Good, Bad and Ugly: Chaminade

  • 11/26/2008 9:14 pm in


No one got hurt. Tom Crean didn’t make any impermissible phone calls. And … WE WON! (Barely.)

OK, but for serious: IU kept the turnovers somewhat low; Tom Pritchard was able to have his way a bit against a small Chaminade lineup as he went for 19 and nine. Daniel Moore actually showed some scoring prowess and tallied 10 on the night.

IU has struggled to hit the open — or really, any — shot in Maui. Tonight, the shooting percentage was a much better 60 percent. This was encouraging.

Verdell Jones looked good, scoring 13.


It’s another win in a season where we aren’t going to get many, but it was against a D-II team with only two reserves on the bench. The defense is still this team’s weakness — among the many — as lapses on-ball and off-ball ran rampant. Chaminade got many open looks (especially late to rally), and converted on 12-of-23 3-point attempts.

Bottom line: IU had many, many, many chances to put this game away, and simply couldn’t. Chalk it up to inexperience. But they hung on for a win.

Free-throw percentage was awful again, as IU only hit 14-of-27.

OK, Black Wednesday. Have a good night, friends.

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  • FTWHoosier

    “Tom Crean didn’t make any impermissible phone calls?” This is a 'Pro' IU web site and the good that you see is “Tom Crean didn’t make any impermissible phone calls”?

    We have to listen to this crap from Purdue, KY and Illinois fans enough without checking in to talk about a win tonight and we have you spewing the same garbage as those idiots. That is pathetic, even if you were just trying to be cute.

  • ZachH
  • jgongora86

    Dude grow up. Like it or not the phone calls are a part of our history, and the writer made a remark pertaining to recent news that we are on three years probation. Ryan has written great articles, and he should not have to apologize because your ego can't take it.

  • JerryCT

    Alot of us are hoping to see signs that we can be optimistic about an upset or two in the B10. Of the things we can improve I believe rebounding, turnovers and man2man defense will be the most difficult and not necessarily the improvements with the most payback.

    I believe free throws, 3pt accuracy and contesting shooters via matchup zone will be the most effective and available improvements. I am proud of this team no matter what.

  • dale11

    Completely off topic but good to see…Eric Gordon has started the past 2 games and led the clippers in scoring in both.

  • JerryCT

    Who was the guy that streamed the game last night ? I saw it on the blog and went to the web site and was able to watch the game . Can we get him to do that again when IU is on BTN or ESPNU ?

  • FTWHoosier

    Of course the phone calls are part of our history, but cracking on Tom Crean has nothing to do with that…Dude.

    Contrary to what you claim, he never “made a remark pertaining to recent news that we are on three years probation”. You might want to read it again, because he never even mentioned it. He just gave a dig to CTC.

    Who is asking for an apology? I just told the guy that we hear this crap enough without doing it to ourselves. I've read enough to know that Ryan's a big boy, he doesn't need your protection.

  • For the record: that wasn't a dig at Crean, but rather Sampson/the state of the program. I could very well have said “Tom Pritchard didn't throw a flower pot at halftime.” Or “Tijan Jobe hasn't been suspended for violating team rules.”

    All relative.

  • silkyslim

    I am pleased IU got the win, but I would like to see Dumes get a few more assists as he has the ball in his hands quite a bit. With his speed dribble & outside shot he should be able to get the ball to his open teammates more.

  • Sense of humor: perhaps you should invest in one.

  • jgongora86

    By the way guys happy thanksgiving. Though times are tough, I hope all of you are with loved ones and enjoy each others company.

  • FTWHoosier

    You're right, we might as well laugh at IU, everybody else is eh?

  • Taskmaster75

    Yes Happy Thanksgiving to all

    The main thing i was disappointed in was free throw shooting. I know, i know, i can't expect this to be an 80% team, but barely above 50%? I think we can do a lot better than that. Still fun to watch them play. Pritchard will be starting next year it seems when we get the huge influx of talent.

  • MikeinNC

    There are 3 things that I think they need to really focus one:

    Raising their defensive intensity level.
    Hitting 70%+ from the FT line as a team, especially in the 2nd half.
    Boxing out.

    That's what I would be focusing on if I were Crean, alas, I am just an old alum sitting here typing in a Turkey-induced state of drowsiness…..

  • sorry FTW. i'm sure what Ryan meant to say was: “Gee goly, IU sure did look swell last night! Winning by two points over a D-II team with seven active players is an indication that IU is well on their way to a sixth Championship season. Sure, the 14-27 FT was bad, but we can all be thankful that it was better than 50%!”

    get a grip. IU is shaping up for a 6-8 win season, and we have to grin and bear it. it was a simple joke and it wasn't a dig at Crean or at the program. there's no reason to be uptight about it.

    better days are on the way.

  • jgongora86

    Hey coveydale, how about those G-men hey? Man I think we have a great shot to repeat. I didn't think manning had it in him, but wow what a change.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Two things that I think we can do to are pretty simple:

    1.) Better block outs so we stop second chance scoring opportunities.
    2.) Hit our FTs – get over the nerves fellas. It's an easy shot.

    We hustle our butts off, but we just have to play smarter basketball and I think we'll see improved IQ over the course of the season.

  • they've been great.

    it has helped keep my mind off the Knicks and IU basketball for the time being.

  • they've been great.

    it has helped keep my mind off the Knicks and IU basketball for the time being.