Good, Bad and Ugly: Chaminade

  • 11/26/2008 9:14 pm in


No one got hurt. Tom Crean didn’t make any impermissible phone calls. And … WE WON! (Barely.)

OK, but for serious: IU kept the turnovers somewhat low; Tom Pritchard was able to have his way a bit against a small Chaminade lineup as he went for 19 and nine. Daniel Moore actually showed some scoring prowess and tallied 10 on the night.

IU has struggled to hit the open — or really, any — shot in Maui. Tonight, the shooting percentage was a much better 60 percent. This was encouraging.

Verdell Jones looked good, scoring 13.


It’s another win in a season where we aren’t going to get many, but it was against a D-II team with only two reserves on the bench. The defense is still this team’s weakness — among the many — as lapses on-ball and off-ball ran rampant. Chaminade got many open looks (especially late to rally), and converted on 12-of-23 3-point attempts.

Bottom line: IU had many, many, many chances to put this game away, and simply couldn’t. Chalk it up to inexperience. But they hung on for a win.

Free-throw percentage was awful again, as IU only hit 14-of-27.

OK, Black Wednesday. Have a good night, friends.

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