Good, Bad and Ugly: Minnesota

  • 02/10/2009 11:17 pm in

FINAL SCORE: Minnesota: 62 IU: 54


The first half. Whoa boy: it was tough to watch, even by this year’s standards. Turnover after turnover after turnover. And then a few more turnovers. When the fist half was said and done, IU racked up 15 of ’em. Minnesota snatched nine steals on the Hoosiers during the first half, cutting into the passing lanes for easy deuces. For the game, IU had 26 turnovers.

Breaking the press. When Minnesota decided to go full-court press on IU midway through the second half, they went on an 11-0 run.


IU kept it close on the road against a team that has been ranked for part of the season. This is all coming from a team that started four freshman and Kyle Taber, and were without their leading scorer in Devan Dumes. IU also played great defense, as Minnesota struggled to get anything going on the offensive end.

Like I’ve written about before, tonight was another night where IU’s opponent played down to the Hoosiers’ level. The Golden Gophers had 18 turnovers on the night; they’re averaging 14.

After a Matt Roth three with a little under 13 minutes to go, IU actually had the lead, 34-33. But a win was not to be.

Lastly, props to Malik Story. When IU couldn’t get a darn thing going on the offensive end in the first half, Story tallied 11 of the Hoosiers’ 20 points.

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  • MillaRed

    Allow me to be the first on this one. Listen, I have followed IU Bball for a long, long time. I have seen many teams. But I never remember being more embarrassed about the team we had on the floor tonight.

    Regardless of the absence of Dumes, the opponents bad play, the youth blah blah it doesn't matter. This is the team many predicted for IU to see this season. I have felt good going through 10 Big Ten games before I had to see it.

    This game was bad people. I have never seen at least 15 unforced turnovers in 1 game at this level. This was like a decent high school team tonight. If i never live to see that again…I will die a happy man.

    Are you guys still predicting Moore gets playing time next season?

  • silkyslim

    Hard to overcome 26 turnovers in any league. Fed their “O” too many easy baskets.

    Were we that sloppy with the ball or is Minn that athletic?

    I was impressed with our D, but we need to work on that press break & make our opponents pay for the press occasionally.

    I expected the “O” flameout since no Dumes. Who will step-up & score some more?

  • Kelin Blab

    I think at this point in the season, the “they are young” argument needs to be scaled back a bit……..the turnovers they are making don't have a damn thing to do with experience….

    My two year old son knows you don't throw a one handed post entry pass from the top of the key at 100mph….or…..throw a pass when you are not even fully facing the receiver….

    26 turnovers come on guys……Once again though….give Coach Crean credit, they played hard, played til the end, and somehow he didn't lay into their asses on camera about the turnovers………

    Finally….hey fellas..Tom Pritchard is on the team………he needs touches that are not off of rebounds….I like your aggressiveness but I just don't want to forget big Tom down low…..

  • Kelin Blab

    One more thing…….Matt Roth is a shooter…if he ever improves on his ball handling and I know he will………LOOK OUT!

  • Who is predicting that Moore will get playing time next year? There is no chance Moore plays unless Hulls and Verdell are crippled.

    Help is on the way, people. Just be patient and count down the days until next season.

  • Hoosiers11

    I completely disagree. Don’t get me wrong, this one was really really ugly and hard to watch…but they found a way to keep it close for most of the game. Even BTN was saying this team deserves credit and respect for how hard they play. If someone had said that Pritchard was going to foul out and not score in addition to Dumes being out I would have thought the game would be a blowout. This team is obviously not going to be consistent on the amount of turnovers they commit, so I think its great that they can find ways to keep it close on nights when they have 20+ turnovers.

    A win on Sunday would be great!

  • JerryCT

    All our points last night came from freshmen. While Story gave us a lift he also had 5 really dumb TO's so to me he was not worth that much .

    The good news:

    VJ3 had 5 TO's but 7 assists and led us in scoring. He is becoming a good player step by step

    Willaims played a pretty good game throughout( 5 TO's however ) and Roth showed a mid range jumper. I am becoming a Roth believer when I have not been all season.

    Taber and Pritchard need touches down low even if they donot score.

    DId anybody hear Morris say he liked how Moore ” attacked the rim ” ? Did he mean the rim of the out of bounds liine or what ? Moore looked overmatched last night

  • BFowler

    I coach one team that is Kindergartners and First graders and another that is 2nd and 3rd graders, and they don't dribble off their own feet as much as our Hoosiers did last night. I thought Minnesota had us outsized and over matched athletically, but our guys stayed in front of them for the most part. It was a solid defensive effort, Minnesota did not go off at the 3-pt. line, and our Hoosiers were in the game until the 11-0 run with about 8 minutes or so to go. I really like this team, they are easy to root for, and they gut out every play (even though half the time they give it right back to the other team).

    I keep looking at these guys and wondering who is going to out next year. Outside of the walk-ons, I think all the others have D1 talent. They may not have it all put together, and maybe some of the incoming class will be more talented, but I like these kids. Also, I am a little skeptical about Rivers next year. Many are talking about him as a saviour, I'm just saying, I'd like to see it.

    It seems like Pritchard is fading or people are figuring out that if he catches it more than 5' from the basket, his effectiveness goes down. Nick Williams goes after the glass hard, he has impressed me at 6'4″ going after rebounds. Malik Story has a good floor game and proved last night he could post up (once), but too many turnovers. Verdell is impressing me more and more, but how many lay-ups did he get blocked last night? Do you think Roth could knock down more shots if he stepped in a step or two? Taber is a crafty player and seems to do a lot of good things that do not show up in the box score. Our Hoosiers missed Dumes' scoring last night, but I am on Coach Crean's side for the discipline issues. (He is a parent too).

  • Kelin Blab

    Jerry I heard that too, unfortunately for D.Moore attacking a rim with a 7footer in front of it isn't a good idea…..

  • Kelin Blab

    B- I was worried about Roth making those long bombs but one thing I see with him is he rarely misses bad…..shots he misses still look good and as we saw last night he gets good bounces every once in awhile….It is obvious he has spent ALOT of time shooting the ball…..

  • BFowler

    I agree that his shot looks good and natural, just suggesting that he could take a step or two in and maybe have a little better chance of more going in (I know, I am complaining about a guy who hit 9 threes in a game)…..just saying, the closer you get hte better the chance they go in. By the way, he got another block last night, that's 3 more than I thought he would get this season.

  • MillaRed

    I think the mix of the 08 and 09 class is very deep. But we may not reap the spoils unitl 2010. Hopefully we snag a top 30 recruit in the '10 class that can also contribute. Will Maniru be a defensive force in the '10 season? I hope so.

    I think you will be very happy with Rivers. He's a natural leader, has NBA bloodlines, and will be a developed 4th year junior and 5th year senior. He is your starting point for the next two years. I have little doubt this is not the case.

    I think Pritchard has hit a wall. He has to battle 2-4 guys on defense every game and just doesn't have any lift. Doesn't want to shoot the 10 footer. He'll be fine. Needs more talent around him.

    Roth is getting off three's 5 feet behind the arch because every defense is extended against IU. With Pritchard no longer needing double teams and Taber, well, being Taber there is no reason to sag into the paint.

  • Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts

    Malik Story will not be here next year. You heard it here first.

  • BeerTruck

    I'm with MillaRed on this one. I've watched college hoops forever. This was, without a doubt, the worst game I've ever watched (start to finish).
    Both teams were flat-out brutal.
    How many times did we through the ball into the 7th row? There were several passes that left the screen. Minnesota dribbled it out of bounds more than once. They missed three wide-open dunks. (I guarantee you that the next 2 or 3 Gopher practices will be the most physically demanding ones of the season. Tubby was pissed from the tipoff to the final horn.)
    We had the ball literally taken from our hands at least 5 times.

    All that being said….I have NEVER seen a team play this hard. Ever. Sometimes they play like freshman, sometimes stupidly, sometimes awfully…but they always play hard.

    Roth hit a 17-ft'er off the dribble.
    Story wanted to score, and did.
    Williams is really fighting for rebounds.
    And Pritch is outta gas — understandably so. (Any chance the slide him outside or to the high post and let Story/Williams/VJ post up?).

    We'll win one more this year. And we'll seriously shock some folks next year.


  • BeerTruck

    I hope not. I think he has a shot to be pretty good. Maybe all the snow and brutal cold weather we got this year could have an effect on him…
    If that is the case, he'll just need to wait until the first warm days of spring, walk through campus, and enjoy the, um..uh.., views….

  • pacino

    What about Story? That would free up another scholorship for someone like Irving. We could use.

  • NC Fat Boy

    While it was difficult to watch, they were in the game for the most part last night. Yes, way too many turnovers. I'd be interested to see the stat on % of posessions resulting in TOs.

    Free throw shooting in the 1st half left the Hoosiers in a deficit when it could have been close. That made a huge difference.

    Minnesota played tight defense, and many of the turnovers were caused by the defensive pressure, both half court and the press. Doesn't make an excuse for it, but Minnesota clearly had the advantage in quickness, size and leaping ability. Our boys hung in there with effort.

    We got killed in rebounds (especially offensive), twice as many turnovers as assists, and while we had 7 steals, MN had 14!

    Key #s
    Moore- 0.08
    Taber – 0.00
    Pritchard – 0.00
    Story – 0.38
    Williams – 0.52
    Roth – 0.33
    Jones – 0.50

    Moore- 0.39
    Taber – 0.10
    Pritchard – 0.04
    Story – 0.21
    Williams – 0.52
    Roth – 0.03
    Jones – 0.14

    Moore- 0.00
    Taber – 0.10
    Pritchard – 0.11
    Story – 0.04
    Williams – 0.21
    Roth – 0.09
    Jones – 0.11

    Moore- 0.08
    Taber – 0.0
    Pritchard – 0.0
    Story – 0.08
    Williams – 0.00
    Roth – 0.03
    Jones – 0.19

  • Atwater

    First of all, am I the only one who enjoys watching this team a heck of a lot more than last year's team. I used to get so pissed at the team last year because they just seemed selfish and lazy. (other than DJ) I am having fun watching this team now that they are competing, even though they dribble it off of their feet every other possession.

    Also, is Jobe on scholarship? He is, isn't he? If so, he should be the one that is gone next year. I like Story, he just needs to work on his handles.

  • Yes, Jobe is on scholarship.

  • Atwater

    First of all, am I the only one who enjoys watching this team a heck of a lot more than last year's team. I used to get so pissed at the team last year because they just seemed selfish and lazy. (other than DJ) I am having fun watching this team now that they are competing, even though they dribble it off of their feet every other possession.

    Also, is Jobe on scholarship? He is, isn't he? If so, he should be the one that is gone next year. I like Story, he just needs to work on his handles.

  • Yes, Jobe is on scholarship.