• valpohistory

    Well, at least he'll help on offense and maybe on rebounding. He looks like he rebounds well because he's taller than everyone else but he looks like he has no nose for the ball on d. Anyone ever seen him play in person?

  • Kelin Blab

    Zeller has some very very good skills to build on and a class of Zeller, Carlino, Etherington, and J.Davis would make me very very happy……..for IU's long term prospects


    Thats what I was thinking. Basically He has 18 months before he would even practice college ball. He can really sharpen his skills in that time.

  • Dwood

    has anyone compared VOs video to this?

  • dphattybrown

    I would love to see Branden Dawson in that class instead of Davis…………………….. But would be happy with davis if that were the case.

  • GFDave

    Zeller can shoot a face up jumper which is a skill in short supply on the current team. He can be a good player and contributor and somebody who creates matchup problems. He may actually learn to be an effective shot blocker from the weak side. But he is not a traditional big man and nobody should expect him to come in and be the center piece of a great team.

  • chitowniufan

    Zeller will will end up at Duke, MSU, or OSU, that will be my guess.

  • tberry

    Surprisingly, I wasn't that impressed. He has a decent mid game but doesn't seem to finish well or get in there and muscle. Much smaller guys were boxing him out pretty easily.

    I think he needs to improve his around the basket skills and toughen up!!! Most of his pint were just because he is soooo much taller. It would be interesting to see him against another good big.

  • iufan10

    Wow how about that free throw stroke? Watched his brother Tyler in high school and he seems to have a very different game. More of a face up 12-15 foot scorer, where his brother was a very dominant low post player. Seems to me like he is a mix between Luke and Tyler but he cuts and slashes better than the other 2 Zellers. From this clip he is a decent passer from the high post, but this could also be attributed to him being taller than everyone else and the ability to see over everyone. It would be very interesting to see him play against taller competition and see how he fairs. I think that he could develop into a pretty nice player but he would really need to put a lot more weight on that frame if he expects to play in the bruising league that is the Big Ten.

  • kentuckyhoosier

    he looks kinda ” raw ” to me , but it appears he has a mid range jumper and can shoot a free throw . Maybe he can eat a few steak dinners and work on posting up in the next few years . Didnt his brother go to UNC or DUKE ?

  • Taskmaster75

    His brother went to UNC, and his other brother went to Notre Dame

  • Uncle Joey

    I've read online that Butler is 'supposedly' leading his list of schools right now.

  • walton

    I have some family in Washington and it's pretty hardcore iu hoosier country down there. I would think that he would have some interest to represent his family and city as an Indiana Hoosier.

  • iufan10

    Initially you would think that, but you would have thought the same about his 2 brothers. Its just not the same as it used to be with representing your home state.

  • aceman07

    I like Plumlee, Carlino, Etherington, & J. Davis or M. Teague! The dream situation would be to have a couple of scholarship players who aren't going to get the PT transfer and get both Zeller, Plumlee, and then Carlino, Etherington, & Teague/Davis!!! Dream . . . dream, dream, dream . . .

  • marcusgresham

    The Legend of Steve Bouchie is pretty big in Washington, too, and he found his way to Bloomington

  • vslice

    I totally agree, it is not at all what it used to be. I can remember when I was a kid everyone that I knew wanted to play for Indiana. I guess I thought that every kid from Indiana thought the same thing. Anymore with the internet and non stop media outlets it seems the world is there backyards. Guess those days are long gone and that's too bad.

  • GFDave

    I think the bros might have had concerns about Davis and Sampson.

  • Jason

    I have seen Zeller play many times and I really hope we do not get this kid. Like many players with older brothers, they always say the youngest is the best but is not the case in this situation. He is nowhere near the talent level of the other two (especially Tyler). I know you are going to say he is only a Junior, but the other two were absolultely dominating by then. They rarely play a team with anyone over 6″ 4' so he should be putting up 30-40 a game like his brother. I really hope we focus somewhere else because he is not the answer

  • Kentc

    That may be the first time I've ever seen a “highlight reel” that actually wasn't loaded with flawless plays. He's got a nice looking stroke.

  • runelord

    Definitely prefer this music to the one on the VO clip

  • Bill

    There is no way Duke or MSU will offer him. He is getting a lot of attention because of Tyler but trust me he is nowhere near where Tyler was at that age. The competition he plays against is equal to middle school AAU tournaments