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Back in the summer of 2007 (we say that like it was so long ago), we formed Inside the Hall as a place to talk Hoosier basketball 365 days a year. We’re now officially in the dog days of summer: the AAU circuit is wrapping up, the former Hoosiers have found their new homes and the new coaching staff is finally settling into their offices in Bloomington.

With that said, we’ve been forced to go to the drawing board for some creative ideas to keep the discussion moving forward. And luckily, we’ve managed to do that in a manner that we think you’ll enjoy.

Here’s the task: Counting down the top 10 players to ever don the cream and crimson. It’s going to work like this: You give us your lists in the comments and your input will count as 1/4 of the final result. The three of us will also make our lists and we’ll put this information together and count down the top 10.

Those of you who are already actively commenting, keep doing your thing. Those of you who read everyday and never comment, now is the time to enter the conversation. (If you’re not sure how to get started with the whole commenting thing, click here.) We’ll give it until Saturday to allow the lists to come in and then we’ll get started with the festivities next week. Now, get to work on those lists, boys and girls.

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    As far as the Mr. Basketball voting, IU's Stew Robinson in 1983 should have been Mr. Basketball over UK's Roger Hardin………Old Politics

  • Kelin Blab

    clutch bro…I couldn't think of that name for nothing….

  • MikeinNC

    No particular order, this was tough:

    Buckner – got more out of less, best team ever
    Thomas – best guard in IU history
    Alford – he is Jimmy Chitwood
    May – best player on best team ever
    Cheaney – would have won it all if not for AH knee injury
    Rayl – he was Jimmy Chitwood too
    Schlundt – great leader and competitor
    Bellamy – ditto
    DJ White – heart of a warrior, became a man in front of our eyes
    Benson – best college team ever (Michigan game tip-in? Wow)

    honorable mention: a gozillion great players

  • tetkalee

    1. Calbert Cheaney
    2. Scott May
    3. George McGinnis
    4. Isaiah Thomas
    5. Steve Alford
    6. D.J. White (pretty good stats, but excellent endurance through a lot of crap…and through it all was a Hoosier through and through…that puts him at #6)
    7. Kent Benson
    8. A.J. Guyton (great 4 year player, amazing shooter, All-American his Sr season)
    9. Jay Edwards
    10. Damon Bailey.

  • jgongora86

    Yeah I meant Robertson ( my bad). What do you guys want I only had three cups of coffee at that point (joking guys). I heard it at an interview on espn, and later on a sportscentury.

  • nchoosier

    i think this is great. obviously there are going to be lots of disagreements. i see some people obviously picking guys with their heart that there is no way they are a top 10 of all-time guys. then i think there are some that are including more modern guys b/c they saw them play and are omitting old school guys and that also happens vice-versa. the other problem we run into are the 1 or 2 year guys. hard to count a jay edwards or jared jeffries, etc.

  • jgongora86

    I loved AJ Guyton. I was there during his senior year and helped him in anthropology. Good kid, didn't know much about academics, but he cared and tried really hard. I was at the MIchigan State game where he made the shot to get us into overtime. He was clutch and and smooth stroke. I rushed center court and kissed the IU center court piece and embraced the every moment ( it was my first IU game).

  • HoosierSmitty

    i agree, i'm already putting together various top ten lists…i'll refrain from going crazy and listing them here…but let's just do a top ten every week.

    Then Big A and the Postmen could be really cool and even have a place in the sidebar of this website with a listing of all those Top Tens and the final voting results.

  • bahickma

    I think it's perfect. You could put together crazy lists of all the stuff that Hoosier fans love. Detailed reporting on it all, and before you know ITH becomes THE resource website for anyone who doesn't know or wants to know more about Indiana University basketball. Think of the possibilities. You could turn this website from an outstanding blog to the hottest spot for all things Hoosier basketball.

  • Iuchamps87

    1- Calbert Chaney
    2- Steve Alford
    3- Kent Benson
    4- Isiah Thomas
    5- Scott May
    6- Walt Bellamy
    7- George McGinnis
    8- AJ Guyton
    9- Alan Henderson
    10- Damon Bailey

  • BFowler

    I like it, but you left out Ivan Renko. The mythical Herculean recruit from the late '80's-early '90's that never appeared….Hmmmm

  • HoosierSmitty

    Classic Bobby Knight mythology there. But you have to exist to count!

  • BFowler

    Agreed, just popped in my head reading your list. Good work by the way.

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    Not in any Particular order to hard to rank

    1. Isiah Thomas
    2. Calbert Cheaney
    3. Steve Alford
    4. Walt “Bells” Bellamy
    5.Scott May
    6.Eric Gordon
    7.Mike Woodson
    8.Kent Benson
    9.Alan Henderson
    10.DJ White

  • student

    watching patterson single handedly beat duke is one of my earliest memories as a Hoosier fan, and one of my fondest. unbelievable.
    And can we include Sean May as an almost Hoosier? Mike Davis was close to bringing him in…

  • Here's a question, do you base your list on your top 10 favorite Hoosier players ever, or on accomplishments, talent, etc.? Well, here's my complete list.

    THE TOP 50.

    Steve Alford
    Calbert Cheaney
    Isiah Thomas
    Archie Dees
    Walt Bellamy
    Jimmy Rayl
    Don Schlundt
    Mike Woodson
    Scott May
    Kent Benson

    Alan Henderson
    Bobby “Slick” Leonard
    Dick VanArsdale
    Tom VanArsdale
    Bill Garrett
    A.J. Guyton
    Quinn Buckner
    Damon Bailey
    D.J. White
    Steve Downing
    Ted Kitchel
    Marvin Huffman
    Tom Coverdale
    Eric Gordon
    Lou Watson
    Bob Dro
    Jay Edwards
    Tom Bolyard
    Randy Wittman
    Greg Graham
    George McGinnis
    Kirk Haston
    Ray Tolbert
    Bobby Wilkerson
    Hallie Bryant
    Everett Dean
    Jared Jeffries
    Eric Anderson
    Vern Huffman
    Ernie Andres
    Branch McCracken
    Jon McGlocklin
    Brian Evans
    Ralph Hamilton
    Bracey Wright
    Keith Smart
    Marco Killingsworth
    Landon Turner
    Joe Cooke
    A.J. Moye

  • student

    Charlie Miller should have transferred, he had potential but was in RMK's doghouse his entire career. And Ben Allen clearly should have transferred, he served no purpose to our team.

  • Marco Killingsworth? You must be joking.

  • woodpecker

    That whole class was so overrated! Patterson was just a soft player with great potential. And Miller just was not that good, slow, could not shoot, but I really like those 2 because they gave their best. I wish Andre would have found a “mean” streak because he could have been a monster!

  • woodpecker

    I agree!

  • kylehornsbyrules

    1. Thomas 2. Cheaney 3. May 4. Benson 5. Henderson 6. Alford 7. Jeffries 8. Rayl 9. Wilkerson 10. Hornsby

  • JHardesty

    1. Quinn Buckner
    2. Calvert Cheaney
    3. Scott May
    4. Kent Benson
    5. Isiah Thomas
    6. Damon Bailey
    7. A. J. Guyton
    8. Steve Alford
    9. Alan Henderson
    10. George McGinnis
    I became a fan in the early 70's

  • Kelin Blab

    Student…I think Ben Allen would have helped us last year far far more than Mike White, Deandre, and Taber. Ben was big and if KS would at least let the kid use some of his skills it would have been good for the team. Not to mention DJ could have moved to the 4 sometimes…..

    nevertheless, one more reason to despise KS, hope the bucks go 0-82, hope he gets banned from coaching in college for life, and hoping Kellen Sampson gets a good coaching gig and holds a press conference to denounce and reject his father and change his name to K. Diddy

  • add Dean Garrett

  • msdiu81

    1. Isiah Thomas
    2. George McGinnis
    3. Calbert Cheaney
    4. Alan Henderson
    5. Mike Woodson
    6. Don Schlundt
    7. Jimmy Rayl
    8. Damon Bailey
    9. Kent Benson
    10. Randy Wittman
    11. Steve Alford
    12. Jay Edwards
    13. Scott May
    14. Keith Smart
    15. Bobby Leonard

  • bahickma

    haha Marco did give us one unforgettable night, though. 36 points on the nation's returning Defensive Player of the Year? Absolutely. A dunk over Greg Paulus to take the lead, which resulted in the perforation of my ear drums? You got it. So much hope for the rest of a season that when we all finally came back down to Earth we realized that the team was basically average-to-slightly-above it was as heartbreaking as any time we had ever endured in our lives? You'd better believe it.

  • 1. Don Schlundt
    2. Calbert Cheaney
    3. Walt Bellamy
    4. Steve Alford
    5. Scott May
    6. Isiah Thomas
    7. Kent Benson
    8. Mike Woodson
    9. Alan Henderson
    10. Jimmy Rayl

  • brosallman

    1.Alford 2.Bellamy 3.Buckner 4.Cheaney 5. Henderson 6.May 7.McGinnis 8.Isiah 9. VanArsdale twins 10. Woodson

  • RGH

    Neil Reed – I can't figure that out. He was such a tough kid. I remember him putting his shoulder back in place after he dislocated it during a game, again. Then all that Knight BS stuff. It always made me think something else was going on.

    That kid could have been a legend for something else. Too bad.

  • HoosierSmitty



    Gentlemen, Your list is missing the one player who never made a mistake playing the game of basketball. He was a contributing factor for the 1981 Championship!
    His name is Randy Wittman..


    Where is Randy Wittman?

  • Kelin Blab

    mmmm Big A, I could make a case for Killingsworth in the top 50, he didn't have a bad ONE year.

  • quigonpaj

    33 years old. Attended IU from 93-97. After my freshman year, we were bounced in the first round each year. Seen the hard times. Thought they were done. Oh how wrong I was!

    In no particular order, and only going from players I have have seen, which started when I was 5 years old with my dad.

    Calbert Cheney
    Isiah Thomas
    Steve Alford
    Joel Hillman
    Jay Edwards
    Greg Graham – overshadowed by Calbert his entire career, we forget he was 1st team all big 10
    DJ White – even if he wasn't Big 10 MVP last, year, his career was stellar
    Randy Wittman
    AJ Guyton – most underrated player in our history
    Alan Henderson
    Jared Jeffries

  • repairmanjack

    Woodpecker, you are dead wrong about James Blackmon. He was great, but Alford in High School was BETTER. I have seen few who dominated the game at the high school level as Alford.

  • tetkalee

    not bein hostile here but pretty sure the VanArsdale twins count as 2 people…hard to put them both in the #9 spot

  • woodpecker

    I don't know man, I have seen some of the best basketball Indiana has had to offer since I was a wee little “Giant” and James had no body around him and got his team to the state finals single handed! Where did Steve's team end up? James Blackmon was the greatest HS basketball player I have ever seen! JMO, of course! …. Go Giants …. Purple Reign forever!!!!

  • woodpecker

    I considered him on my list!!!!

  • aceman07

    I'm gonna say based on career accomplishments and not just talent:

    1. Calbert Chaney
    2. Scott May (had he not got hurt it was back to back undefeated seasons)
    3. Isaiah Thomas (talent plus NCAA Championship)
    4. Walt Bellamy
    5. Alan Henderson (I still think had he not been hurt it was a championship in '92 as well)
    6. Steve Alford (obviously would have set the mark for triples had it been there 4 years)
    7. George McGinnis
    8. MIke Woodson
    9. DJ White (maybe the hardest playing man to ever step on the court at IU)
    10. And my surprise finisher who was just a blast to watch play and stood for IU basketball with a smile on his face at all times – AJ Guyton

    There's a ton of others that could go on the list but these are just my favorites!!!

  • jjwires

    These are in no particular order. I've watched the Hoosiers since the early 70's.
    1. Mike Woodson
    2. Steve Alford
    3. Isaiah Thomas
    4. George McGinnis
    5. Scott May
    6. Calbert Cheaney
    7. Dan Dakiach – You gotta love the scrappy way he played, plus who else could guard Michael Jordan?
    8. Damon Bailey
    9. Alan Henderson
    10. A. J. Guyton

  • CutterInChicago

    Since 1970 and off the top of my head
    1. Calbert Cheaney
    2. Scott May
    3. Isiah Thomas
    4. Steve Alford
    5. Mike Woodson
    6. Quinn Buckner
    7. Kent Benson
    8. Alan Henderson
    9 (Tie) Greg Graham, D.J.White, Keith Smart, A. J. Guyton, Daryl Thomas, Randy Wittman

    Prior to 1970
    1. Schlundt
    2. Rayl
    3. Bellamy
    4(tie). Huffman/Dees
    6(tie) Tom and Dick VanArsdale, Jon McGlocklin, Tom Bolyard
    10. Downing
    Obviously McGinnis, Slick Leonard would be in the mix as would numerous others.

  • BFowler

    I believe he is the head coach in Minnesota for the T-Wolves……….With any list you are going to leave people out that is my personal vote for 10 greatest players, I love Guyton and Whittman and Moye and Edwards. I knew I would leave some out, and I know that many people have personal favorites, but I do like Whittman, just not top 10.

  • thw01

    Ok, work finally got the best of me and I had to stop, but here is my list. Figuring for the most part you need to be in IU's Hall of Fame to make the list with the exception of the last 2 which I really enjoyed watching…

    Scott May? Basketball 1974-76…averaged 23.5 points on 1976 NCAA championship team…IU Most Valuable Player, All-Big Ten and All-American in 1975 and 1976, Big Ten Player of the Year in 1975 and 1976 and collegiate Player of the Year in 1976…set IU record with 752 points in 1976 season…started on 1976 U.S. Olympic team that won the gold medal…played professionally with three different teams.

    Calbert Cheaney Men's Basketball, 1990-1993
    Cheaney is the most prolific scorer in Big Ten Conference and Indiana basketball history (2.613 points). The only four-time team MVP in Hoosier history, Cheaney was a three-time all-league selection as well as the 1993 Big Ten MVP and Wooden Award as national collegiate player of the year. From 1991-93, Indiana spent 51 weeks ranked among the nation's top 10 and 38 in the top five. One of three players in school history to lead the Hoosiers in scoring four straight years (Steve Alford and Don Schlundt are the others), Cheaney scored at least 30 points in 13 different games during his Hoosier career. Cheaney is also one of only three players in school history to earn All-American honors three times in his career.

    Steve Alford? Won basketball letters in 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987…1984 Olympic Gold Medalist…co-captain in 1986 and 1987…IU's Most Valuable Player four years, the only four-time MVP in history…three-time first team All-Big Ten and Big Ten MVP in 1987…first team All-American in 1986 and 1987…second leading scorer in IU history with 2,438 points, career leader in free throw percentage, season record-holder in 3-point field goals made…helped lead the Hoosiers to 1987 NCAA Championship with seven 3-pointers.

    Quinn Buckner ?Basketball 1973-76 and captain 1974 and 1976…football 1973-74…played on four Big Ten championship teams and helped lead 1976 team to NCAA title…IU's co-MVP in 1975, All-Big Ten in 1974 and 1975, All-American in 1975 and 1976…starter and captain of 1976 Olympic team which won gold medal…only person ever to play on championship teams in high school, college and professional levels and win gold medal in Olympics…led football team in interceptions two years.

    Kent Benson? Won basketball letters in 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 and was captain in '77…three-time All-Big Ten pick and league MVP in 1977…two-time All American selection…academic All-Big Ten and All-American for two years…named outstanding player in 1976 NCAA Final Four, when Hoosiers won their third national championship …had career totals of 1,740 points and 1,031 rebounds…played in the NBA for 11 years.

    Randy Wittman ?Won basketball letters in 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983…co-captain in 1983…played on three Big Ten championship teams and started on the 1981 NCAA Championship Team…played on Indiana's 1979 NIT Championship Team…Indiana and Big Ten Most Valuable Player in 1983…first team All-Big Ten in 1981, 1982 and 1983…Academic All-American in 1982 and 1983…ranked eighth on career scoring list, second on career assist list and third on career steals list at graduation.

    Isiah Thomas? Won basketball letters in 1980 and 1981, leading Hoosiers to two Big Ten championships and 1981 NCAA title… first team All-Big Ten in 1980 and 1981, and All-American in 1981…set season assist record in 1981.

    Alan Henderson- Sixth on the Hoosiers' career scoring list with 1,979 points, helped the Hoosiers advance to the 1992 NCAA Final Four and the 1993 NCAA Elite Eight . A 1995 All-American, is third in career double-double performances (49), and is IU's all-time leading rebounder (1,091). Is also second on Indiana's career blocked shots list (213) and fourth all-time in steals (148)

    Jay Edwards

    DJ White

    Honerable Mention / Favs – Walt Bellamy, Damon Bailey, Jim Rayl, Don Schlundt, Dick & Tom VanArsdale, George McGinnis , Dean Garrett, Greg Graham, Eric Anderson, Matt Nover, Brian Evans, AJ Guyton, , Tom Coverdale, Andrae Patterson, Dane Fife

  • Dave66

    I probably attended my first IU basketball game with my dad, a faculty member at Bloomington, in about 1948. That would have been in “the old fieldhouse” or “Wildermuth.” ROTC cadets distributed free “programs” (two-sided sheets of paper with rosters and scorecard) when you entered. I saw lots of games in the “new fieldhouse” as those were my high school and college years. The best basketball game I have seen in person was the double-overtime IU-Michigan game in 1964 (I think).

    The best players, in my opinion, are bookended by Bill Garrett and Calbert Cheaney. Of course, Garrett couldn't play against today's players, so lists like this must always be considered in context.

    Between Garrett and Cheaney, in no special order, would be:
    Don Schlundt
    Archie Dees
    Walt Bellamy
    Jimmy Rayl
    Quinn Buckner
    Scott May
    Steve Alford
    Steve Downing

    I'd like to include George McGinnis, because I saw him play both in high school and college, and he and Oscar Robertson are arguably the two best high school basketball players ever. But you have to stay all four years to make my list.


    Marco was a thug!

  • jneiswan

    Calbert Cheaney
    Steve Alford
    Isaiah Thomas
    Don Schlundt
    Walt Bellamy
    George McGinnis
    Scott May
    Kent Benson
    Alan Henderson
    Mike Woodson