Good, Bad and Ugly: Lipscomb

  • 12/28/2008 8:40 pm in


Someone else showed up on offense besides Tom Pritchard. Devan Dumes mirrored his scoring prowess from the beginning of the season, and dumped in 18 points on 7-of-12 shooting, including 4-of-7 from three-point land. Verdell Jones seems to be rounding back into form as well, as he had 13 points and three assists. The Cream and Crimson raced out to a 35-14 lead and all looked good.

IU was also uncharacteristically low on the turnover end, as the Hoosiers only amassed 13 for the game.


Here’s how we lost this one: free throws, rebounding and points in the paint. For as well as the Hoosiers handled the ball in the second half — only three turnovers — they got out-rebounded by 15. IU also gave up a ridiculous 40 points in the paint for the game, including a good lot late in the match to Adnan Hodzic, who during that one timeout looked like he was about to rip his teammates’ heads off. A 13-0 run for Lipscomb to start the second half doomed IU as well.

But taking all that into account, the Hoosiers were still in this game to the bitter end. But, the free throws. Oh, the free throws. If IU shoots better than their 50 percent on 8-of-16 tonight, they might get the win here. The free throw woes were never more frustrating than when Dumes missed two in a row with IU down four with 46 seconds to go.

When it’s not one thing (the turnovers) it’s the other (free throws).

Big Ten season, here we come.

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