Oladipo scores career-high 26 in win over No. 1 Gonzaga

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Victor Oladipo isn’t known for putting up a lot of points. But when needed, the IU signee from DeMatha is certainly capable. Such was the case last night as Oladipo scored a career-high 26 in a 73-69 win over No. 1 Gonzaga.

Josh Barr of The Washington Post talked to the 6-4 forward about his performance:

“When my team needs me to score, I can score the basketball,” said Oladipo, who previously had scored 20 points just once in his high school career. “Just because I don’t usually score a lot of points doesn’t mean I can’t score.”

The upset win wrapped up the No. 1 seed in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference for the Stags, who are 25-3 overall and 16-1 in conference.

Update: Video highlights, courtesy of CapitolHoops.com:

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  • marsh21

    This kid could be an impact player for us if he can put some offense up with his athletic ability. Scoring 26 points against the #1 team isn't too bad.

    Can't wait to see you Victor in Assembly Hall!

  • JerryCT

    Having seen him twice he is not the “go to” guy on the team and gets his points by being opportunistic. It doe snot surprise me that in a close, hotly contested game he would shine when the “goto” guys get defended

  • GFDave

    Other links to this game:

    Story of the game: http://www.dcsportsfan.com/article.aspx?aid=3366

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  • Thanks Dave. Good stuff here.

  • spiderman0551

    Sounds like the kid can do about anything with altheticism to go along with a great attitude. I don't care if he scores for us, he can do the other things that aren't getting done. I'll take a Jim Thomas or Winston Morgan type player in every class from here on out.

  • GFDave

    Its Washington Catholic Athletic Conference. Not Western Athletic Conference.

  • Fixed. Thanks.

  • hoosierboy

    He could end up being a huge leader and Great defender. I can see him having as big of an impact on our program as Travis Walton did on Michigan State. He did the little things and was their glue guy on defense.

  • GFDave

    More VO last night. Very high quality video from Capitol Hoops.


  • Daddy

    This is the best video of Victor that I have seen, so I must take it with a grain of salt. However, I think it is unquestionable at this point that he is athletic. If you throw an open lob or alley oop he can make a great play on it. This will be a big aspect of Crean’s offense with great guards and a kid like Victor who can make these plays consistently. He also will get a lot of offensive rebounds in Crean’s system (b/c he will be playing around the paint a lot) and these will lead to points. His athleticism, size, and strength make him a good defender and he definitely brings a lot to our team right away.

    I am excited to see how Sheehey will play a role. He appears to have decent size and to be a smart basketbal player that is pretty good at everything, but not great at anything. These are always good people to have on your team, and I think he will help as well.

    In any case, I will take this time to say sorry Daniel Moore. With these 2 guys and Roth coming back as a purely 3 point specialist you are the odd man out despite all your hardwork.

    I was surprised to see that people were overwhelming surprised by IU’s success this season in the poll. I thought it would at least be half and half. This goes to show that people had way to high of expectations. These cannot be based on past success or prestige of program. We started from scratch. And we lost Creek. And Roth. I thought they exceeded expectations (3 big ten wins, road wins, beating Pitt, etc.). I mean c’mon man!!!!!

    So let me help you for next year:

    Starting 5:


    Off bench (in order):

    Expectations: somewhere around .500 or under in Big 10 and overall.

    If we get some signature wins and make the tourney we are way ahead of schedule.

    If we get Teague or better for the following year, expect us to be above .500 for sure. If not, aim for .500.

    Once Crean’s 1st class is seniors (Verdell), then expect us to start making the tourney again consistently.

    Once Crean’s 1st real class (Creek, Watford) are seniors expect us to make runs in the tourney consistently.

    This is how a logical person would plan it from the beginning, and this is how it is heading towards being played out in reality.

  • MillaRed

    He is already our best finisher. He gets up so quickly. Which is a problem for the current kids around the rim.

    Only Creek has this kind of atheticism but VO looks longer. Glad to have him.

    What a great game. Wow.

  • Uncle Joey

    The kid has crazy hops. For some reason his body/frame reminds me of Jordan Crawford.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think VO would thrive in IU's system (whatever that may be). He moves well without the ball and should do well playing off of Vj3 and Creek. Sheehey seems to be the same type of player. Can't wait to see the dunk contest between those two and MOSES next year during midnight madness.

  • jacobdetroy

    VO looks great in this video and his athleticism is superior in a game full of excellent athletes, however; this is not a college game, nor are these all college athletes, or the pace of a college game. There will need to be space created for VO to adjust to a totally different game next year where it is unlikely that he will look so advanced measured against his peers. VO will help but IU fans must continue to exercise patience. This thing (i.e. program) is turning around but there is still more work to be done. Moses, here we come . . .

  • Daddy

    Thanks. I was a little hesitant on saying Pritchard – that may have been more of wishful thinking. I keep hearing he is a beast in practice, but I want to see it on the floor. Hopefully, he is better adjusted to his new role on the team next year and can contribute how we need him too. I think there is a good shot Elston or Capo pass him, and I hope with all my heart it is Elston. He is my biggest disappointment this season. At the beginning, I pegged him as the surprise of the class… maybe and NBA’er, man now I think I am wrong. Capo has exceeded expectations and I think he might actually get the nod, b/c of his work ethic.

    I hope we get another big. I am also curios as to Bawa’s situation. He is obviously head and heels above Tijan athletically, so I don’t see why Tijan gets the minutes…. Maybe Tom Crean is kind of being nice, but I would like to see Bawa get some more minutes as the season winds down…. give him something to have in mind during all those summer workouts. No hard feelings Tijan, enjoy the education and experience you had, and you seem like a good guy…. but I sincerely don’t think you would make too many H.S. teams with your skills….. at least not your sophomore year.

    Also, I respect Finklemeir for sticking it out. He obviously has a love for the game and the university, putting in the time on this team where he gets no minutes. But it is funny to think about how bad Sampson’s teams GPA would have been without Brett. How many NCAA teams have a kid like this to boost their rankings… me and the General would like to know.

  • J mac

    I have watched Victor play on tv a couple of times. He looked good in those games. He looked outstanding in this video clip. His hops are even better than I thought. At first I was a little concerned about his outside shot, but now I see that he does so much more and will be a very exciting player to watch. I would watch him next year even if I wasn't an IU fan. That is just the type of player we need.

  • Kelin Blab

    Good video….

    Victor Oladipo…High Energy, Bouncy, and a finisher…and I stress the finisher….love it.

  • Kelin Blab

    J Mac….. he is the type of player you just wait for one of those 'moments' a tip slam, a steal and dunk….I cannot even think of how many times this year IU needed an energy play and didn't get it. Have not seen an alley oop in two years….


    I was thinking the same thing… I think its the slight hunch back and long arms.. Dude can flat jump outta the gym.


    Great analysis.. Peeps just dont have the patience me and you have! I do see one thing I hope that is either fixed or erased by next year. Tom Pritchard. Pritch isnt getting better. Its obvious. Im sure during the off season Capo and Elston will surpass him. Moses or Yeguete hopefully will be on the squad also.

  • CutterInChicago

    Watched the video. These teams are clearly loaded with athletes and VO was impressive. That said, the video did not highlight a lot of defense – which is probably not unusual since, well, that would not make for a “good” video to watch for the viewers at home. Seems pretty clear that VO is going to bring a lot of athleticism to the Hoosiers next year. If we were to land a big guy to go with him (I'm talking to you Moses Abraham…) and Sheehey, that would really be a nice class and presumably a good fit with what is returning.

  • GFDave

    The MoAb visit is really intriguing. He's coming out on Mar 6th and his guardian says he wants to make his decision by Mar 7th. So what's the deal? Is he going to Btown thinking that if everything looks good he's going to announce for IU on the spot? And if he doesn't like the situation, he goes home and announces for somebody else the next day? That seems the most likely scenario to me. What am I missing?

  • That sounds great, but if it were the case, only question is how did Crean possibly make up enough ground to basically be the leader in barely a week? Maybe he's the only head coach to actually pay a visit, that is something that can leave an impression.

    I don't know, I guess I'm just trying to not get too excited until we start landing some of these guys.

  • coachv

    this kid is going to be a star. he's already a better athlete than anyone on our roster, and that includes creek. i don't know why people are comparing him to crawford, morgan, jim thomas and any other skinny kid that come to iu. this guy is thick. ncaa ready body. first time i've seen him shoot from outside and that looked fine. how about that catch and score at the 3:00 mark of that video?! i had to watch it 5 times! more nba potential than anyone we have now.

    sheehy, i'm not so sure about. i don't think he'll help next year.

  • MillaRed

    Needless to say, after the last month this team sure could use a shot in the arm. Getting a skilled big like this is just what the doctor ordered.

    The season has just been strange enough for something like this to happen.

    For Crean's sake, I hope it does.

  • GFDave

    Good MoAb story here:


    This advisor guy seems to have a lot of D1 kids.

  • HoosierChan77

    VO will be a great player @ IU in his own right….I myself am very high on this kid….I think he will explode on the seen as a true fresh!!!!!

  • tmeaster

    I think Travis Walton would be a good comparison. Hopefully he can have as big an impact as Walton did at MSU.

  • kesims

    Not be a downer and I hope you are right and I am wrong but my guess is that he already has his mind made up (prob Georgetown b/c its close to his “advisor” and thats the way it sounds from the article dave posted)but he wants to go to Indiana first and make sure hes made the right decision. Here's to hoping the students are creative and have a ton of different chants and posters for Moses when he gets here. I really think if they go all out and have alot of signs and keep chanting his name over for 2 hours then we might have chance of making this guy feel like he will be a superstar here and that he could really be the savior for iu bball.