Film Session: Ohio State

  • 02/23/2022 8:00 am in

While Indiana’s offense failed to crack a point per possession for a sixth consecutive contest, the Hoosiers did display a bit more off-ball movement and variety in action against Ohio State on Monday evening. The likes of Parker Stewart (11 points), Miller Kopp (seven points), Tamar Bates (seven points) and Jordan Geronimo (two points) were integral to the success of such movement.

We’ll take a look at scores from all four of them in the latest edition of Film Session:

Here’s something the fanbase has been clamoring for over the last several games: off-ball movement when Trayce Jackson-Davis gets the ball in the post.

After Xavier Johnson enters the ball to Jackson-Davis on the strong side, he moves off the right wing to set a screen on Stewart’s man. At the same time, Tamar Bates moves out of the left corner to the left wing. As Kyle Young comes on the double to Jackson-Davis, Bates’ man, Eugune Brown III is fully helping on Thomspon.

This allows Jackson-Davis to throw the skip pass to Bates and for Ohio State to have a longer closeout.

It’s an open weak-side look for Indiana that comes off a Jackson-Davis right block post up, all thanks to some movement off the ball.

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