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Check out 20 photos by Jamie Owens from Indiana’s 94-70 exhibition win over Northwood at Assembly Hall in the embedded photo gallery after the jump. Purchase prints from J. Scott Sports.


Notebook: Crean feeling ‘tremendous amount’ of responsibility for recent struggles


Late in Tom Crean’s lengthy press conference on early Wednesday afternoon, the Hoosiers head coach was asked to clarify a comment he made earlier in the press conference regarding how else he would have handled the events of last Friday night.

After more than 40 minutes of speaking on the team’s multiple offcourt issues, the coach beginning his seventh season at Indiana paused, holding back emotions, and gave an answer.

“If I could go back and do it again the other night, I would have had them in there until midnight, would have gotten some sleep and then would have come right back in (at 5 a.m.),” Crean said, pausing at times during the answer to contain himself. “And I would have never let them out of my sight. Not sure if that’s realistic, but that’s what I would have done. Could I do that every night? I don’t know, but that’s where we’re at.”

Just after Indiana’s practice ended on Friday afternoon — the night of Halloween — Crean spoke to his team for more than 20 minutes on what not to do that night. Hours later, he was in the emergency room at IU Health Bloomington Hospital with sophomore Devin Davis in serious condition and freshman Emmitt Holt scarred, rattled and cited by police.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Crean said he feels “a tremendous amount (of responsibility)” for what occurred that night — not because his players did not listen to him after practice but rather that he had to confront Davis’ parents in the hospital just after.

“My passion level for what my responsibilities are are as high as they can possibly be,” Crean said. “And when it doesn’t go right, it’s the responsibly that falls on my shoulders. Am I disappointed? There’s absolutely no question about that. Am I extremely disappointed for my family, for our coaches, for their families? No question about it.

“But when you do this, you feel the responsibility to the kids. You feel the responsibility to the parents.”


Hulls: IU players must hold each other accountable


Jordan Hulls may be playing professionally in Kosovo, but he’s keeping a close eye on what’s going on in Bloomington at his alma mater.

Hulls, who played at Indiana from 2009 to 2013 and was an integral part of the rebuilding process under Tom Crean that ultimately led to the program’s first outright Big Ten championship in 20 years, said on Wednesday he understands the fan frustration that’s come as a result of recent offcourt issues.

But he also believes that Indiana has the right man in charge to navigate through the issues.

“It’s definitely frustrating, I would definitely share that with the fans,” Hulls told Inside the Hall. “I’m 100 percent loyal to Coach Crean and I have complete faith that he’s going to try and do all of the right things.”

Leadership, or lack thereof, has been mentioned as a potential issue since the end of the 2012-2013 season when Hulls, Derek Elston, Victor Oladipo, Christian Watford and Cody Zeller departed Bloomington.

The Bloomington native, who starred in high school at South high school and won the Mr. Basketball Award, says he views leadership a little different than most.


Video: Tom Crean addresses media on recent issues

Tom Crean met with the media on Wednesday afternoon at Assembly Hall to address a tumultuous week for the program and discussed a variety of topics.

Among them: An update on the condition of Devin Davis, the current leadership from the players in the program, the amount of responsibility he feels for what has transpired recently and much more.

Watch the full press conference below:

Crean provides update on Devin Davis


Indiana coach Tom Crean addressed the media at Assembly Hall on Monday afternoon and provided an update on the status of sophomore Devin Davis, who was seriously injured in an accident early Saturday morning near Memorial Stadium.

Davis remains in IU Health Bloomington Hospital.

Crean wasn’t able to specifically discuss the nature of the injuries sustained by Davis, but added that team doctors will have an update available shortly.

“He’s making progress and when I say that, I wish I could sometimes give you just this great bit of information,” Crean said. “But progress this morning is sitting up in a chair. Progress is taking a walk. Progress is, I guess he played Stan (Robinson) two games at UNO and beat him, so I think that’s progress. Last night, watched him and sat there helped hold him up to watch him eat his dinner, which was not easy. And the reality is setting in obviously that this is a long road with his injury.

“Again the people have just been so great, but it’s starting to focus in that it’s going to be a long process. Our players are seeing that, certainly we’re seeing it, but it pales in comparison to what the family sees. So hopefully he will continue to make progress, we get updates the beginning of the day, the end of every day and certainly we see him throughout the day. That’s the update that I have with him.”

Video: Nick Zeisloft addresses media

Indiana redshirt junior Nick Zeisloft addressed the media on Wednesday in advance of Thursday’s exhibition opener against Northwood University.

Watch his comments below:

Yogi Ferrell to FOX 59: ‘We don’t hold each other accountable’


Junior Yogi Ferrell says the IU players, not the coaching staff, are at fault for the program’s recent troubles.

In an interview with Indianapolis TV station FOX 59 on Tuesday, conducted at Cook Hall, Ferrell said the blame for the Hoosiers’ recent off-court struggles lies with he and his teammates — and not with Indiana coach Tom Crean and his staff.

“The root cause is our entire team ourselves,” Ferrell said. “It has nothing to do with the coaching staff. The coaching staff is great. They get us ready for each game, prepare us as much as they can.

“I feel like it’s with the team. We don’t hold each other accountable.”

FOX 59 aired only part of the interview during its 5 p.m. broadcast and said it plans on airing the rest of it during the 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. broadcasts this evening.

Update: Full statements from Ferrell below:

“We, the Indiana basketball team, have let down our fans, family and friends and those before that have made Indiana basketball what it is today. We are embarrassed by our actions. Even I have made mistakes and I’ve owned up to those mistakes.


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