Q & A: North Central’s D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera

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smithrivera052009_optAfter speculation that he wouldn’t attend Friday’s Hoosier Hysteria, 2012 Indianapolis North Central guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera made it to Bloomington this weekend for the kickoff of the 2009-2010 season and Indiana’s 27-14 homecoming football win over Illinois.

Smith-Rivera averaged 15.4 ppg, 4.8 rpg and 3 apg as a freshman and is rated the No. 12 prospect nationally in his class by ESPN. Inside the Hall caught up with Smith-Rivera Sunday evening for a brief Q & A:

On his Hoosier Hysteria plans:

I was going to go the whole time. Early in the week me and my parents were talking about going to camp down in Atlanta, but we just decided to come down to IU.

On the atmosphere of this year’s Hoosier Hysteria versus last year’s:

The atmopshere was great. Last year it was very intense and this year they came back with even more fire. They called out my school, so I was pretty happy to hear that.

On his relationship with AAU teammates Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin, who also attended:

We all are pretty close. Another guy that was with us is Kenny Kaminski who also came down to Hoosier Hysteria and went to the football game the next day. We all are pretty close. We played down at adidas Nations together. We just hung out and created an even better bond between each other.

On what he learned from Saturday’s open practice at Assembly Hall:

Just how hard they work. You can really see that they want to get better and they want to become a better team. They’re all about winning games and whatever it takes to get the job done, that’s what they’re gonna do.

On new schools that have recently expressed interest:

Georgetown has been to my school to watch me play a few times. North Carolina has been to North Central to talk to my coach a couple of times. That’s pretty much the newest schools in my recruitment right now.

On where Indiana stands in his recruitment:

Right now I don’t have an exact list, but right now IU is still pretty high up there with the rest of the schools.

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  • stevealford

    DSR is the must get of the 2012 class , would also love to get Patterson and Hammons.

  • Hoosiers1111

    Gotta get this kid to IU!


    At this point if CTC would like to have him in the cream and crimson that is good enough for me besides he appears to be the real deal or as much of a real deal as one can be at his age. Hopefully as CTC's relentless recruiting starts showing more results it will be a no brainer for DSR as to where he wants to be playing at. Who knows by the time that he makes up his mind it might not even be that big of a deal if he goes somewhere else but it never hurts to have a talented in state kid like him to tell all the other big names that come calling no thanks I'm staying home and playing for the cream and crimson. With the kind of talent that he seems to have and will have it makes a statement when you can keep that kind of in state talent at home and not lose it to Duke or NC and it's bad enough losing superior talent to UL but even worse to that other team in KY. You know the ones that call themselves things like student athletes, amatuers and unpaid rule sticklers as well as other unbelievable things that they are clearly not. Coach Cal a few words, of advice keep the bail bondsmen and attorneys close by and on speed dial for your players AND yourself. Well since I'm only stating the obvious and this is not a who do hate the most site I'll stop now. I'm not saying don't go after the 4 & 5 star out of state players but that if we can keep most of the exceptional in state talent at home it will only make our rise back to the top that much sweeter.

  • GFDave

    So far so good. Its a long time to 2012 but I like it that Crean has traction with this class.

  • BFowler

    Is it just me, or does this seem like the “make-or-break” year for the Hoosiers. I do not mean that they will make the NCAA tournament or anything, but I think recruits are looking at this season as the one where they want to see if the players develop, if Crean's system will fit their style (now that there are horses to run here), and if this system wins. All the recruits know that the real spotlight is not on them until March, late March on CBS. It just seems like if the team takes positive steps, makes some noise on a national stage (like Pitt in the Garden, or against Kentucky on CBS), finishes higher than expected in the Big 10(11), and then makes a national tournament of some kind, this team will make the program for years to come.

  • JerryCT

    Your “make or break” is interesting idea but i think it is largely emotional caused by your deep desire to see us win. In no way is it really 'make or break” except perhaps in short run recruiting. We are actually into year one of the TC era as we have his 1st year of recruits as IU coach. I consider last year's recruiting was largely as a Marquette coach.

    We have tons of excuses ( kind of like a loss carry forward in business ) to use up before we get to make or break

  • I would agree. IU seems to be the school to beat at this point for DSR.

  • GFDave

    I see your point to a degree. If we play well and the kids get better this year then recruits will have less hesitation. Our signings for 2011, 2012 will thus be good, giving us the chance to shorten the recovery. But I think the recovery is going to occur either way.

  • BFowler

    I will agree that I would love to see this team do well, and I would hope the recruits would follow. I was trying to make the point that with the kids on the radar (class of 2010, 2011, 2012), it was make-or-break. The Kyrie Irving thing sticks out in my mind and I think other recruits are taking the wait-and-see approach or the “they won't be there when I am going to be there” approach. I agree (GFDave) the recovery is coming eventually, but I was more specifically talking about the next couple of classes.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think DSR is IU's to lose, they have been on him since day 1 and he would be a good fit. The North Central connection is a big help, we just have to be patient, he is only a soph…..

  • JerryCT

    I keep praying that TC can create a “DUKE” type “brand”……ie good students, citizens and winning teams plus championships. Most important to me is to be proud of the team. I hope TC's standards never allow us to recruit bad attitudes no matter how many championships it costs.

    Yesterday UCONN's best DB on the football team was murdered at a dance on campus. This is the kind of stuff I hope never to hear about at IU.

  • tberry

    “IU is still pretty high up there with the rest of the schools.“

    Doesn't sound like anyone is pulling away but no one is falling behind either. Nice general answer that doesn't hurt anyone.

    Hope IU is really ahead but who knows.?

  • GFDave


  • GFDave

    Two really good Dakich interviews today: Fisch and Crean. Crean alludes to the Morgan visit and also has interesting comments about Lynch and IU football:


  • GFDave

    Have you seen DSR in person? How would you compare him to Patterson? Strengths? Weaknesses?

  • I've watched both of them a couple times. DSR is a lot more advanced physically. He's excellent at getting into the lane and getting to the line and can also knock it down from outside.

    Patterson is more of a slasher at this point and needs to work on his outside shot, but is extremely athletic.

  • Thanks for passing that along. Added the link to the Crean audio to the Twitter feed.

  • BGleas

    Definitely agree with you on this Jerry. There's no reason IU can't have supremely talented teams and high character, good citizens that play hard. It's all about picking the right guys.

  • BGleas

    I gotta fix that avatar, thanks for heads up on that in the other thread Alex!

  • hoosierodi

    I came all the way from Atlanta to see Hoosier Hysteria. I also went to the first practice. I am only 15 and will be in the same class as DSR. Maybe I could be a manager, but I saw him at practice along with other recruits and he seemed to be the most entertained with the practice watching everything closely and clapping after good plays. I think IU has a good chance to get'em