D.J.’s stock is on the rise

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D.J. WhiteIn an effort to keep up with higher payroll costs directly associated with PostmanR’s presence, the World Wide Leader is offering a free trial of Insider in hopes that you’ll like it and then shell out $39.95 for an annual subscription. Pay for something on the Internet? Ridiculous!

Anyhow, Chad Ford had this to say about our boy D.J. and his draft stock:

It was surprising that White skipped the Orlando predraft camp, but it appears that move isn’t hurting him. He has worked out for the Nets, Magic and Wizards and has more than held his own against some of the more heralded big men prospects in the draft — Darrell Arthur and Marreese Speights.

He measures well at 6-foot-9 in shoes with a 7-foot-2 wingspan, and he’s tested very well in some of the athletic drills. And while talk of a four-year senior being hot is odd these days, remember that White is still just 21 years old — only a few months older than O.J. Mayo.

Perhaps D.J. to Detroit at 29 was selling him a bit short. Although White could still end up in the early second round, Washington (18), New Jersey (21) and Orlando (22) could all give him a serious look. If he goes that high in a draft this stockpiled with talent, Mr. White will be doing very well for himself. That’s why they tell you to stay in school, kids!

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  • Yes: that's exactly why they are charging for Insider. This Chateau Margaux 1787 wine isn't going to pour itself, now is it?

  • hoosier07

    couldn't be happier for DJ… best of luck!

  • Awesome DJ! Luv ya man

    btw Big A, PLEASE don't start charging for your superior services on the intrieging supject of Indiana basketball. I would think it would do more harm than good in the views you would be getting from other sites.
    Some people aren't rich regards,


  • MikeinNC

    Good for him, well deserved.

  • MikeinNC

    Good for him, well deserved.