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mosesmorgan091609Moses Morgan, a 6-5 wing from Palo Verde High in Las Vegas (NV), took an official visit to Indiana this past weekend. Morgan is rated No. 138 nationally in the 2010 class by Rivals.com and is the son of former IU player Winston Morgan. Inside the Hall caught up with Morgan for a Q & A.

On his visit to Bloomington:

“It was a great experience going out there and seeing the campus. I was real impressed. Everybody knew who I was, knew who my dad was and they’re real basketball fans. I got to see how the team practiced, the individual workouts. I was real impressed with how hard they went and how Coach Crean pushed them. I got to spend time with Verdell Jones, Jeremiah, Christian. The team went to the football game and we went to dinner a couple of times with Coach Crean. It was a pretty good experience.”

On upcoming visits to other schools:

“I’m going to DePaul on Saturday. I did have Arizona State, but they just got a commitment, so I’m not sure I’m going to be going there. So it’s just DePaul right now.”

On the schools still involved in his recruitment besides Indiana and DePaul:

“There are still other schools. I’ve got Minnesota and Clemson.”

On his timetable for a decision:

“I’m not sure yet. I want to sign early in November. I’m not sure when I’m going to be making my decision. After DePaul, I’m going to sit down and talk with my dad and see what I want to do. I should know by then, sometime next week if I’m going to take anymore visits or anything like that.”

On how the visit helped Indiana in his recruitment:

“It did help Indiana. Seeing the campus and just being around the team and the coaching staff. They have a great team, a great group of guys to be around. It did help them out. I got to know more about Coach Crean because I haven’t talked to him since April. So just sitting down with him, talking to him and getting to know him, getting to know the team, like I said, it did help them.”

On what his father, Winston, was able to show him on the campus:

“He just showed me where he stayed at and where he played at, the HPER. I got to meet his doctors that used to be there, I met his counselor and people like it. That was pretty cool.”

On what he’s taken from the recruiting process:

“It’s getting a little hectic, but I am enjoying it. I just want to take my time. I don’t want to rush anything. I just want to make sure whatever school I go to, it’s the right fit. It’s once in a lifetime. You only get to live life once. I want to take my time, see what school fits me best and then just go on from there.”

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  • GFDave

    He's going to commit to IU.

  • Teevs

    If we sign him does that mean we are out of scholarships for Irving if he commits? I thought we only had one left? Can we go one over or just take one from someone else. I don't know how that works

  • Kelin Blab

    He ABSOLUTELY is coming to IU. If we sign him we are still ok for KI….and that is it. Ofcourse we can see how the team will look after the season….the writing is on the wall….

  • chicohoosier

    its one thing to trust coach, and let it be stated that i have a man crush on coach crean, but these scholly numbers are out of control. i know scholarships are technically on a year to year basis, but the classes after this are phenomenal and it seems like we need to make some sort of commitment to players in those years rather than filling up our roster now with lesser recruits.

  • roninjeffersonville

    We can all guess how the scholarships will be handed out “next year”. My opinion, I look for some transfers and the end of the season. I think someone in another blog said that scholarships are handed out on a yearly basis. Can I get that confirmed?
    In another topic. Jody Demling is bragging about Irving visiting Kentucky. First if he goes to visit Ky, would mean that he has already visited Duke, Indiana, Texas A and M. In the same article that Demling read that , it also said that Irving will commits once he has the “gut feeling” to do so. I would be surprised if he isn't commit after the Duke or IU visit.

  • BGleas

    It seems like he's ready to commit, it might be Indiana that's holding him off a bit. Alex may know more about that.

    I gotta believe if Morgan commits that there will be changes. I mean in 2011 you can't have Creek, VJIII, Roth, Hulls, Williams, VO, Morgan, Irving, Ethhrington, Carlino. It almost guarantees transfers.

    Does a Morgan commitment show us the writing is on that wall that Crean feels Irving is slipping away.

  • George

    I like Moses Morgan, but I don't think we need another wing player unless it is someone Crean knows will be great. If he thinks Morgan is that guy, bring him on and the scholarship situation will work itself out. If not, best of luck to Morgan at another school (unless we play them!) and let's get Irving and a PF/C.

  • stevealford

    Out of control is putting it nicely but I definitely agree. If Zeller, Plumlee, and Teague wanted to commit for 11 there is no room for them unless Crean runs off some players. The commitments Arizona State are getting are scaring him off, but the commitments we have don't bother him. That should tell you something right there.

  • stevealford

    Out of control is putting it nicely but I definitely agree. If Zeller, Plumlee, and Teague wanted to commit for 11 there is no room for them unless Crean runs off some players. The commitments Arizona State are getting are scaring him off, but the commitments we have don't bother him. That should tell you something right there.

  • Diesel

    Hey BGleas – I always like your take and glad to see you have picked up your activity on the site, kind of a welcome back.

    My take with scholarships is that in the “what have you done for me lately” world of college sports, Crean cannot afford to hold scholarships. We need the best team we can get on the floor in 09-10, and 10-11. If DSR or Patterson or whoever wants to jump on board and join the return to college basketball prominence, the offer is out there and go ahead and commit. A bit early yes, but guys in those classes are already commiting and they know our situation. If you want to be with us, don't hold out. We'll take you with open arms. Today. But if there are no scholarships left, well, that's on you.

    There will be guys who don't pan out or don't have what it takes or become disgruntled because Crean will play the guys who outwork everyone else. There will be changes, and some will be surprises. I think counting on Matt Roth or D Williams to leave is not going to happen, my guess is it will be someone else who doesn't want the role position.

    We can oversign by one each year, Teevs. And Ron, scholarships are handed out on a yearly basis. But I can't see Crean not renewing someone's scholarship.

  • I didn't get the sense that IU is holding him off from committing. But I didn't ask that specifically.

    I'm surprised DePaul is still involved. I'd be shocked if Jerry Wainwright is around next season.

  • CreamandCrimson

    You are absolutely right. Crean would not take away someone's scholarship. Just think how that would be perceived by potential recruits. Opposing coaches would use it to recruit against TC and the Hoosiers and it would reflect very negatively on the program's image. There will likely be transfers as the talent adds up but I don't think taking away scholarships is going to happen.
    I also agree that no one can afford to hold scholarships. Crean clearly thinks guys like Moses Morgan, Victor Oladipo and David Williams can help this program. If he didn't think they had a role to fill on the squad, he wouldn't have recruited them. Waiting for guys in the class of 2012 to commit is fool's gold and it would be a huge risk to count on it.

  • GFDave

    With Irving still in the mix and Mobley visiting, there could be 5 commitments in this class, with only 3 scholarships available. Crean knows he doesn't have a schollie for all these players so maybe he's told the kids during their recruitment that he's going to put together a pool of committed players and give schollies to those he selects from that pool. The ones not selected will be free to go elsewhere. Nobody knows what's being said, about I'm sure all these players can count, so its definitely possible they know something we don't.

    Its getting much too murky to worry about specifics in 2011. But, whatever happens with scholarships then almost certainly will involve subtracting players on the roster at the end of 2010.

  • Russell A. Baxter

    Oops.In regards to Kyrie Irving, In case you all don't know, I think its in print now on the I.U. site or rivals site that I.U. has dropped from high interest to medium along with another school I don't recall right now. Texas A& M mayber. Duke is the only school listed now with a HIGH INTEREST. “They want me to be their point guard ” I think that did it. SORRY. Too Bad for us, but I think if ratings matter I.U. may still be a couple of years off depending on this year's team performance, from gaining their first five star player. This information about I.U. dropping from a high interest to a medium interest comes from Rival's top 2010. Check it out for yourself. If this is old info. Soory

  • GFDave

    According to Peegs.com IU is going to make an in-home visit to Josh Selby. If this is true, then maybe Crean does feel Irving is leaning somewhere else. Otherwise I can't see spending so much time telling Irving he's our guy, then at the last minute going off to see Selby who clearly would be taking the spot in question.

  • BGleas

    Thanks Diesel, much appreciated. It's weird, I didn't stop reading the site, was still checking it everyday, I guess I wasn't compelled to comment on too much over the summer. Not sure why.

  • BGleas

    I played DII basketball and remember when my coach offered me and said scholarships are renewable yearly, my dad and I were surprised and asked “so you can pull the scholarship after any year?”. My coach said yes, but then followed it up with exactly what your comment was. He said it's very rare for a school to just plain pull a scholarship, it would be used negatively in recruiting by all the other coaches and, and no coach would want a rep for doing this.

    Obviously, IU is a different level than I was at, but I'd bet the pressure/negative recruiting for pulling a scholly would be even great considering the media attention these programs get.

  • jgongora86

    Listen I'm going to say something that might get all of you ticked off. If we don't get Irving ( and I'm starting to think we won't), then we should stop. Period. Nothing against Morgan but we have more than enough role players. We need bigs or highly recruited talent. Save it for 2011 or 2012 were tons of big men are available (2011) or great players from Indiana (2012). Nothing against Morgan, but other than from our own websites I've heard nothing real positive that has me encouraged. It's still too early for me to call out crean and say he's recruiting with a Marquette mentality, but he has to be more patient with the stud recruits to give them the chance to accept or reject us.

  • plane1972

    j-gon, I think what you're saying is perfectly reasonable. I think CTC was preparing us for this since Day 1. He said this would be a long-term process and that achieving balance in the classes would be a priority for him. This period of time in the program just seems like a ripple effect of going from nothing (two returning scholarship players on last year's team) to something (a couple of years of flirting with too many schollies) to obtain some balance. There will be a hangover effect of more-than-expected attrition than we should otherwise expect once he's had 3-4 years of recruiting against an established roster. He's still filling roster spots with (with all due respect) players that would not otherwise be on a major D1 program. God bless those guys for working their butts off and earning a place on the team, but those days are coming to an end pretty soon.

  • JerryCT


    1. If we “offer” a scholly are we obligated to provide it if a player verbally committs based on that offer ? In other words what are the “outs” for a coach in this offer vs committ situation

    2. If we offer and player comitts can we get him to Prep School and count him in a later class ? This locks a developing kid in advance


    1. TC has made a big point about players wanting to be at IU. When a kid drags out the decisions or plays too cute a game I can feel TC moving on to a VO-type kid who oozes desire to be at IU. These kinds of kids fans like me love and exactly what we need right now in our stage of development

    2. I think KI is better off at Duke if he wants to be a point guard with a degree and maybe play pro ball with a contract he earned on prime time TV while in college. So what ? We are not quite there yet.

    3. If KI wants to become a legend by being the face of Indiana basketball's return to glory and have 6m Hoosiers love him for the next 50 years then we are the place……..chances like this are rare in life and I feel someone in the next 3 years will be that guy

  • Kelin Blab

    I agree with alot of what is being said…..I do find it interesting that our we are in play with shelby somehow and he is ranked higher than KI.

    I am of the belief, if a kid wants to come to IU he will. I still believe KI will commit to IU, I think Creans work will pay off, but lets be honest we are playing with the big boys so there will be some dissapointments. Lets not get spooked if KI goes elsewhere, but lets not give up hope…I think this kid is doing the right thing and take his time to make the right decision….on a place where he will spend the next 1 to 4 years…….

  • Name

    It sounds like Irving is a lock for Duke? Go to FayObserver.com and read the article?

  • GFDave

    I wish I was informed enough to answer your first question. If a kid goes to prep school, he's not on our scholarship count, but of course he's free to go anywhere he can after prep school is over.

    Your 3 points are good ones.

  • jg-chicago

    Come on guys this is simple. Crystal ball style:
    Jobe and Dumes are seniors and will graduate after the season after IU wins 14 games. Roth, Pritchard and VJIII will transfer after this season with 2 years left of eligibility. It will already be on there minds after Moses Morgan, Victor O, D Williams and KI commit to the 2010 class. We will sign one big man in the 2011 class after Jerermiah Davis decides to go elsewhere after he sees Jordan Hulls have a great year and KI committing. Plumlee, Zeller should verbal to us next summer. Barring any serious injuries by players this should start the true Tom Crean era, as 100% of the players on the team will be recruited by Crean. It will seem negative to see three players leave after this season, but they have to do what is best for them.
    Don't get me wrong. I am not predicting this because I don't believe in these players. I love am a huge fan of every player who put on that Indiana uniform. I just know, and I think we are all seeing this through the vast information, rumor, speculation and hype of college recruiting websites, that it is a war just recruiting players. You have to respect teams that can do it on the floor as well. And that's what Crean is getting paid for.

  • Kelin Blab

    JG—-I agree with most of what you say other than………….

    *** we won't get plumlee and zeller ….we will get zeller only
    *** VJ3 ain't going no where, that kid is a stud and crean knows it
    *** J.Davis is coming to IU, hulls is a couple of years ahead….

  • George

    I would love to have Selby! A tough, scoring PG would be a good complement to Hulls and Carlino. Really, I don’t think IU could go wrong with either Selby or Irving, so I hope we can land one of them.

  • JG-chicago

    ***I meant that to come across as we would get Plumlee OR Zeller. So I agree back with you on that. I do like what Plumlee's dad has recently said about one of his boys playing closer to home, so you never know. Zeller is the more likely.
    ***I don't want VJIII to go anywhere but there is a lot of competition going to go on in the next couple of years for playing time. He needs to turn into a pure two guard and develope the three ball.
    ***I am not as sure as you on J.Davis. I think there is a lot riding on KI and now possibly the Josh Selby with what goes down.

  • BGleas

    This works for me.

  • BGleas


    To your point #1, technically you're not obligated to anything until the LOI is signed. If Crean offers a scholly and then a month later the kid calls and accepts, Crean can still change his mind at that point. Is it a good practice? No, but it's within the rules.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Agreed. VJ3 was the best player on the team last year and he looked like one of the better guards in the Big Ten the final four or five weeks of the regular season. Jones will have plenty of playing time and VO, D Will, Moses Morgan won't change that.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Agreed. VJ3 was the best player on the team last year and he looked like one of the better guards in the Big Ten the final four or five weeks of the regular season. Jones will have plenty of playing time and VO, D Will, Moses Morgan won't change that.