An eight seed? Are you serious?

  • 03/16/2008 6:34 pm in

oconnor2392.jpgTom O’Connor says “I’m the worst NCAA selection committee chairman of all-time.”

Over the course of this afternoon, I had discussions with PostmanE and PostmanR as well as a member of the mainstream media on the potential seeding for IU in the NCAA Tournament. The consensus seemed to be that the Hoosiers were going to be a 5 or a 6. After all, they were 14-4 in a power conference and lost on a fluke shot to Minnesota in the conference tournament.

Shortly after the brackets were announced and the Hoosiers were revealed as a No. 8 seed, I was baffled. Does the NCAA Tournament committee really believe that IU is not one of the top 28 teams in the country? They’ve been ranked all season and they’ve got a top 25 RPI. Sure, they’ve been playing poorly in their last six games, but the overall body of work is strong. Of their seven losses, five are to tournament teams: Connecticut, Michigan State, Wisconsin twice and Xavier.

The reward for a resume that clearly screams a No. 6 at worst? A No. 8 in the East region with a potential second round game with the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament. In other words, barring a miracle, the season will be over a week from today and perhaps five days from today if IU can’t beat Arkansas. My optimism for a potential tourney run was marginal at best. Now, it’s essentially non-existent. Hey, there’s always next year, right?

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  • I could puke. I think my biggest problem right now is that I'm so pissed off and I didn't expect to be pissed off today. I expected to be intrigued by the matchup instead of being infuriated. What I want to know is what could the committee's justification be for putting Purdue two full seeds higher than IU? They didn't play a tougher non-conference, finished behind IU in the conference standings and lost at the exact same point in the conference tourney. Unreal.

  • Brad

    I don't know why everyone on this blog is overvaluing the Big 10. The conference sucked this year and was not a “power” conference. Most years, it is. If the regular season and tournament champion of the Big 10 (Wisconsin) was given no better than a 3 seed, Indiana (playing the worst ball of any good team in the country) getting an 8 seed is just right. Let's face it folks, we are not good and will be lucky to get past Arkansas. Sorry, just reality.

  • I agree. Everyone seems to be looking to a round 2 match between UNC and Indiana and I'm not sure the Hoosiers are getting there. This team has shown ZERO heart in the face of the adversity that's plagued them toward the latter half of the season and I don't give them credit enough to think that they'll come out and play inspired basketball. WHat a terrible, disappointing end to what was a season of great promise.

    As an amendement, I just realized that Purdue finished just above IU in the conference standings after IU tanked that game in Happy Valley.

  • Doug

    Purdue finished above us in the standings, not below. That said, I think we got hosed. We struggled down the stretch, but an 8-seed just doesn't sit well with me.

  • Mike Creek

    I don't know if we can beat North Carolina in the second round, but I have been wanting to see D.J. go against Tyler Hansbrough all season.

  • BruceW

    I think the NCAA unjustly have begun their punishment of the Hoosiers. They have a history of not doing the Hoosiers any favors

  • DavidC

    Lots of weird seeding issues – Butler a 7, Drake a 5, Xavier 3

  • I thought Butler and Purdue both got hosed.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Yeah but who expected to see it in the second freaking round?

    No . 6 at worst….I'm just stunned…8 seed is ridiculous…

  • jgongora

    you guys I live in Chapel Hill. This is torture for me. I know this sounds bad but I want them to lose in the first round. The torment I would recieve would be reiculous. I'm really not feeling good right now. Ah this really really sucks. IT's so tough living in ACC country, and these stupid assholes acting cocky when in fact there nothing more than wine and cheese crowds. Man I'm going to save money to move to chicago as soon as possible. man this is the worst day of my life. Like salt to the wound.

  • Swampy

    Kentucky in with 18 wins? Screw the Sampson situation, IU should be investigating the NCAA. What a rotten load of crap.

  • steve

    oklahoma 6…mich st 5…miami 8-8 in acc and a 7..

    can you say fucked

  • T

    IU get's hosed with an eight seed.

    But this team has shown that it can battle through adversity….oh wait….nevermind.

    Here's to hoping that they can find a real coach in the near future.

    Of course…there's a small….SMALL part of me that thinks North Carolina is the #1 seed most likely to not get into the final four, maybe they'll go down in flames in the first weekend….just maybe

  • Alan

    As a student who actually is from Arkansas (graduated high school there in ‘06), we got screwed. First, we have to play a good underseeded Arkansas team in the first round. Second, if we do win, we have to play the best team in the country in North Carolina, pratically on their home floor. Third, our seed is terrible. Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Miami, West Virginia, and other should not be above us. Period.

  • hoosiergal

    Myles Brand may again burn in effigy tonight in Bloomington.

  • RobertSchell

    Couldn't agree with you more. I would love to see a Hansbrough/White match-up, but given how UNC and IU have played going into the tournament, with the East set in Charlotte, NC….I know March is when magic happens, but it seems like to big of a mountain for our Hoosiers, given we get past a strong Arkansas team….

  • drode

    You've now been corrected twice on Purdue finishing lower than IU. Do you even pay attention to IU basketball or are you just a cereal blogger. We clearly got screwed on this bid not only a 8 seed, but the worst 8 seed in the bracket? I am speachless!

  • Brent

    i nearly fell out of my freaking chair when i saw IU pop up as an 8 seed, unreal…no love for the big ten what so ever!!! and on top of being an 8 seed…we're thee worst 8 seed having been matched up with the #1overall seed UNC?? we beat purdue heads up, they have one more loss than IU, they lost in the same round of the big ten tourney as we did…they get a 6 seed. not that im a butler fan but they deserve so much more that a 7 seed, whats the deal with the ncaa giving indiana schools the shaft??!

  • kelin

    Although I think the 8 seed is just right…..wouldn't it be poetic justice if Dak can beat UNC again….ofcourse that is if we can beat a good and BIG Arkansas team.

    Also once again Bob Knight did not metion the name IU….good job bob I am sure that is in your contract with ESPN.

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    Who decided the seeding? The NCAA? Oh, I thought you all were paying attention. In case you missed someone high up at the NCAA hates us. Thanks God for baseball season, something the NCAA and Brand cant fuck up and ruin

    Its time those of you who aren't bitching about the NC2A started, its also not a coincidence that UNC and UCLA got such favorable draws, wake up people, we might as well be watching the WWE

  • kurt

    I understand the bafflement / anger. However, let's face it. Our conference is extraordinarily weak this season. And the boys appear to have packed it in since Purdue, especially on Friday, which was a pathetic debacle.

    It takes ridiculous optimism to believe that these guys can play like a five-seed given their behavior over the past three weeks. I don't see it and I understand why the committee apparently doesn't have much faith in them, either. Barring a miracle, this will go down as the most spectacular final-month flame-out in modern IU history. DJ deserves better.

  • Mark

    So we got an 8 seed. So what? All the doom and gloom we've been talking about lately and the NCAA must have been reading it and feeling it too. Our program is in disarray right now and has been since Sanctions left and will be until a new coach comes in to restore order. So let it be. Let's go lace them up and take 'em down 1 by 1. Let's show our guys support. Maybe DD will get them to play with the “us versus them” mentality and use it as motivation and see if the players accept it. DD can sell it as an opportunity to show the NCAA and world we were screwed. Tell the players to go prove everyone wrong. Tell the players not to look too far ahead, but beat Ark. and we get to play the #1 team in the land and what a better way to prove we are worthy than taking down the overrated Hansbrough and show them who the best big man in the country really is: DJ White. The players can react to this in 2 ways: pissed off motivation and ready to kill, or crawl in a hole and cry how they were dissed, similar to how they reacted with losing their coach. If they chose the latter, we're in trouble. If they chose the former, who knows how far we can go. As I said in earlier posts, anything we win this season from here on out is a bonus with this team. So let's sit back and enjoy it from here on out. I know it will be tough to do if they play like the way they played against Minn., but realize it is going to get better and when it does we will have plenty to cheer about.

  • Chi-city Hoosier

    “… these stupid assholes acting cocky when in fact they're nothing more than wine and cheese crowds.”

    HAHAHAHAHA … that was beautiful. chicago awaits your arrival

  • kurt

    Geez, Sherron. What color is the sky in your world? UNC is a quantum level better than IU. UCLA has some issues but they have played well post-to-post. We blew what should have been a 4-seed a month ago because, unlike Michigan in '89, the guys didn't compose themselves and play for the program and themselves after their coach left. They deserve pretty much what they got.

    C'mon. Are you seriously going to put $$ on this team given the way they came out on Friday? That was an absolute embarrassment.

  • miami, who went 8-8 in a garbage ACC and lost in the quarterfinals to virginia tech gets a 7 seed an IU gets an 8?

    west virginia, who had to win two games in the big east tourney JUST TO GET INTO THE FIELD, gets a 7 and IU gets an 8?


    and michigan state as a 5 seed? what a joke.

  • 12-4 and they beat the top two teams in the league, you couldn't leave them out….especially considering that garbage teams like oregon and villanova got invited.

  • UNC a “favorable” draw? what selection show were you watching?

    they potentially get Big Ten Player of the Year DJ White and an Indiana team ranked in the top 25 the entire season in the 2nd round. then they draw Big East Player of the Year Luke Harangody and an underrated Notre Dame team in the Sweet 16. then they could get the winner of Tennessee (who was #1 in the RPI for weeks) and Louisville (who has the talent to get to the Final Four) in the regional final. UNC got royally screwed.

  • Chi-city Hoosier

    “… us against the world.” -Adam Ahlfeld (right?)

    This is it guys. Screw what the NCAA thinks. We're the god damn IU Hoosiers and we'll take anyone anywhere. Yea, we're in a bit of a slump. But the boys get a break now for a few days. They get to re-focus on what got them so far this season. Now the time to step up and show the world what we're made of. The BigTen season is over and done. Now let's focus on bringing home some hardware. Remember Tom Coverdale. Remember AJ Moye. Remember Duke. Remember 2002.

    Never daunted, we shall not falter.

  • Brad

    Actually, we seem to be daunted and faltering quite a bit lately

  • kurt

    That's kind IMO. We seem to be stick-a-fork-in-me done.

  • MPmike

    This is too ridiculous!!! Come ON!!! Are you got to be kidding me? What an insult to the season. Granted, it ended with dissappointing loses, however, IU has won 25 games and was a last second lucky three-point shot away (not counting the Penn ST. game which they tanked after they had nothing to play for) from winning the regular season Big Ten Championship. They also went 14-4 and finish third in the conference with the BIg TEn player of the Year- D.J. White and Freshman of the year- ERic Gordon. This is another reason why I hate the NCAA committee and I'm sure the NCAA would rather not have IU in the tournament period.

    Didn't IU had the same or better seed with a worse record a year ago? What a joke. Finally, Washinton St. a #4. WHO did they beat in the overated Pac 10? NO one!!!! Arizona State had better quality conference and non-conference wins then WSU. What another JOke!!!!!

  • Jay

    Sadly, I agree. I almost hope we lose the first game, because NC might beat us by 40 if the team continues to play the way it has.

  • Jay

    Agree, and I add this: if IU thinks it's better than this, all the team has to do is go win 2 games. Just 2. Then it will take over North Carolina's # 1 seed.

    Just 2 games, IU players. Two games to being the # 1 seed in the NCAA. It's that close if you want it.

  • Nick

    I don't know? I would honestly love to see them get by Arkansas because I would be curious to see how pumped up DJ could get for playing against Tyler Hansbrough!!! DJ is the only player on this team who gives a crap anyway and I am curious to see if he could outplay TH even if we get beat by 40???

  • West Coast Hoosier

    Two words, folks – “Miles Brand.”

    As the past President of Indiana University, he damaged Indiana sports, including not just basketball, but also football, more than anyone in history.

    And for his failures as the steward of Indiana University and its storied athletics program, Brand was kicked upstairs to the Presidency of the NCAA!! Wouldn't you think that the NCAA would want someone who had been successful in boosting athletics at his university?

    I would add that, in his current position, he has continued his “stellar record” with, among other things, his politically correct attack on team mascots that wiped out, among others, Chief Illiniwek for our friends, the University of Illinois.

    In fact, perhaps the very name “Indiana” incurs his wrath for the same reasons. It is, after all, resonant with the history of the state as a location occupied by Native Americans.

    Maybe Mr. Brandt will be happy when the University and state are renamed “Lower Ohio-area State Educational Reserve University. That would remove the Native American implications or out state name and make IU into “LOSER U” for short.

    By stamping Indiana with a permanent “LOSER” moniker, Brand would have achieved ALL of his goals and could retire.

  • JamesHardy

    FOr everyone out there bitching about the 8 seed…send a THANK YOU letter to DD for his complete lack of coaching ability to take this group of TALENTED INDIVIDUALS and continue to let them play “street jams” and “i gotta gets mine” type of basketball…Don't hate the NCAA (uh..never mind that comment)…hate DD for his complete lack of COACHING ABILITY and MOTIVATION and (most importantly) DISCIPLINE!!!

  • JamesHardy

    “fucked”…hey…you asked!

  • JamesHardy

    I'll second and third that motion!

  • JamesHardy

    You forget…UNC doesn't play defense…they're just like us…well…except without all the “bitchy” KS drama…and a returded coach.

  • Jay

    So they beat us 150 to 110. In overtime.

  • stevce

    I agree on DD. Still should be a 6 though.

  • David

    I agree. We got screwed with the seed, but I was hoping to see a UNC/IU matchup at some point in the tourney. Let's face it: we're not winning it all. Might as well be interesting while it lasts…
    Also, if you get the chance, check out Tony Bennett's WSU Cougs and hope that he's on the Assembly Hall sideline next year.

  • Joe

    I can't believe people aren't talking about michigan st. getting a 5 seed more. They finished fourth in the big ten! I guess that win against ohio state made them better than purdue and iu.

  • Brett

    when i saw butler at a seven i was shocked.. how the hell are they a lower seed then drake? thats bs man.. as far as iu's seed, we got what we deserved. we played a horrible non-conf. schedule and struggled all year in a bad conference. one and done for our boys..

  • dave94

    This is not the same team that played through 80% of the season. The last 4 games have shown that we are a number 8 seed RIGHT NOW. We'll loose our first game and be done. It's sad but this team is in shambles right now.

  • MPmike

    Even the so-called experts stated the obvious- Washington St. is overated and IU got hosed. FOR ALL OF YOU TONY BENNETT -(for the next IU coach) is not thinking rationally. Remember Kelvin Sampson did a good job WSU too, however Sampson polished his coaching skills at Oklahoma and was a proven winner there before IU.

  • MPmike

    Even the so-called experts stated the obvious- Washington St. is overated and IU got hosed. FOR ALL OF YOU TONY BENNETT -(for the next IU coach) is not thinking rationally. Remember Kelvin Sampson did a good job WSU too, however Sampson polished his coaching skills at Oklahoma and was a proven winner there before IU.