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Class of 2007 vs. Preseason All-Americans: The ITH game of the century

  • Eamonn Brennan 11/08/2007 12:02 pm  

Settle an argument, ITH-ers. Your loyal correspondent PostmanE, ever fascinated with the joy of potential, has a half-cracked theory floating around in his brain. Big A has already politely disagreed with me, but it’s a good sports debate, so let’s ...

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Mike DeCourcy’s top 5 for next year’s draft

  • Alex Bozich 07/09/2007 7:44 am  

While we usually don’t put much stock into lists or pure speculation, this particular instance caught our eye. Mike DeCourcy, who covers college hoops (and does it quite well) for the Sporting News, listed his take on five potential guys ...