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In its win against No. 1 Purdue on Saturday, Indiana’s ability to turn the Boilermakers over, especially in the first half, was a key to victory. The Hoosiers outscored Purdue 20-8 in points off turnovers, which helped them to a 15-point lead at halftime and ensured victory in the final minutes of the contest.

Indiana’s defense, both as a team and individually, made the difference. As Indiana hounded Zach Edey via double teams in the first half, the Hoosiers were still able to fly around and recover to Boilermakers on the perimeter, keeping the pressure up all over the place. Other times it was about individual defenders stepping up and making plays. Indiana also seemed to get juice from its raucous home crowd, one that flustered the Boilermakers.

We’ll take a look at how Indiana got it done defensively in the latest edition of Film Session:

With the Hoosiers up seven in the first half, Edey receives the ball near the left low post via a baseline inbound pass. From there, Tamar Bates doubles off the perimeter, jumping up high in the air as Edey looks to skip pass out of the post. Galloway, who had been helping on Bates’ man, David Jenkins Jr., is able to recover back to Braden Smith on the right wing on the pass. Purdue then fires off a 3-pointer from Mason Gillis, but it doesn’t fall. Edey grabs the offensive rebound and Purdue resets with him posting on the right low block.

Now, Galloway doubles like Bates, jumping high in the air as Edey looks to pass out of it. He finds Smith in the right corner and Galloway recovers. Galloway’s recovery allows Smith to drive right and he heads to the paint.

A quick stunt from Jackson-Davis slows him down just enough for Galloway to get back into it and cut off a shot attempt.

From here, Smith finds a cutting Gillis off the weak side. But on the pass, Jalen Hood-Schifino pokes at the ball and then Galloway knocks it away and steals it for good. Galloway quickly outlets to Bates, who finds Malik Reneau. Reneau is fouled on his shot attempt and hit both free throws to put the Hoosiers up nine.

Great all-around team defense from the Hoosiers here.

In our next play, it’s now Reneau doubling Edey on the left low block. This allows Gillis to dive off the top of the key through the paint. Edey hits him with a pass and it looks like the Boilermakers bested the double this time around.

But Jackson-Davis, Indiana’s all-time blocks leader, comes off Edey and it messes with Gillis. He opts against shooting on the right side of the basket. As he moves up and under to the other side, he’s whistled for a travel. IU ball.

While Indiana didn’t immediately convert this turnover into a bucket, it’s an example of the crowd and the Hoosiers getting into Purdue’s head in the first half.

After a lob from Hood-Schifino to Jackson-Davis goes awry on IU’s end, Purdue comes down in transition quickly with Smith finding Fletcher Loyer on the right wing and he fires up a 3-pointer. It doesn’t fall.

But Purdue is able to get the long rebound and Loyer gets the ball back near the right elbow. Because of the rebound carrom, Bates is out of position on the right wing after he closed out on Loyer’s shot attempt. But as Loyer drives to the paint, Bates moves quickly to recover and strips the ball straight out of Loyer’s hands. He passes it ahead to Hood-Schifino, who this time around in transition, connects on a lob to Jackson-Davis.

Really strong effort and individual defense from Bates on this one.

In our last play, Indiana clings to a two-point lead with just over five minutes to play. Purdue inbounds the ball from the baseline and looks to get Smith going in ball-screen action as Edey comes up to set the screen. As Edey re-screens, Smith drives right. It’s here where Miller Kopp calls out a switch. He picks up Smith on the drive as Galloway switches onto Loyer.

Miller then goes to work. He hounds Smith. As Smith makes the entry pass to Edey, it’s a little off the mark to Edey’s right hip and Miller pounces, picking up the steal from Edey.

On the other end, Hood-Schifino rises and fires on a deep 2 off a ball screen from Race Thompson to extend Indiana’s lead out to four points.

While Indiana had less success bothering Edey and the Boilermakers in the second half, this was a huge play from Kopp on a possession Purdue could have tied the game or taken the lead.

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