Hoosiers to face Arkansas in East region

  • 03/16/2008 6:13 pm in

Indiana received a No. 8 seed and will face Arkansas in the East region Friday in Raleigh, North Carolina. If IU wins their first game, they’d play North Carolina in the second round.

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  • kelin

    There was a certain person on this site maybe yesterday or so who said IU would be a 9 seed at best…..mmmmm I wonder who that was…..

    Well by next Saturday let the new coach rumors begin……I don't know much about Arkansas but I know more about IU and obviously the Tourney committee didn't think much of them….damn an 8 seed….

    Thanks Kelvin

    PS I would like to see DJ roast Tyler Hansbourough but we don't match up with them at all…..

  • jim

    IU deserves it but if you look at the other seeds inthe 5 6 7 seeds they obviously are not any better than us drake? are you kiddin but we dug our own grave with our shitty playing for KS shoes(that san antonio i don't care mfer),,,yep big ten gets no respect better start winnign in the tourney and the big ten acc challenge if we want any more respect than what we are getting,,,I love the big ten but I'm about tired of this shit that we are oh so good cause look around we are not,,,look at the facts my friends,,,,by the way butler got f'ed too…..

  • Big S

    Very disappointing. That is all I can say. At a loss for words. IU, Butler, and ND all got screwed.

    Well Hoosiers—go and play your assess off!!

  • Fed Up

    The kids that will come to IU aren't even in high school right now. Everyone can bitch all they want about an 8 seed but these people clearly won't accept that this team and season and progran was sunk back in Feb. The only thing that nakes me mad is that Greenspan is still being paid by the school.

  • Don D.

    All of this if you remember started with Myles Brand. There seems to be a effort by the NCAA to make a point to IU YOU SOULD HAVE NOT HIRED KS!!!! They then prior to the three home games (Wisconsin, MSU and Purdue) to disclose the new investigation. The timing of this disclosure could have been delayed until the season ended. Talk about corrupt – NCAA is at the top of the list. Nothing done with USC – Reggie Bush – No penalties for Florida State's football program. They pick and choose who they want to come after. Your message is loud and strong and thanks again for the number 8 seed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hoosier2601

    This is ridiculous. We got screwed. Purdue a 6? Oklahoma a 6? Butler a 7? Miami a 7? USC a 6?? Come on. We might be bad, but we are #23 in the RPI, 25-7 overall, and we got absolutely no respect at all. Bull Shit!

  • Jay

    Agree. The NCAA does this to strike fear into other schools and keep them in line. And it works.

    I hope the entire NCAA board gets caught up in the NY prostitute scandal. I'd buy a ticket for that trial any day.

  • JamesHardy

    Chill dawg…OSU got a #1 seed…who cares if its in the NIT…NOW THAT'S RESPECT!!!

  • JamesHardy

    Amen to the Butler comment…#9 or #10 in the latest AP top 25…and they get A 7 SEED??? So the hundreds of writers and coaches out there have Butler as a top 10 team and a group of 10-15 ADs get in a room…jerk each other off for a few days…and BAM…BUTLER'S a TOP 28! WOW!

  • tberry

    Didn't Arkansas just beat Tennessee? They will rip IU a new one unless there is a miracle.