Film Session: Marshall

  • 11/29/2021 8:03 am in

Khristian Lander does a good job sticking with David Early on a double ball screen up top. But as Early turns back right and gets a re-screen fom Aymeric Toussaint, things start to break down. Michael Durr switches onto Early, so Lander follows Toussaint on the roll. But Jordan Geronimo has also opted to follow Toussaint, which leaves Anochili-Killen open at the top of the key.

As Early makes the pass up top, Geronimo and Lander both leave Toussaint to cover the ball and Anochili-Killen. This leaves Toussaint wide open in the paint and Anochili-Killen finds him for the score, as Durr has to help from too far away.

Poor communication from Geronimo and Lander here, though this re-screen action was an issue for Indiana on other defensive possessions in this game.

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