This just in: Eric Gordon is good at basketball

  • 07/03/2007 12:33 am in

gordon1.jpgYour friend and mine, Doug Gottlieb over at the World Wide Leader, recently ranked the top prospects for the 2008 NBA draft. (Free Insider!) And, he’s got our boy Eric Gordon at No. 1 on the list.

1. Eric Gordon, Indiana
Gordon would have been the first guard taken this year. He has deep range, a midrange game that is developing and he will finish in traffic as well. Unlike some of his fellow guards in this class, Gordon has no issues with sharing the ball on the floor or baggage off the floor. He is a huge reason for believing that IU is back. But for how long?

This is good for IU fans in the sense that EJ is getting some crazy dap from ESPN even before the season starts. It’s refreshing to see an IU player have such an high profile — when was the last time we could claim that? However, this does nothing but reaffirm the fact that Gordon is probably a one-and-done.

Let’s enjoy him while we can, shall we?

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