Film Session: Michigan

  • 01/25/2022 8:19 am in

Trayce Jackson-Davis is able to contain Brooks’ initial drive on a hedge here, but Hunter Dickinson’s rescreen gives Brooks another opportunity. This time he’s able to go through on the sideline and Jackson-Davis switches. But as Johnson recovers back to Brooks, both sit on him for a bit, and it’s essentially a double-team. The rest of Indiana’s defense rotates to the strong side to bring attention to Dickinson at the right mid-post.

All it takes is a pass from Brooks to Dickinson, who then skips it to Terrance Williams II in the opposite corner for another 3-point score.

Good work by Jackson-Davis to stop the ball. But if he’s not going to recover back to Dickinson after Johnson recovers to the ball — or Johnson isn’t just going to straight-up switch to Dickinson — Michigan just needs ball movement to get it weak side for a wide-open look.

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