Random YouTube vid: Eric Gordon owns some dude

  • 07/31/2007 12:52 pm in

Here’s a confession: I usually wouldn’t promote a high school kid getting posterized. However, since it’s our boy Eric Gordon doing the posterization (is that a word?), I’m going to make an exception.

A couple of things about the following video, which many of you have probably already viewed. This was Gordon’s second to last high school game, the Class 4A Semi-State at Southport High School. The opponent was Bloomington South and well, it was a typical game for Mr. Gordon: he scored a lot of points, his team won and oh yea, he dunked on a few people.

Below is video evidence of that last point. You will notice that he was called for a charge on the play, but I think the referee felt sorry for Bloomington South. At this point, the game was getting out of hand. The defender may have had his feet set, but when someone jumps over you, how can you call a charge? My guess is that the victim is still having nightmares over this particular incident. Hopefully he’ll receive royalties for having his picture taken.

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