Link dump: Kelvin Sampson edition

  • 02/14/2008 7:15 am in

There is no shortage of reading material out there this morning and I’ve gathered the best in an all encompassing link dump for your convenience. Have fun out there, boys and girls.

E will weigh in with The Morning After later this AM.

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  • JamesHardy

    need a good chuckle….read Gary Parrish's translation of Greenspan's comments. It's worth a small laugh…cuz you know thats the shit Greenspan is thinking!

  • what the hell is decourcy talking about? suspend sampson for the postseason? why would they do that instead of just firing him at that point?

  • kelin

    The more of this stuff I read, the less I want to read or even watch the team. There are too many things that run through my mind that duplicate the grueling season we all experienced in Mike Davis's last year….until he finally said “i'm out”….

    Now we will or may sit back and watch recruits who HAD IU on their short list go eleswhere….PU, ND, Duke, UNC etc etc. Say goodbye to Lance Stephenson, Say goodbye possibly goodbye to… or more of our current incoming class…..don't act surprised and don't be shocked. Yes they will need permission but can you blame them?

    Our dream season, we have longed for, has been tainted ……the DJ/EJ combo may never reach it's full potential given the mental strain they must deal with….We all saw how inspired the team played after MD said I am done at the end of the season…..We saw a fan base, become excited again…..we finally had our swagger back…we could look PU in the eye and say you are still our step child! Now how the tides have turned…..

    Kelvin for your sake, the team, and the fans….please resign TODAY.

  • JamesHardy

    can i get an AMEN!


  • HoosierSmitty

    Sports are just depressing. My Hoosiers have a stinking cheating coach, the two professional sports that are worth watching (MLB and NFL) are being investigated by Congress for cheating…what a waste.

    We need to suspend Sampson at the very least.

  • Smitty, you need to find NBA religion. It's a beautiful thing.

  • HoosierSmitty

    No defense? Music during the game? 30 point leads that somehow get whittled down to single possession games in the 4th quarter? No thanks…The NBA is no longer a sport. The athletes don't take it seriously enough and it's just a sad excuse of professional athletics.

    The playoffs have a little intrigue, but not much, especially when you look at the Eastern and Western conferences this year. The Eastern Conference can't even field 8 competitive playoff teams, while solid Western Conference teams will be watching at home.

  • Couldn't agree more. I'd rather watch figure skating.

  • Tom

    hey guys, the nba is great! those guys are the best in the world and work really…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • T

    The NBA leads dissolve cause the teams are evenly matched and the players are professional and don't get psyched out in a road game like in college.

    the NBA is a game of runs, which to me is the most exciting form of basketball.

    Not to mention they're the best basketball players in the world playing at the highest level…The worst NBA team in the league would beat the best college team in the country by about 40 points. I love watching the best of the best play, go NBA

  • kelin

    this is an approximate number so take it for what it is worth……..

    1999 was the last time I watched a full NBA game…

    The last one I attended and paid for …..pacers v philly left at halftime cause I was sleepy watching Deke trod up and down the court…..

    This is pretty sad, a day after losing to Wisconsin we are talking about NBA ball. Big A and E you guys need to get a couple of counselors on here for some therapy…..this sucks.

    Kelvin is ruining everything…..thanks to comcast I didn't see the game last night, and fish overtalking the announcer, did KS get booed?

  • im a knicks fan.

    they would lose to memphis by 20.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Light boos and a smattering of cheers. I was in the stands…it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. I just stayed silent regarding Sampson, but I cheered my ass off for the players.

    The game was great overall. I thought some calls were horrible, but EJ missed some good looks at three and we could have pulled away several times, but couldn't in the end.

  • CB in OR

    Sampson and everyone involved with hiring him need to be fired. Yes , Greenspan yes, you too. I want us to hire Doug Collins kid, an assistant coach for coach K. LET THE GREAT SEARCH FOR A NEW COACH BEGIN!!

  • MikeyD

    How about Dawkins or Wojo. I think Coack K would encourage them. Just a thought. Someone with ZERO baggage is a must. Hey guys…don't give up on this season just yet. I think Sampson will be gone soon, and whoever takes his place will reinstate a sense of pride and purpose, and let's face it, there is some serious talent on this team. You convince them to play for each other as a team and for the tradition and fans of IU, and we could see some pretty spectacular results from this team. Let's get behind the boys! They can still win the Big 10 and have a great run in the tourney. I just hope IU makes an official announcement either way. Either he is going to stay or he is not. The fans and the community deserve to know one way or the other.

  • b_side

    Sure Coach K was a Knight disciple, but what ties do Collins or Dawkins have to the midwest? Oh wait they pulled out McRoberts and Scheyer from Naptown and Chi respectively. Screw it, I'll get over my Cameron Crazy hate for a clean program.

    Sean Miller (Xavier), Tony Bennett (Wash St), Scott Drew (Baylor, former Valpo), Dukey assistants — looks like a good short list to me.

    Dakich was doing AD operations prior to being named a late assistant, so can we get rid of Greenspan and have Dakich be temp-to-perm AD based on performance?

  • IndianaDan

    Bobby Knight returning to IU,dream on. They have a better chance of getting Gene Keady, but……….what a perfect time to see Steve Alford on the Hoosier sidelines.

  • IndianaDan

    Bobby Knight returning to IU,dream on. They have a better chance of getting Gene Keady, but……….what a perfect time to see Steve Alford on the Hoosier sidelines.