Film Session: Maryland

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In their loss to the Terrapins on Tuesday night, the Hoosiers held a seven-point advantage (22-15) after a Kaleb Banks layup at the 9:21 mark in the first half.

But Maryland went on a 22-7 run to end the half, taking an eight-point lead (37-29) into the break. The Hoosiers never led again.

It was a stretch that was emblematic of Indiana’s issues in this one. Struggles with team, transition and individual defense. Maryland’s press forcing Indiana to eat clock early in the possession, giving them less time to operate in the half court after some stagnation. Missed shots from Jalen Hood-Schifino. Turnovers along with a more grounded performance for Trayce Jackson-Davis, despite his 18 points and 20 boards.

We’ll take a look at what went wrong as Indiana’s lead slipped away for good in the latest edition of Film Session:

In our first play, we see Banks go under a ball screen for Hakim Hart on the right wing and stick with him to the top of the key. But Jackson-Davis seems to think this is a straight-up switch, never even looking to recover back to the screener, Julian Reese, on his roll. Realizing this, Banks scrambles to Reese, but he’s too far behind and Malik Reneau’s tag on his roll doesn’t do much to slow him down.

Reese gets the pass from Hart and dunks it home over Tamar Bates’ help, who fouls him in the process.

A bit of a miscommunication on coverage seemed to be an issue for the Hoosiers here.

After Reese missed the ensuing free throw, Maryland throws its press at Indiana, which we saw for large stretches of the game. By the time Indiana gets the ball over half-court and begins to try and run some offense, the shot clock is at 20. From there, Indiana is pretty stagnant, so Trey Galloway tries to make something happen on a drive late in the shot clock. He’s stopped in the lane and passes out to Banks, who takes a contested 3-pointer with two seconds left on the shot clock.

The press gave Indiana less time in its half-court offense all evening. And with Indiana more stagnant than it had been during the five-game win streak, Maryland got a great result on this possession: a contested 3-pointer from a freshman that’s now taken just three all season.

After one of Hood-Schifino’s 13 misses on the evening, Young is able to secure the rebound and brings the ball up the court in transition. As Reneau gets back on defense, he’s searching for someone to defend in the paint and heads all the way to the left elbow before realizing Donta Scott is on the right wing.

Hood-Schifino tries to give some help, but he’s caught between Young and Scott. Reneau has too far to make up to Scott and he’s able to hit the 3-pointer to pull Maryland within two points.

Indiana lost shooters like this across the entire game, but was lucky Maryland only shot 5-of-22 (22.7 percent) from deep for the contest.

Here, Young gets Banks on a switch and immediately goes to work on an untested freshman, driving to the basket and getting fouled. The Hoosiers struggled to contain Young’s drives, especially in the first half. The Terps also made 25-of-29 from the line for the game with Young accounting for five of those makes.

Now on offense again, Jackson-Davis receives the ball on the right low block and is able to get to his preferred spot in the lane for a lefty hook after Maryland digs off the perimeter. With Young in the lane near the nail to try and ward off a pass to Hood-Schifino at the top of the key, Jackson-Davis has Miller Kopp, shooting 43.7 percent from 3-point range on the season, wide open in the left corner.

But Jackson-Davis opts against the shot and a pass to Kopp. Instead, he tries threading a one-handed pass to Race Thompson, who’s just a few feet away from him in the paint and has Scott in between him and the ball. The angle isn’t there and it’s a turnover out of bounds.

You can see Kopp’s body language after the errant pass and he even runs over to Jackson-Davis after the play, perhaps to let him know he was open. Jackson-Davis had just two assists for the game and didn’t have as much command in this one as he did during Indiana’s five-game winning streak.

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