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When Indiana fans packed Assembly Hall Friday night for the kick off of the 2009-2010 men’s basketball season, most probably weren’t expecting the following events to transpire: The return of the mop lady. A delivery of a sub by Subway spokesman Jared Fogle. A scrimmage against Straight No Chaser. A heart felt mention and hug from Tom Crean for Wes Hovis, an 82-year old fan recently diagnosed with stomach cancer.  And an appearance by key 2012 North Central recruit D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera in the north end bleachers.

Let’s have a rundown of the night that was Hoosier Hysteria, shall we?

+ Martha the cleaning lady is back: Well, not the original Martha. But a suitable replacement. One of the evenings loudest ovations went to Sheila Stephen, who Crean gave credit to the wife of former Herald-Times sports editor Bob Hammel for helping bring to Hysteria.

+ Bring in the sub for Straight No Chaser: In the midst of a scrimmage between the team and Bloomington based a cappella group Straight No Chaser, Crean called for a sub. (Straight No Chaser won, by the way.) Jared Fogle, everyone’s favorite Subway spokesperson, was happy to oblige and met Crean decked out in Indiana gear with a sub in hand.

+ Meet Wes Hovis: The most memorable moment of the night was Crean’s comments about 82-year old Muncie resident Wes Hovis. Despite recently being diagnosed with stomach cancer and asked by his doctor not to attend Friday’s festivities, Hovis showed up and Crean told his story which drew a large round of applause. “Wes Hovis is in this building with the program that he loves,” Crean explained. “And that is why it’s Indiana, Wes, that’s why it’s Indiana.”

+ 3-point shootout, dunk contest and scrimmage results: Matt Roth took the 3-point shootout and walk-on Steven Gambles won the dunk contest. The red team, led by 10 points from Devan Dumes, edged the white team 22-21 in a 15-minute scrimmage. There wasn’t much flow and not a lot was learned from what was essentially a pick-up game. If anyone stood out, it was Dumes, Verdell Jones and Jeremiah Rivers.

+ Recruits, recruits, recruits: Here’s a list of recruits that attended based on what I saw and reports from the Herald-Times, Hoosier Nation, The Indiana Daily Student and Peegs:

  • 2010: Victor Oladipo
  • 2011: Austin Etherington, Matt Carlino, Spencer Turner
  • 2012: D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Hanner Perea, Kenny Kaminski, Jared Drew, Jeremy Hollowell, Kellen Dunham, Kellon Thomas, Peter Jurkin, Ron Patterson
  • 2013: Darryl Baker, Darryl Hicks

+ Open practice: There will be an open practice at 4PM today at Assembly Hall.

+ Announced attendance: The crowd, based on an estimate because tickets were not sold, was 13,321.

+ Video: A few clips from the scrimmage filmed by yours truly and player introductions and Crean speech are available below from IU Athletics:

Hoosier Hysteria Scrimmage Footage from Inside The Hall on Vimeo.

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  • GFDave

    The Wes Hovis introduction was very heart-warming and tender. It was obviously a great moment for Wes. Best wishes to him.

  • Albino85

    I think that the player that stood out the most in the scrimmage was Christian Watford. He was definitely the player who was hustling the most. Multiple times he grabbed offensive rebounds and took the ball strong to the hoop. He obviously needs to work on his mid-range jump shot, but he did show he can be an aggressive slasher who will get to the free throw line and earn us extra possessions this year. I think he will be a vital part of the offense.

  • JerryCT

    Let's see, Dumes got 1/2 of the winning teams points and the game was sloppy. Neither surprise me especially if sloppy play came from the guy he guards.

    I understand the problem with his nastiness does not endear him to fans but I cannot understand why so many do not respect and appreciate Dumes's game ……….. ie ” he should come off the bench”, ” Creek should start”, ” not the player I want at IU ” blah, blah, blah etc.

    Untill proven otherwise he is in fact our best offensive player, one of our best on defense , our most tenacious competitor, most experienced in college games and in no way is he sitting on the bench unless he has to.

  • GFDave

    I agree with your take. But I also think he has farily good fan support . When he was introduced last night the crowd let out a long and loud “DOOOOOOOMUS”.

    If some new incident occurs then there might be reason to get down on him, but I see what happened last year as a product of immaturity (which can be cured) and frustration over losing so much. In retrospect its surprising we didn't see more things come out of the players (slammed balls, arguing with refs, etc).

  • aerialM

    ah…wish I could've been there. Wait: Gambles won the dunk contest?!?

  • coachv

    everyone is talking about the mop lady tradition. am i missing something? since when does an advertisement for an insurance company become a time honored tradition at my alma mater? there was no mop lady when i went to iu (granted, a long time ago). was there a mop lady in the 50's or 60's that i don't know about? it's quaint, but….

    maybe somebody can fill me in.

  • BFowler

    When I was growing up watching Indiana basketball on WTTV-4 on an old 13″ black & white TV, Martha would let you know the game was about to come on (yes, it was a way for the sponsor to let you know who was sponsoring), but that is how you knew it was game time. She sang “Indiana, Our Indiana” and Chuck Marlowe would start talking about Bob Knight's team and who they were playing that night. It isn't about a tradition at the arena or on campus, it was what brought those of us who were not lucky enough to go to the games and hear the band play for ourselves be part of the game. In a way, she was like those of us at home – not really inside the hall, but because we had enthusiasm and a tv set, in some small way, we were all there singing right along with that janitor. I go to You Tube and watch that video before every game I can, because of the great memories of how I became an IU fan started. To me, it is part of the lore of Indiana basketball as much as candy stripe pants, 5 championship banners swaying in the hall, Bob Knight, Steve Alford, Calbert Cheaney, DJ White, and Quinn Buckner's sideburns. That sanitation specialist cleaning a corridor makes me as excited as it did 24 years ago when I first started watching games.

  • SlightOfHand

    just wanted to say thanks from Madison Indiana for the outstanding coverage from Hoosier Hysteria!!!

  • cooper

    agreed, people have to realize its not the 1980's anymore and the game has changed. the game is much tougher and you have to have tough players. Dumes was one of the few last year not intimidated. He may shoot too much at times but he brings toughness and attitude. Hope he plays quite a bit

  • Kelin Blab

    My Hoosier Hysteria observations…..

    1. The conditioning programs has worked for Hulls, VJ3, Elston, and Bobby C.
    2. Did not know Bobby C could shoot it, He will for Crean to find him time this year.
    3. The Crowd was good, somewhat reserved to me, did not hear any recruit chants……
    4. Roth can shoot it, Hulls can shoot it
    5. Jeremiah Rivers will be worth some wins….a BIG 6'5 point guard who can defend, John Wall better watch out at KY….
    6. Bawa and Tijan are two bid dudes, that I hope they give some good defensive minutes
    7. Wateford is very smooth on the court, not very big, but smooth.
    8. Mo Creek is Etwan Moore's first cousin, same build, similar game.
    9. Elston is forming this billy bad ass look with the arm tat, the long 'goat' tee…..love it…Purdue will hate him
    10. We will be far more competitive this year, would not be surprised if we got into the NIT.
    11. DSR WILL be a Hoosier…had every reason and opportunity to skip HH but didn't.
    12. Crean is a constant recruiter


    Just one fan's observations

    1) Came away from the Derby Hoops Classic in Louisville with a better feel about Hulls and then came away last night even more impressed with him. He doesn't seem to do anything incredibly well but rather does a whole lot of things really well and seems to have the desire and will to continue to get better in all aspects of his game. I guess I just had not seen him play enough before. Believe he will help us more each time I see him play.
    2) Have a stronger feeling that Rivers can & will give us alot of what we were missing last year at PG. Espically factoring in that, I believe, he was slowed somewhat by an injury last night.
    3) Granted it was a 15 clock running scrimmage but Dumes still seems to want to drive into traffic when there is not really anything there. Having said that I also still think he is a big contributor this season but may see his minutes shorten as the season goes on.
    4) Thought the crowd for the most part was rather subdued. No recruit chants even after Crean made it a point to tell the crowd at one point not to forget them and to show them some love.
    5) Years from now when Crean does something like he done last night with the 82 year old cancer patient Wes Hovis we will we will still say “wow what a neat thing to do” and but then simply say “well that is vintage Tom Crean”
    6) Waterford showed some flashes of what should become something very special not too far down the cream and crimson road.
    7) Bobby C looked like he has been putting some serious gym time in on his outside jumper.
    8) If the rest of Matt Roth's game ever catches up with his shot he will also become a big part of putting us back where we belong.

    Oh, and to BFowler I know I'm dating myself here but all I can say is……………DITTO !!!! 100%

  • BGleas

    Jerry, I'm not anti Dumes, I just think if Creek can “legitimately” beat him out, then IU is in a much better position than we are thinking. If a hyped incoming freshmen beats Dumes out based purely on skill, not potential, then we're in for a larger jump this year than we expect, because we know Dumes can play, and would be an excellent 6th man if legitimately forced to the bench,

  • Looks like your avatar might have been lost. Might want to upload it again.

  • GFDave

    I had avatar problem earlier

  • I was at hoosier hysteria also. I was very impressed by Bobby C's Shooting ability for his size. I really like this kid and feel he will be more of a player than we all anticipated him to be. Roth can stroke it. I was very impressed. Tom Crean was in his head for several of his first shots but still managed to hit 21 threes in one segment of the 3 point contest. Hulls shot is ugly but somehow finds a way to connect. He didn't complete many fancy passes but showed that he has the ability to be the best passer in hoosier history. Tijian and Bawa were very entertaining. I think they may have problems understanding english wich may hurt Bawa's development, but if they can get him power dunks down low with out dribbling he could be a threat. Watford and Creek didn't do a whole lot really, but I honestly believe there nerves kicked in once they saw 13,000 people in the stands. Those 13000 people were somewhat quiet. I was kind of disappointed with that. If we are going to make the effort to get there and be a part of IU basketball we need to show the team and the recruits that we are very much involved in supporting our program. Rivers was impressive. He wasn't even 100% but I think he is going to be huge in reviving the program. Although regarded for his defense, I think you will see an offensive show case from him this year. Overall it was mostly just fun. I don't think anyone was out there playing 100%. Even though Mo Creek didn't do much, you could almost tell by his movements that he was going to be a go to guy. Verdell and Pritchard were pretty quiet also. It will be very interesting to see how this team gels togethers in the early games. I would agree that they may be in contention for an NIT bid. Also, I'm not a big fan of a three gaurd lineup but it may not be a bad option for IU this year.
    PG: Rivers
    SG: Dumes
    SF: Verdell
    PF: Watford
    C: Pritchard

    team two or first reserves
    PG: Hulls
    SG: Roth
    SF: Eltson
    PF: Capo
    C: Bawa

  • JerryCT

    So Creek does not play ? HHmmmmmmmmmmm. I think you replace Bawa w Creek on team 2. Personally I would not play Hulls at PG w/o Dumes or VJ3 in the game at the same time especially early in the year

  • DavidB

    I'm with BFowler and the moplady. I didn't grow up in Bloomington either so I didn't go to games, but I remember watching on a 13″ black & white too and when the mop lady came on you knew the Hoosiers were to follow shortly! Going to that YouTube clip brought instant chills! It would be the same if all of a sudden we started hearing “Stevie Shoot a 3-Pointer” on the radio again. I'm not sure that was all of Indiana, but I remember in Evansville that being played all the time during Alford's senior season.


    I think Creek will be the first one off the bench and if he isn't starting by mid-season or shortly after he will be close enough to doing that that the others think he might be going to, which is a good thing most of the time. Competetion for playing time in practice is not something you can make up for completely by working harder and longer. That was one thing that I'm sure hurt us last yerar that there is not alot said about. As far as playing time goes, outside of Rivers and / or Pritchard, the tone of a given player in practices and what kind of team we play next will be two of the largest deciding factors of who sees the floor and how much they see it, at least at the start of the season. This is one of the areas of IU bball that shows that there is still plenty of ground to make up in the rebuilding process. But as with so many other things at least it is getting better and not worse, just the factor of how fast we get to where we want to be is the question yet to be answered.
    Season 2 under CTC should go a long way in telling us what is in store for us in years 3 & 4.

    Let the games begin !!!

  • Brian

    I am dying to see the video of the new Martha from Friday. Does anyone have this?