Report: “Strong possibility” Ferguson will re-open recruitment

  • 03/27/2009 7:35 pm in

You remember Dominique Ferguson, right? IU was hot on his trail until the whole Kelvin Sampson fiasco. And then out of the blue last April, he verbally committed to Billy Gillispie and Kentucky.

But with today’s firing of Gillispie, it’s looking like a strong possibility that the 6-9 Ferguson may soon be back on the board. Jody Demling of The Louisville Courier-Journal has the scoop:

Deon Ferguson, the father of the University of Kentucky’s most prized recruit in any class, said there’s a “strong possibility” his son might re-open the recruiting process.

“Right now, he’s thinking about the possibility of decommitting. I would say there’s a strong possibility that he re-opens the process.”

It’s hard to say at this point what level of interest, if any, Ferguson would have in the Indiana program. But if a top 10 player nationally gets back on the open market just 50 miles up the road, you’d better believe Tom Crean will be finding out.

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  • Bryan

    Did we even come close the when Ferguson made his original choice? It would be great to land him, but you've got to figure if UK lands a high profile coach, they've got the inside track on keeping him.

  • I think IU was in the mix before Sampson left… Then the interest fell off the table when everything went down with KS. Crean was only on the job a couple of weeks before he pledged to Kentucky. I'd say this is a situation to keep an eye on.

  • lovethosehoosiers

    this would be HUGE for IU… HUGE. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Kelin Blab

    The other KS and his drama was the issue before, I think crean has a decent shot

  • cooper

    I'd be surprised to see a possible one and done type player which he could be come to IU right now. Most seem to go to a program that has a good shot of winning a title or helping make him a pro. IU doesn't really offer either right now. Crean doesn't have a huge track record of successful pro players besides Wade. Not a knock just a fact. I think I'd rather him go somewhere else anyway unless he would be at IU for at least 2 years. Next year is really a year where you need to just play and get accustomed to the system so hopefully they can make a tourney run in 2011.

  • Pablo

    that would be pretty awesome if it worked out

  • Taskmaster75

    I don't think that Ferguson would be that type of player at Indiana, but that's very open to discussion, because I believe that Watford will take away a lot of Ferguson's minutes. I think that he would stay on the team basically because he wouldn't be as big of a star if he were at a place where there was no credible SF present.

  • Hoosier_Hound

    Yes, lets keep working toward winning Big Ten and National Championships AND let's try to do it without any players that might be TOO good. I still wonder why that Jeffries kid was recruited to IU, myself. I mean he only stayed two years.

    Your silly. Ferguson is a 2010 recruit, which means he would be on that 2011 tournament team you have such grand plans toward.

    It couldn't hurt to ask if he's reopening his recruitment, and if he does, by all means go after him. (Well, not by ALL means.)

  • Hoosier_Hound

    You would keep a 6'9'' top ten recruit on the bench because you already have a small forward?

    First off, that's not even his position (see 6'9''). Secondly, who cares if it was? Don't you think they could both fit on the floor at the same time?

  • BGleas

    I'll be surprised if Ferguson picks IU, but this is exactly what IU needs in the next step of the rebuilding process. If IU is going to return to being an elite program they need a local kid who's a top player nationally to say “you know what, I know they're struggling, but they're the home team and I'm going to be the one to get them back.”

    We need someone like Ferguson to take a chance on IU. Not that it has to be an Indiana kid, I'm not one of the 'we need all Indiana kids' fans, but it would help in the rebuilding process.

  • Kelin Blab

    DF is not a one and done and as we have seen with other programs you can find space for two 6'9 players on the court at the same time……I say we start a letter writing campaign to Law. North……they owe us for not getting Oden or Conely or Montross and the list goes on and on…..

  • Hoosier Phil

    Correct. That 2011 team is our next big team. Adding a player, like Ferguson, to that team is scary. Anyone who wouldn't want him on that squad is out of their everloving mind.

  • tberry

    Always take the best player you can get. One never know what the future will bring!!!

  • The report from Evan Daniels on Scout indicates that Ferguson has already heard from a couple of schools.

  • indiana52

    We don`t even know which players might be gone in 2011. If He shows any interest in the Hoosiersat all go for it . Indiana kid lots of potential keep him at home.

  • Unknown

    Who ever mentioned something about Jared Jefferies…made me think of what kind of a player this kid could be, because he reminds me a lot like Jared. Yes he is highly touted and his potential is vast…but in today's college basketball you are going to have to add guys who might leave after one or two years.

    In my own opinion i don't see this kid leaving after one year he is still very much raw, i think he will stay around for at least two years and end up like Julian Wright.

    Also we have to stop this pipeline of Indy kids going to Kentucky or Louisville
    (Chandler, Van Tresse, Martin, and most likely Teague)

  • TL

    Rumor has it that this kid won't meet the team's academic standards. If that is the case, then they should pass. Crean is building for the long term and does not need to sacrifice team character/standards for short term gains.

    If the rumor is false, by all means go after him. That 2010-11 team should be pretty solid.

  • indiana52

    Go back and look at the teams RMK had. Cream of the crop of the Indiana kids, with needs filled by mostly kids from the surrounding states. I agree it would be great for a high profile player to step up and say I want to be the start of the rebuilding of something big at IU.

  • James

    Kid will be in Kentucky one way or another. The more likely scenario being heading to Louisville with is teammate Justin Martin…sucks but its true. Patino is kicking ass in the Indianapolis recruiting game

  • BGleas

    I agree Crean should be building for the long-term and not taking kids that can't qualify. I just mean that what IU needs in the worst way is to have a local high-profile type kid take a chance on the program and make it “cool” again for those type of players to come to IU.

    Indiana52 is right, RMK used to have his pick of the top Indiana players, and we need that back. Not saying Crean should only go after Indiana kids, but we'll know IU is back when it's up to IU whether they take the top Indiana kids, not Crean begging them to come.

  • plane1972

    Not if Pitino ends up in Arizona, which is another rumor (as long as we are throwing them out there).

  • Kelin Blab

    As I hear Calipari heading towards KY and ALL those 6'8 and 6'9 forwards to follow that he previously recruited, I am pretty sure Dom Fergunson would reopen his recruiting……could be some opportunity there for IU, not sure who else was on his list….

  • M'Diddy

    Ferguson's top two choices were Kentucky and Purdue.

    I am thinking Purdue might pick him up now.

  • M'Diddy

    Ferguson's top two choices were Kentucky and Purdue.

    I am thinking Purdue might pick him up now.