Get your Kent’s Klub t-shirt

  • 10/23/2007 9:41 pm in


Not a ton of information trickling out of Hoosier camp as of late — and in the wake of the infractions, that’s probably a good thing — so here’s something to tide you over until we actually see all these new pieces try and mesh as one on the court.

It’s everyone’s favorite outspoken former Hoosier Kent Benson’s student fan club t-shirt up for bid on eBay. There don’t appear to be any bids on this guy at the moment, but you can buy it now for $28.98 + $5.25 for shipping and handling.

No word yet on whether or not when you don the shirt you’ll angrily spout of about the state of IU basketball, but buyer beware.

Get your bids in now, kids.

Thanks to entrepreneurial-minded PMK for the tip.

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