Film Session: Jackson State

  • 11/24/2021 8:17 pm in

Here’s the set Indiana ran after Woodson’s timeout. Instead of Indiana’s bigs flanking the opposite high posts like we’ve seen in all other possessions here, they come and occupy the left high and low post instead as Kopp receives the ball in the left corner. With Jackson-Davis occupying the low post, Jackson State is both fronting him and playing Chris Freeman behind him down low. This leaves Stewart open at the top of the key.

But instead of Kopp throwing the skip pass like we’ve seen from Bates and Durr earlier in this Film Session, he instead finds Thompson on the high post. Thompson turns and looks to Jackson-Davis, making it seem like he may pass that way, which brings Freeman even further away from Stewart. But Thompson instead finds Stewart and Jackson State has a ton of ground to make up on the closeout.

Thompson acts like a bit of a cutoff man here from the left corner to the top of the key, reducing the risk of the pass. Stewart was hot in this contest and was the right guy to run the play for to break Indiana’s scoring drought.

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