Report: Moses Morgan commits to DePaul

  • 09/22/2009 12:44 pm in

There were rumors about this the last few days, and now it appears to be true. Despite a recent visit to Indiana, Moses Morgan, rated No. 138  by Rivals in the 2010 class, has committed to DePaul, according to Jody Demling of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Morgan visited DePaul over the weekend.

Morgan’s father, Winston, played for IU and Bob Knight during the 80’s.

This certainly doesn’t have the impact of Kyrie Irving taking IU out of the running, and with the scholarship situation tight, Tom Crean and crew still have the opportunity of snagging a better recruit, possibly out of the vaunted 2011 class.

Still, it’s a bit surprising, considering he seemed to be leaning IU’s way.

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  • tberry

    I'm rather surprised but not shocked. Morgan wasn't rated very high and when he saw our interest and apparent “in” with better (KI?) players, probably thought he would have a better chance of playing and success at another school.

    It is now looking like those “better players” are not as interested in IU as we all hoped and thought. It will be interesting to see how Coach Crean handles this.

  • tberry

    I totally agree and think that moderators should look at more than just instgation, etc. I like this board becasue it sticks to the subject (most of the time) and has inteigent basketball thought.

    Not to name names but I find on the IDS board, the first two or three post have to do with basketball but from there is disintegrates into posters that just like to read their own use of big and meaningless oratory.

  • IU Mike

    Could not agree with you more Alex and while he is speaking of freedom if he doesn't like the way this site is ran then he is FREE to leave & not come back, under any false name. Maybe he should start his own site so that all of his kind have a place to go & make their garbage comments.

    Nuff said, the way you run YOUR site is just fine with me.

  • GFDave

    Devan Dumas was just barely better from the 3 point line, he and Roth had almost identical takes and makes. If you discard the game that Roth just went off in, which is statistically the anomaly, then you could make the case that Dumas was, if not better, certainly more consistent.

  • stevealford

    First off you can't just discard games. That makes no sense. I could say the same thing that if you take away Dumes 6 for 10 at NW than Roth's numbers are better. There numbers were very similar, Roth as a Freshman and Dumes as a Junior. Anybody who knows anything about IU basketball knows that Roth has a better stroke from behind the arc than Dumes.

  • GFDave

    First, having the higher shooting percentage from a comparable distance makes you the better shooter. Anybody who knows anything about basketball knows that there are no style points awarded for the most technically perfect stroke. The ball goes in–you're good, the ball doesn't go in–you're not.

    Second, all statisticians, pollsters and other data centric professionals know that anomalous data has skewing effects. This data is routinely sought out and discarded for it can have the effect of masking what really is going on. Roth's Ohio State performance of 9-11 is clearly anomalous. In no other game did he hit as high a percentage or attempt as many shots. People who know about basketball call this “getting hot”.

    On the other hand, Dumas' 6-10 on 3's is probably not an outlier (there are statistical tests for this). While 10 was his highest number of shot attempts he also had a game with 9 attempts and two games with 8 and two more with 7. So the 10 attempts fits with the whole pattern.

    I suggest that his 60% completion for the game also fits the pattern. He shot 57% in both of the games where he attempted 7 shots. In another game he shot 5-5 from 3 point territory. The worst game, among those where he took the most shots, was 4-9.

    But even if we did throw this 6-10 game out too, the impact on Dumas' percentage would be less than the negative effect on Roth for throwing his 9-11 out.

    I rest my case on the facts. Devan Dumas was, however slightly, the best 3 point shooter on the team last year.