Film Session: How Trey Galloway countered Ohio State’s ice coverage

  • 02/08/2024 8:53 am in

To mount their comeback on Tuesday night against Ohio State, Indiana ran a lot of its actions starting with Trey Galloway off the left wing. Galloway got it done in a big way, scoring 19 points and dishing out four assists over the final 20 minutes of action.

Galloway’s work primarily came in two different ways. One was extending the zoom handoff set Indiana usually runs on the left elbow out further to the wing to give things more space and Galloway an even bigger head of steam.

Indiana also just ran side ball screens for Galloway. For today’s Film Session, we’re going to dive into those side ball screens. Specifically, we’ll look at how Galloway countered Ohio State’s ice coverage of them. Ice coverage seeks to take away the middle, containing the ballhandler to the sideline and forcing them to move baseline. But Galloway did a nice job countering for scores for himself and his teammates.


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