Good, Bad and Ugly: Lipscomb

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Someone else showed up on offense besides Tom Pritchard. Devan Dumes mirrored his scoring prowess from the beginning of the season, and dumped in 18 points on 7-of-12 shooting, including 4-of-7 from three-point land. Verdell Jones seems to be rounding back into form as well, as he had 13 points and three assists. The Cream and Crimson raced out to a 35-14 lead and all looked good.

IU was also uncharacteristically low on the turnover end, as the Hoosiers only amassed 13 for the game.


Here’s how we lost this one: free throws, rebounding and points in the paint. For as well as the Hoosiers handled the ball in the second half — only three turnovers — they got out-rebounded by 15. IU also gave up a ridiculous 40 points in the paint for the game, including a good lot late in the match to Adnan Hodzic, who during that one timeout looked like he was about to rip his teammates’ heads off. A 13-0 run for Lipscomb to start the second half doomed IU as well.

But taking all that into account, the Hoosiers were still in this game to the bitter end. But, the free throws. Oh, the free throws. If IU shoots better than their 50 percent on 8-of-16 tonight, they might get the win here. The free throw woes were never more frustrating than when Dumes missed two in a row with IU down four with 46 seconds to go.

When it’s not one thing (the turnovers) it’s the other (free throws).

Big Ten season, here we come.

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  • NC Fat Boy

    Let's focus on the good. The turnovers were down. We were in need of a sub 20 turnover game and they delivered sub-15. That's a “W” for this game. Obviously they forgot about blocking out and got killed in the paint, but one thing at a time.

    70% on free throws wouldn't have won the game, it might have changed how the game played out in the last two minutes.

    We need those points consistently from Dumes and hopefully this game is a sign that Jones has shaken most of the rust off.

    I suspect keeping the turnovers at 13 will be difficult in the next 2 or 3 games. Less than 20 turnovers will be agains the increased the increased defensive pressure of BigTen opponents.

    Let's hope for a game with sub 20 turnovers and a rebounding advantage. Maybe a few points thrown in there as well.


  • DMJ

    Not sure if you guys saw this yet, but Kipp Schutz is most likely done with the hoops team:

  • Vob

    what a horrible major college BB team..!!!

  • DMJ

    Not sure if you guys saw, but Kipp Schutz is probably done with the hoops team:

  • widget

    Well, I was there, and I’m not sure what you mean when you say “rounding back into form” regarding Verdell. With him at point, this team is darn near rudderless. He just won’t penetrate. He just won’t instigate any contact. He just won’t play tough D. He just won’t take the open J, instead opting to look to someone…anyone else.

    Coach limited Moore’s time tonight because he’s desperately wanting to see Verdell mature. Sadly, it’s just not working.

  • tberry

    There should be no panic. Everyone knew this season was a lost season for anything but getting better. Give Coach Crean a few years and we can start bragging again.

  • MikeinNc

    For all of us Hoosier fans that have been saying we will gladly accept a putrid season in order to restore the program back into integrity and return to the right path, now is our day of reckoning…now is when we find out the difference between saying it vs. living it as a harsh reality. Now we get to walk our talk. And now is the time when we rally behind our team and coach, and show our support – because the road is about to get a lot bumpier from here on out.

  • All the best to Big Ten season Hoosiers!

  • cooper

    I find a number of things troubling regardless of the score or awful performance. They just don't seem to get better or make adjustments. In the game yesterday Roth ran off one screen early in the 1st half and the rest of the game sat in the corner bricking 3's. I don't mind bricking 3's but don't just stand there. For the life of me I don't see why he doesn't stay on the same side of the court as Pritchard so they can run a two man game, it stops the double team or results in Roth shooting open 3's. Pritchard was dominated by that Lipscomb player on offense, and he is going to foul out of a lot of games if he doesn't watch stupid fouls. God help him during Big 10 play. IU cannot dribble to save their life, the team has a number of fast breaks that end up with bad dribbling costing the team a score or scoring in spite of bad dribbling. Too many times IU ran the clock down to 10 secs and then threw the ball to Dumes hoping he would bail them out.

    On the bright side it was nice to see Dumes play well, I think he can be a good player and he is the only player on the team who can create his own shot. You can live with his mistakes as he is the only player who can score on his own.

    But how that performance can be called anything but bad (even for this team) I don't know

  • This was mentioned in the game recap.

  • Super Suhr

    This has to be the smallest school IU's ever lost to in Assembly Hall…anybody know for sure?

  • Not sure if it's the smallest school, but I'd put it as a top contender for the worst loss ever at Assembly Hall.

  • Kelin Blab

    Am I missing something with Verdell Jones…..

    Is D.Moore a better pure point guard…yes, but yes on this team. VJ is an ideal point/guard for the future of this team and I rather he learn now than later. He can get his own shot, and he is not a defensive mismatch for our team. UCONN guards are not 5'9 people, give VJ a chance and call out screens for him…….

    Roth needs screens set for him….helluva shooter but he needs screens.

  • I'm not sure Jones is the point guard of the future. He needs work on his handle and will need to get stronger to be an impact player.

    Agree with you 100% on the screens for Roth.

  • MPmike

    I agree. Jones just doesn't have a point guard savy and toughness. He needs to improve during the course of this season and the rest of the off season, if he wants to play. I don't see him playing next year. Hopefully, he can turn his play around.

  • SteveEyl

    whoever said this year is about getting better is right.

    Problem is, this team is not getting better.

    We are allowed to criticize this team. They should beat Lipscomb at home. This year or any year. Period.

  • 05hoosier

    I don’t disagree with your point, however, think Jones has a much higher upside than more, therefore he should get the majority of the minutes at that position. Sadly, the outcome of the season will be the same whether Moore or Verdell plays the point. Why not try to develop Jones instead of playing Moore who simply will never be able to play at the level we need to contend in the Big Ten.

    On a side note, I live in Bloomington, and have been to all Bloomington South home games this season and Moore would be sitting the bench behind Hulls right now. If anyone has a chance to watch the kid play take it, he is something special on the floor and will make an immediate impact next year.

  • woodpecker

    Oh lordy, I am finished reading this site for a while……… I understand everyone has a right to their opinion, but if everyone would veiw things with a realistic poin of view then there would be nothing to bitch about. This team has what 10 true freshmen on it? All of whom were recruited well after May? C'mon folks…. Good God be gratefull we have a full roster, and some brave young men who took the challlenge to play here. And it is a challenge, and I respect these “young' men big time for it!

    Jesus beating up on this team is easy, we all knew it was going to be a really rough year yet some expect it to happen NOW! I would bet everyone bitching has never played a minute or down of college athletics ever. Rome was not buult in a day and I guarantee all of you, IU will take at least 3 years to be a legitimate top 3 Big Ten type squad……….. It WILL TAKE TIME.

    This entire team is dealing with a new home, class, practice, and an IU basketball schedule. This team has no leader, J Rivers would do wonders for this team right now I think but……..

    Everyone please be patient, better times are on the horizon. This team needs encouragement … not a bunch of fair weather fans.

  • cookcmc

    Amen brother

  • Agree with you that things need to stay as positive as possible, but its also hard to justify losing at home to Lipscomb. I think we've been more than fair with our commentary of the season to-date.

  • cooper

    You can still support a team and criticize them. The issue is its still a D1 school at at major college. Losing to Lipscomb at home after losing to NU at home is not acceptable no matter what year. Because both of those teams sucked. I honestly don't believe IU could compete or win in any D1 conference. It is what it is and there is nothing wrong with saying it

  • ChicagoHoosier

    I am somewhat confused as to why people believe that IU should beat Lipscomb “this year or any year”… “on the road or at home”… or whatever stipulations that were put out there. The fact of the matter is that Lipscomb has played together longer, has more experience and was the better team for 40 minutes. I believe that is what wins games, not the name of school being worn on the jersey… To echo some of the sentiment above, its time to walk the walk. Let’s take our lumps with a stiff upper lip

  • Drode

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • silkyslim

    If the first half was any indication of future success then IU will be fun to watch!
    If the 2nd half is any indication (of a young inexperienced team) this year will be a roller coaster ride to watch.
    IMO, any game that we are in at the end & a chance to win is a GOOD game with this young group.
    I still enjoyed the game as I see progress & effort, ( AND a program with integrity!)

  • NC Fat Boy

    If I recall… they certainly competed against Gonzaga…. They may not have won… but they competed.

  • silkyslim

    If the first half was any indication of future success then IU will be fun to watch!
    If the 2nd half is any indication (of a young inexperienced team) this year will be a roller coaster ride to watch.
    IMO, any game that we are in at the end & a chance to win is a GOOD game with this young group.
    I still enjoyed the game as I see progress & effort, ( AND a program with integrity!)

  • NC Fat Boy

    If I recall… they certainly competed against Gonzaga…. They may not have won… but they competed.