Film Session: Jackson State

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Jackson State’s 2-3 zone mostly succeeded in turning the Hoosiers into a jump-shooting team to start the game on Friday afternoon. But when the Trojans went back to their zone in the second half, Indiana was ready to attack it differently.

On several possessions, the Hoosiers went high-low with their bigs, using their size as an advantage to attack the zone with great efficiency at the rim.

We’ll take a look at Indiana’s high-low success in the latest edition of Film Session:

In our first play, Race Thompson moves off the left slot down to the left elbow and receives the pass from Xavier Johnson, who was calling out traffic for the Hoosiers against the zone. With Jackson State sending two to the ball, all Trayce Jackson-Davis has to do is cut to the hoop and tap in Thompson’s pass for two points.

Good, quick decision-making from Jackson-Davis here.

Jackson-Davis flashes across the lane and receives the ball on the left elbow. Thompson is on the left low block and Jackson-Davis makes the pass. But Thompson has two defenders on him down low, so he makes the pass to Johnson in the right corner. Johnson has enough space to rise and hit the 3-pointer to extend Indiana’s lead to 26.

Johnson hit 4-of-8 from deep in the content, aided by good looks like this.

This play has Malik Reneau getting the pass in the middle of the zone. Jackson-Davis is guarded well enough that Reneau cannot pass it to him on the right block. But Reneau has space to drive, so he does. He then dishes it out to Tamar Bates in the left corner, who swings it to Johnson on the left wing. Johnson drives and attracts several defenders once he gets to the rim, which allows Jackson-Davis a lane to cut to the basket in the paint. Johnson delivers him the pass and he dunks it home.

While it took more passes and some driving, this one still ends with a high-efficiency look for Jackson-Davis at the rim.

Here Johnson calls out the play with his thumb up and we again see a Hoosier hit the left elbow. Jackson-Davis cuts across the lane. He receives the pass from Miller Kopp. Meanwhile, Reneau is sealing off a defender on the left low block. Reneau retains his position as Jackson-Davis makes the pass.

Reneau was fouled on the shot attempt but made both attempts.

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