66 responses to “Pick to Click: North Carolina Central”

  1. iujunebug says:

    Christian Watford

  2. tmeaster says:


  3. Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts says:

    Watford, he is going to dominate inside.

  4. marcusgresham says:

    Christian Watford

  5. generalrmk says:

    Creek. I'm done with losing this contest.

  6. TheStillman says:

    Christian Watford

  7. Casey says:

    Mo Creek

  8. Courtney says:

    Mo Creek

  9. HoosierEvan says:

    Big Watford for me again

  10. lancergolfer87 says:


  11. Spencer_D says:


  12. IUMIKE1 says:

    Give me Watford

    He is gonna be mad and well have been waiting for ” the next game ” or he had better feel that way.

  13. brosallman says: