he got there. And it's Iowa – I am sure they are not on the top of the list for a lot of prospects and there won't be too many coaches that can change that. He could have definitely been given a couple more years. I bet he really regrets leaving Butler except for the extra change in his pockets now.

  • DJ5

    I won't pretend to know enough about Iowa's team to comment on their progress (although rebuilding Iowa beat rebuilding IU twice). But short of NCAA violations, academic problems, or behavioral issues, I believe that a coach needs at least 5 years to be given a realisic evaluation. Iowa's talent and attendance have been in the bottom quartile of the conference for the past decade, so it's realistic to expect them to finish the same in the standings. I don't believe a new coach in Iowa will improve either area in the immediate future, so they can probaly expect another few years of rebuilding.

  • Big_Tom

    I think this is probably better for Lickliter. He never should have left Butler to go to Iowa in the first place. Iowa doesn't care about basketball…they are a football school. Alford realized he couldn't get any good players to go there so he moved on and he's doing great at New Mexico. I am surprised that Iowa fired Lickliter given that they will have a hard time hiring a better coach. He wasn't given enough time to develop his players. I think you should give a coach at least 4 years, enough time for a recruiting class to graduate, before you really start judging a coach.

  • chitowniufan


  • chitowniufan

    This only proves how difficult it is to coach and recruit in a state where wrestling in tights is the number one sport. Gee, I guess Alford should get a pass now after his dismal time as coach of the Suckeyes. Lickliter was a proven winner at Butler and will succeed elsewhere I am sure. Did anyone else notice New Mexico in the NCAA tourney this year? Steve Alford in year two of his contract. Quite a contrast to Coach Crean's performance in year two of his long, overpaid contract.

  • Kelin Blab

    What? You mean there is news outside of us all waiting on moses to decide. This was a bad firing to me, Iowa has fired two successful coaches, not sure what they want…..

  • Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts


  • iujunebug

    They are streaming the Iowa press conference on

  • Casey

    And the award for well thought out comment of the day goes to……….

  • jaywiz

    Stupid. This is like IU with football coaches in the mid 90's. A coach won't be great immediately. Iowa sucks anyway so what are they expecting? I thought he was a great coach. Don't know why he went to Uof I in the first place though.

  • it's Indiana

    Half full. Iowa pulled the trigger on this too early. More importantly though, we have an assistant coaching position available for Mr. Lickliter right now!

    Begin the rumor…

  • IUDan

    Agree with most of the other comments on here – not sure why this bothers me (I don't give a crap about Iowa), but it does – ANY new coach should get 4 or 5 years (short of unethical/illegal behavior or a serious issue with the direction program is heading). This is IOWA – I'm not sure what they're expecting – very little homegrown talent, what there is they have to fight off Iowa St (not to mention Kansas and other B12/B10 powers) for.

    I'm not sure what they are expecting, but I think any coach would think twice given the short leash Lickliter had. I think he's a good coach who got a raw deal. Too bad.

  • GreatPumpkin

    Have to think four-five years is a more fair period of assessment. They must have someone else already in mind…

  • it's Indiana

    shocker, chitowniufan tries to slam Crean and sounds foolish. That the trend that I “noticed”.

  • GFDave

    Dislike as well. One of those anybody in an IU jersey should win type of comments.

  • GFDave

    They ran Alford off and now have done the same to Lickliter. This is a prime example of how not to do business. Their attitude is: “Win games and maybe we'll come watch, otherwise forget it.”

  • Andrew

    Agree with the general consensus that he got a raw deal. The other side of this is that unless they already know who they want and are sure they can get him, firing a coach after just 3 years might not exactly attract a long list of interested coaches. They've had nothing but turmoil since they got rid of Dr. Tom, who at least made the tournament most seasons. I guess they can file that under “You don't know what you got 'til it's gone.”

  • Didn't Alford make the tournament most seasons, too? I know he won the tournament once, but it seems as though Iowa made it most every year he was there, if I'm remembering correctly.

  • Any good recruits that we could poach?


    If your too stupid to see the difference than no one should take the time to try and explain it to you. Do you have a twin over on the Scoop named 4cells or are you actually one of his schitzo personalities ?

  • msdiu81

    This guy got a raw deal. He beat us twice this year and we need an assistant. Maybe he can help us out. Heck, he did pretty well at Butler.

  • parakeetjones

    I don't think Iowa fans will be happy until Dr. Tom Davis is roaming the sidelines again. Maybe they'll go after Keno from Providence since that is as close as they'll come.

  • garydavid711

    Lickliter can flat out coach. I like to see Hawks find better. Maybe a better recruiter Maybe. They got any bigs we can use?

  • DCdave

    Just to clarity for some like chitowniufan……………..
    Let's not let facts get in the way by calling Iowa a baketball wasteland etc but the FACT is that Dr. Tom Davis was the coach prior to Alford and made the tourney 9/13 years. All 9 of those teams won their first round game in the tourney and 3 of them made the sweet 16.
    I wish Alford the best, loved him at IU but he left Iowa in a worse place than when he started.

  • MikeinNC

    The guy got a raw deal for two reasons: #1 Iowa fans are notoriously fickle and unrealistic about their team. #2 Is that Lickliter inherited an absolute mess from Alford. I lived in Des Moines for 3 years during the Alford regime and it was a real mess. When Stevie got canned, he left a program in disarray and a fan base that was disillusioned and frustrated. They should have given Lickliter 5 years. The problem was that he was facing tons of player defections, and he had no support within the administration or fan base to weather the storm – no one was willing to give him time to start the rebuilding process again.

  • Bryan

    Seems like the more obvious analogy is that Lickliter and Alford both seem to do better at mid-majors than at BCS schools. Easier conference schedules, more reasonable expectations year-in and year-out.

  • Bryan

    Good for us, raw deal for Lickliter. Are there any names being thrown around for this job?

  • valpohistory

    Steve Alford is not coming here.

  • valpohistory

    They have a 6'9 kid but my guess is that since he isn't a high star player, he didn't try to get an out clause in his loi.

  • marsh21

    Too bad for coach Lickliter and another poor administrative decision on behalf of higher ed. Their athletic director should have stood stronger! He would have tuned the prograam with some support and Iowa looks poor at best with this choice.

    I know all about this kind of stuff because I'm a IU fan thus I've been subjected to poor administrative decisions for 10 years now! Good luck Coach and trust me it's for the best as you will land in a better position.

  • Hardwood83

    Sorry, Apples to Oranges. Crean's contract MAY be too long & overpaid, but it is too early to tell. Get back to us in 2-3yrs to evaluate. I dare say no one in the world could have taken over IU in those circumstances and done dramatically better unless they somehow brought 3-4 previously recruited players with them. Considering the timing of the hire that was unlikely. The first year didn't even count. This past season was a trial by fire. Next year should show solid improvement and the 4th year should result in a winning record and post-season tourney success. Expecting more is unrealistic.

  • iowabbfan

    Isn't anyone going to comment on the real problem here? Spell it with me folks: B – A – R – T – A
    He ran Alford off because he would support the BASKETBALL team and their needs, they give every thing to the Football program. I have one thing to say to the next 'coach', make sure you have a detailed contract with BARTA. He is a liar and will do anything to save his own ass and not support his coaches in other sports. PS Under Alford, Iowa won the Big Ten Conference twice!

  • chitowniufan

    If you do not see the sea mediocrity that lays before then you are all blind! What is the purpose of this blog? To voice ones own opinion? Or is that not allowed? You guys are a bunch of homers, keep on drinking the CTC flavored Koolaid.