Yeah, um, don’t expect Bob Knight to show up to the HOF ceremony

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bobknightRemember Friday when I surmised that maybe, just maybe, this olive branch extended by the alumni might have healed the last wound standing between Bob Knight and IU? Yeah, about that.

“The Indiana University administration recently made a public announcement on a very private issue that I was being sent a check for $75,000 from alumni donations to cover expenses I incurred as an employee at Indiana University,” Knight said in a statement. “Indiana University has refused for nine years to take care of their obligation in this matter. I did not know until [Monday] that this check was sent to my attorney. Upon finding out about it, I immediately gave him instructions to send the check back.

“In all the years I coached at Indiana and elsewhere, I never accepted a thing from alumni and I don’t intend to start now,” Knight said in the statement. “This issue is with the university, not with the alumni.”

[ … ]

“It would be amazing what this university’s legal office has spent over the past nine years avoiding this obligation as well as paying off all the broken athletic contracts they have made,” Knight said in the statement.

Did anyone else envision steam coming out of his ears as you read that? This does not sound like a man that’s coming back to IU with open arms on Nov. 6 for his Hall of Fame induction.  As some of you rightly guessed, the money gesture seems to have backfired. (Even if the alumni claim it had nothing to do with the upcoming HOF ceremony.) You can’t buy Bob Knight; if the man ever steps foot inside Assembly Hall again, it’s going to be on his terms.

So yeah, as Alex said on Friday, if Knight doesn’t want to come back, then so be it. We can look back fondly on what he did for the Hoosiers, how during his tenure he made this program into one of the elite ones in all of college basketball. He’s arguably the best college hoops coach of all-time. But it’s time to move on for now, and maybe for good. There’s no reason to beg a guy back that has no interest in doing so; it only makes IU look weak at this point.

I commend Fred Glass for inviting Knight to the ceremony. I wish things would have turned out different. (How awesome would it have been for Knight to be back inside Assembly Hall?) But Knight continues to hold all the cards. And until he decides the time is right to return — which will likely never happen — don’t expect him anywhere near Bloomington, Indiana.

But Tom Crean is here. The freshman are here. The new practice facility is (almost) here. We have plenty to look forward to, and new moments and legacies to create. And Bob Knight will have no part of any of that.

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  • Name

    Good by Bob…talk about holding a grudge to the nth the degree …jeez!
    (May be wrong on this but, I highly doubt he can honestly say that he never accepted anything from any alumni as those ‘donations’ are used in a great many ways to benefit the sports programs)

    I will enjoy the upcoming season without losing a bit of sleep over this.
    IU tried…all they can do!!

  • newsland

    This just in: Bob Knight is still an a**.

    For the better part of 40 years, the vast majority of IU fans have put up with Knight’s bullying and at times embarrassing behavior because he won. Knight has seldom returned their love – even over the past eight years when most have defended him and demonized the late Myles Brand and the adminstration for having the guts to stand up to Knight.

    Well, everyone involved in that epsiode is gone. Tom Crean and the current administration have bent in two to embrace IU tradition abd its former players. Selecting Knight for the IU Hsll of Fame was the right thing to do, and the invitation was extended in a way that would have allowed everyone to win.

    Unfortunately,Knight once again seems intent on proving he doesn’t have a gracious bone in his body. First, he doesn’t even respond to Fred Glass’ invitation. Then he burns the olive branch extended to him and throw it back at the alumni, proving once again that for Knight it’s either his way or no way at all.

    This year’s Hall of Fame celebration stands to be a memorable one with Jerry Yeagley and Steve Downing – two men who exmemplify Hoosier pride – highighting the evening.

    I hope we celebrate those who show up and don’t spend the evening whining about the on who couldn’t be bothered.

  • Too bad. I hoped Knight would take the high road, and come back for those who appreciated the good things he accomplished. And I still do hope that he does, someday, let the Hoosiers appreciate him.

    But there will be former Hoosier coach who won six championships with nothing but class at the ceremony. Jerry Yeagley thoroughly deserves to be there with Bell, Counsilman, Billingsley, and all the other great coaches who dominated their sports in the IU Hall of Fame. Even though he’s been under-appreciated, I’m actually kinda glad Jerry Yeagley won’t be sharing the spotlight with Knight.

  • peaychris

    yea this definitely sucks… i know if i ever got fired from the job i worked at forever and dedicated my life to i wouldn't want to come back, even if it was to receive an award… but this is different… i wish a bunch of fans would ask him to come back just one last time for the fans, and not for the institution.

  • msdiu81

    Ok, so can we move on now? This issue seems to be settled. Thanks for everything coach and best to you in the future. Now it's time for IU fans to move on, accept what we have, embrace it and cheer on the Hoosiers! Crean is the coach and let's support him! The Knight saga should end here and now.

  • illinoishoosier

    Coach Knight will always be a standout figure at IU basketball! I would have loved to hear what he would have said, but I definitely love hearing Coach Crean speak as well. The next chapter is here and hopefully it will hold more than 3 national championships.


  • GFDave

    If you read my post on HT blog, don't read this, its the same:

    First, according to what I read, Knight’s attorney’s were involved in this negotiation. Is he saying that his attorney’s accept deals on his behalf without his knowledge, or is he just angry that the deal came to light?

    Second, accepting money from alumni at this point is a false morality as he isn’t subject to NCAA rules. Does he think this university operates without alumni support? Should other entities in the university not take alumni donations? If not, why not?

    Third, IU tries to extend the olive branch but he take shots at us. Again.

    Fourth, he’s not coming to the HOF induction. Time to move on. For good.

  • tberry

    I think Bobby should look at the bigger picture. Whatever IU has or has not done the IU fans have for the most part stuck by him. He needs to reciprocate our love and do his part to make the differences part of the past.

    If he doesn't he will lose the support of the fans , then who cares what Knight is doing or thinking!!!

    Bobby, Get your **** together. Time is running out!!!

  • Name

    why doesn't everyone finnaly realize that RMK does not care at all about the fans of IU or anyone involved with the university?? he has not changed at all ,except to be more self absorbed ,and is interested in only his self promotion as always.Probably the only way he comes back is if IU would lower itself to hire his “favorite IU player of all time” that thought makes me sick
    Anyway, i have been a fan from the 60's and will continue with my support as always. RMK was great for the University BB program but those days are gone, let”s move on and support our present coach and players. I am so tired of this topic——-RMK does not care about us, let the divorce RIP. the more people want him to come back, the more he will enjoy sticking it to them. just quit talking about him and move on.

  • HoosierFanIU27

    Forget Knight

  • HoosierDavey

    Now, we just need ESPN Game Day to come back to town in a couple years and see if he “stiffs” us again…that will make him look even lamer than he does today. I hate that we have had to endure so much disappointment in the wake of his tenure, but this makes me even more glad that a change was made. Thanks for the banners, the legendary players, and the wins Bob…the end. Now, let's keep on moving on without him. Man, am I looking forward to Crean and the Hoosiers to tip off!

  • Bryan

    Well, Knight's childish behavior over all of this may have inadvertently spared us from a Michael Jordan-esque hall of fame speech. Not sure which is worse for the school, that he won't reconcile and show up, or what is acceptance speech was probably going to be like if he had.

    I enjoyed the many teams he put together over the years, but I think I might finally be done with caring if the guy ever comes back. If he grows up, great, otherwise, the past is past. Time to move on.

  • jgongora86

    What a baby. I remember when one of my friends worked in a pizza shop. Knight came over, and she and the staff thought it would be cool idea if they placed the pepperoni in the shape of the IU logo. Knight got up and screamed his ass off at their direction for not treating him like any other person.
    He's a jerk . I'm shocked that he hasn't received a heart attack for being so angry over so many little things.

  • Nate

    Schmuck. Nobody left at IU had anything to do with what happened 10 years ago. If he can’t forget about it and move on then forget him. His loss. He’s got thousands of fans waiting to embrace him with open arms and he chooses to be an a**. Oh Well.

    Coach Crean will be there when we induct him in 30 years!

  • richkeck

    My Dad and I are Alums and our car dealership provided Bob Knight a free car for 29 years, so his comments seem hypocritical to me

  • Bored_in_the_Offseason

    Good, let us finally put this to bed. The man was a fantastic basketball coach, but that seems to be where the buck stops. Tom Crean and Fred Glass did the right thing, but its time to move on, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see the majority of Hoosier fans, on this blog at least, all on the same page. The man has no bearing on the future of this program and so, at least in my opinion, this first attempt should be the last. Tom Crean and his staff bring too much excitement and hope to this program to bogged down by a begrudging old man.

  • Hardwood83

    I like Knight and think his return would be a win for everyone….but as others have mentioned IU has tried to do the right thing- it's on RMK now. This just confirms what many suspected: he is petty and self-centered to an extreme degree.

  • JerryCT

    As I predicted in an earlier post I am not surprised the $ pissed him off. His entire point is not about money……………but about the university. If IU wants him back both sides need to quit playing these child games and get down to the real issues.

    I am not blaming IU or RMK but it smells like lawyers who have their egos involved and cannot find a process for reconciliation. I really donot see what the university has to lose by reconciling with him. But RMK however has his principles to lose, whatever they are, that he tenaciously holds to.

    I feel the fans, TC, current players, the AD, the program and its legacy are all victims in this childish game.

  • Name


    It seems like you are the one on here who gets RMK's point. I disagree with his style, but it's obviously not about the money for him. He felt disrespected that the university didn't extend the olive branch, it was the alumni.

  • JerryCT

    Lets just assume RMK's version is accurate for a minute:

    a) it is a “very private matter”
    b) but IU Admin makes a “public announcement”
    c) IU has refused to face its obligations for 9 years
    d) But alumni ( not IU ) attempts a payment to resolve it
    e) Enabling IU Admin and its lawyers to duck its obligations again
    ==> THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL MISTAKE in the entire saga

    If this version is accurate then the principle of the matter is pretty clear. RMK is trying to hold IU Admin responsible for something he believes is their duty , NOT the alumni's duty. To him an alumni “bribe” is not an answer for him or for any coach at IU now or in the future…………whatever this private matter is.

  • GFDave

    Knight can never acknowledge his mistakes so I'm not willing to take his word for the events. His descriptions of the activities he's involved in are heavily weighted toward his view. I'm not saying he's a liar, only that his vision is extraordinarily myopic and biased.

    Did IU make a public announcement, or were they obligated to do so by a FOI request from the Herald Times?

    It is not a bribe anymore than an alumni donation to the music school to secure the chair of a professor is a bribe.

    Knight committed a misdemeanor assault. In your work place is your company responsible to defend assaults committed by its workers? No.