Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/31/2022 7:55 am in

After falling behind 8-0 to start the contest, Indiana ripped off a 13-0 run in its win against Maryland on Saturday afternoon. The Hoosiers never again trailed in the game. The early spurt set the tone and showcased what made Indiana the winner in this one: Xavier Johnson’s ability to find his teammates (nine assists) and Indiana’s defense clamping down at the rim.

We’ll take a look at two Johnson assists and Indiana’s rim defense during the 13-0 run in the latest edition of Film Session:

Here’s a set Indiana has started to employ early in games to try and get Miller Kopp going, running him through staggered screens from the paint out to the left wing.

As we see here on the freeze frame, not only does Johnson and Race Thompson call it out, so does Maryland’s Donta Scott. But as Kopp runs through the first screen, Maryland’s D breaks down. Scott switches onto Kopp, but Kopp’s man, Hakim Hart stays with him. This leaves Thompson open under the basket.

Johnson looks and moves towards Kopp on the left wing to decoy before whipping the pass to Thompson, who almost seems a bit surprised by it before he slams it home.

Great vision by Johnson to hit Thompson with the pass here for the score.

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