Film Session: Wisconsin

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Indiana’s return to form on defense was the dominant storyline coming out of its win against Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon. But after struggling to score in the first half, its offense came alive, scoring 1.27 points per possession in the second half.

The Hoosiers posted a 12-0 run to start the half to go up 33-20. With their defense continuing to shut down the Badgers, that run proved to be a decisive stretch of the game as Wisconsin never got closer than 10 points the rest of the way.

Indiana went to work early in possessions, using both drag screens out of transition and ball screens in the halfcourt to free up Jalen-Hood Schifino and Trey Galloway. And when Jackson-Davis posted up and the double team came, he found a sealed-off Jordan Gernoimo for a bucket.

We’ll take a look at Indiana’s offense during this stretch in the latest edition of Film Session:

In our first play, Galloway and Geronimo clear to the right side of the floor. This allows Hood-Schifino, Kopp and Jackson-Davis to run a three-man game. With Kopp and Jackson-Davis at the elbows, Kopp moves first, setting a ghost screen for Hood-Schifino before flaring to the left wing. Next, Jackson-Davis moves up to set a ball screen for Hood-Schifino.

Hood-Schifino rejects the ball screen and drives left. With Jordan Davis needing to stay home on Kopp as he moves down to the left corner and Steven Crowl staying home on Jackson-Davis, Hood-Schifino has just Chucky Hepburn to take 1-on-1 to the basket. Hood-Schifino hits a nice floater over him for two points.

Solid play design here from the Hoosiers to get Hood-Schifino isolated going to the basket.

Indiana gets right to work on our next play. Geronimo and Jackson-Davis set a double drag screen for Hood-Schifino on the left side. Geronimo does a great job of getting his body into Hepburn, which frees Hood-Schifino. Crowl plays drop coverage on Hood-Schifino’s drive. So Hood-Schifino pulls up in the mid-range and drains a jumper to put the Hoosiers up seven.

Simple stuff from the Hoosiers here, but it got Hood-Schifino free in an area he’s comfortable making shots in, using Crowl’s decision to drop and taking what the defense gave him.

Indiana again gets to work quickly, as Jackson-Davis brings the ball up the court and passes to Galloway on the left side. Jackson-Davis sets a ball screen for Galloway and rolls to the rim. Crowl drops on Galloway’s drive and for a split second starts recovering back to Jackson-Davis. But as he realizes Galloway isn’t going to be stopped, he heads back to Galloway, but it’s too late. And with Carter Gilmore retreating at the rim, it allows Galloway an easy lay-in at the rim.

Good to see Galloway also getting involved as a primary ballhandler during Indiana’s early second-half run.

In our final play, Indiana runs a set out of inbounds play. Jackson-Davis sets a ball screen for Hood-Schifino. As this happens, Kopp sets a back screen for Jackson-Davis to free him more on his roll. Hood-Schifino opts against the pass to Jackson-Davis. But a quick swing to Kopp allows Kopp to enter the ball to Jackson-Davis in the post.

From here, Markus Ilver leaves Geronimo on the right low post to double Jackson-Davis. Geronimo then seals Max Klesmit in the lane, allowing Jackson-Davis to lead Geronimo to the rim. The pass comes and Geronimo delivers with a bucket, getting fouled in the process, though he’d miss the ensuing free throw.

Geronimo’s ability to score off Jackson-Davis’ double team was one of the reasons the Hoosiers outscored the Badgers 42-22 in the paint on Saturday afternoon.

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